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She turned around and looked up at me smiling. She and I had joked around before about getting together and having some fun together. But it never happened, I always had to get home or she had the kids for the night. "Hey," I said "Hi sweetie. . . how are you doing?" "Could be better, its a shitty day. . . " "Maybe I could help?" she asked as she placed her hand on my black dress pants. Her hand moved up my thigh, kneading at my cock. Then she found it and rubbed it. I felt it raise to full attention. My cock was now rock hard and I could feel the precum leaking out. "Hmm, I see you do like that. .

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  . " I let out a soft moan and an "Ohh yea. . . " I looked around and let her continue to rub my cock. She was sitting in her chair and my hand brushed her shirt aside andreached inside her bra, rubbing at those nipples. Before long the brake was up and if it hadnt I would have blown my load. So, I returned to my desk and continued doing what was the norm. But my mind began to wander to the "What ifs?" again. I decided thos needed to be put to the rest and sent an email to Kristin to join me in the parking garage on lunch break. Her email was quick in reply as apparently touching my cock had made her arroused as well and her thong was soaked. We agreed to meet at her van in the garage at 4. When 4 came I jumped from my seat and looked across the cubes and saw Kristin smile at me. I headed out the doors and over to the parking garage I got there before she did, but she wasnt much farther behind. She got there and unlocked the side door, both of us looking around.

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   I could already feel my cock growing with anticpation. We both crawled in the back seat as it was longer than the middle and began to kiss one another passionatly. My hand found her right breast as her hands found my ass and squeezed. The windows began to fog from the heat being made within. Finally niether of us could take no more and she quickly unbuttoned my shirt and removed it working at my belt buckle and pants next. She was wearing one of those front clasped bras thank god, and I quickly pulled it open and removed the shirt she was wearing letting those tits fall free. My hands rubbed on her breasts, kneading the nipples between my fingers. I felt her hands pulling gently on my cock, now free from its confines. She was rubbing the precum all about using it to lube my head. Then she looked at me with heat and passion in her eyes. "Brian. . . I want you to fuck me now. .

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  . " I pulled up her skirt and slid her thong aside sticking two fingers deep into her waiting pussy. It was already dripping wet with her pussy juice. I pulled my fingers out and licked them in front of her. A moan esacped her lips as she watched. I pushed my cock into her waiting pussy. I was slow at first. But then she looked at me, and her eyes begged for it. So I began to pick up tempo. I could hear my balls slamming into her ass. Her pussy juices coating my cock, dripping onto my balls. She began to get louder with her moans. I was looking at her as her hands found her niples squeezing them. I felt her pussy tighten around my cock and she screamed loud enough that the whole garage should have heard. Her pussy squeezed on my cock, and I could feel it about to explode so I kept pounding her.

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   Finally my cock exploded inside of her and for a few moments it felt like my life had drained from my body. I pulled my limp prick from her pussy. It was dripping with our combined juices as I turned hearing the door slide open. Her name was Toni and she stepped in the van, closing the door behind her. I looked at Kristin in shock. I couldnt believe what was going on. She was about 5' 6" with brown hair and green eyes. She had nice 36 D tits and a nice figure. "Dont worry Brian, I invited her here to have some fun. Seems I'm not the only lady in the office who wanted you. " "Thats right, Stud. . . now its my turn to have some fun with you. " Toni came over and Kristin slid back on the seat, it was definitly getting cramped in the van now, which was now fogged over.

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   I slid down so I was laying on the seat. Toni, hiked her mini skirt up and sat on my face demanding me to eat her pussy out. I thought about it and then began licking at the pussy that was obviously wet with anticpation of being with me. I continued on until I felt Kristins lips begin sucking the cum off of my balls as she leaned from the middle seat over to do so. My toungle swirled around Tonis clit, my hands reaching up grabbing her ass. I took a finger and began playing with her tight little hole sliding a finger in there made her shiver a bit. I could feel her pussy juices dripping on my face. At the same time Kristins mouth found my cock and began to suck it. Her tounge swirled wildly about my cock head and then I felt her motuh close about it as her head bobbed up and down on my shaft. Toni was moaning now and I contintued to lick her clit. Then the girl came spilling her cum all over my face. Her buddy shuddered as it drained from her. Her pussy kept spasming. I felt my cock about to burst and Kristin got up telling Toni to get on it. Toni, slid down my body finding her way onto my cock.

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   It didnt take long before she was bouncing on it. Her pussy slick with her cum. Finally I couldnt hold any longer and came again for the second time. Toni smiled at Kristen as she remained on my cock the two frenching one another a bit. Kristen looked at the clock in the car and realized it was a little after 5. They were all supposed to be at work now. So they decided they would get dressed and head back in waves, hoping not to alert anyone too much. However they all decided to go to Toni's after 1030 that night to have some more fun. . . .



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