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She stares at him as she begins to undress. . . her gaze running from his face down to his feet - taking in the sight of his well tanned body and remembering the feel of it against her. How it made her feel desirable. . . special. . . incredible. And as she removes her jeans she feels her juices run down her legs. She approaches the bed, running her finger from his foot up to his neck as she goes. . . stopping at his nipple which she lightly circles and feels it harden against her finger tip.

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   Leaning over him she kisses his forehead. . . his eyes. . . the tip of his nose. . . runs her tongue along his lips. . . nips gently on his chin. . .

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  her hand softly caressing his chest. She hears him sigh but does not awaken. Smiling down at him she softly begins kissing his chest. Running her tongue around his nipple and sucking it gently into her mouth. She hears him moan softly as she continues sucking and teasing his nipples and he moves towards her. And though he is still asleep, she sees his cock is becoming hard and she reaches out with her fingers and touches him. . . it's soft and warm as she wraps her fingers around it and caresses it, feeling it become bigger and harder. He sighs heavily as she lightly runs her tongue down the length of him and back up to the tip where she circles the head. She feels his hand move against her hard nipple as she takes him deep into her mouth and slowly sucks upon him. The sensation of his hand against her nipple sends a bolt of hot desire through her body and she sucks hard upon him. Taking him deep and pulling him out slowly, sucking and licking and when she reaches the head encirling it with her tongue and sliding it under and around the ridge. She hears his breath becoming labored and his fingers rub her nipple. .

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  . gently squeezing and pulling upon it. His hand cupping her breast and squeezing it. And as she continues to suck upon him she grazes him with her teeth. . . down the length of him and back up catching at the crest of the head of his glorious cock and she rakes her teeth back and forth gently against it, feeling him begin to shake. He's awake now, his hands grabbing her head, his fingers tangling in her hair as she continues the erotic torture. She feels him breathing hard and his body tightening and knowing his time is near she takes him fully into her mouth and sucks hard upon him using her tongue and teeth as she again works her way back to the head. He's ready to cum but denies himself the relief as it's too soon so he pulls her away from his cock and against his chest. He runs his hands up her back and tangles his fingers in her hair again and pulling her head towards him he kisses her deeply. . . passionately. .

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  . running his tongue over her lips. . . between her lips and into her mouth where he teases her tongue. He sucks on her lip and after gently biting it moves down to her neck kissing and sucking and biting his way to her shoulder as his hands move to her breasts where his fingers find her nipples and he squeezes and pulls on them making her moan. He moves her to lie down beside him and he kisses her again as his hand massages her breast. . . knowing she enjoys having her nipples played with. He kisses his way down her neck to her shoulder where he bites her gently where they meet and continues moving down until he captures a nipple between teeth and gently tugs at it before sucking it hard into his mouth. He feels her arch up against his mouth as he suckles upon her and feels her fingers run through his hair and grab on as she pulls his head closer to her. He runs his hand down her body and finds she is slick and very wet and hot. And sliding his fingers between the folds of her pussy he rubs her clit which is hard. The sensation causes her to moan loudly as he continues to suck on her nipple and rub her clit and she spreads her legs wider allowing him full access to her.

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   She is so hot and slick and ready for him as he slowly slides a finger into her and she again moans loudly and begins begging him to fuck her as he sucks hard upon her nipple and slowly moves his finger in and out of her. . . feeling her tighten against him as he rubs her clit with his thumb. He releases her nipple and moves between her spread legs and he leans down and runs his tongue along the folds of her pussy. . . tasting her. She bucks a little against his mouth as he slides his tongue across her clit, encircling it and then spreading her with his fingers he sucks upon her hard and gently bites her making her scream out with delight. He teases her opening with his tongue before pushing it into her and feeling and tasting the inside of her. He replaces his tongue with his finger inside her and moves back to her clit where he sucks and bites and licks as he increases the speed of his finger going in and out of her, making her writhe with the building of her passion. He feels her begin to tremble, knowing her time is near and as he clamps down sucking hard on her clit, his finger moving faster in and out of her, he reaches out with his free hand and grabs her nipple squeezing hard and she raises up against him and cums screaming his name. . . the hot juices squirting out of her covering his chin.

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  . . his hand. . . soaking the sheets. And before she has a chance to fully recover he raises himself up and plunges his hard cock into her hot pussy and buries himself there for several seconds marveling at how hot and wet she is. . . how incredibly good it feels to be inside her. He moves against her. . . in and out of her. .

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  . going deep and then teasing her by nearly pulling out until she's ready to cum again. He's reached his breaking point now. . . breathing hard and knowing he's got to stop and get out of her soon before he cums but she feels so incredibly good he just can't leave her yet. And with concentrated effort he continues moving in and out of her and reaches between them with his hand and finds her clit again and begins rubbing it hard and fast until he feels her arch against him and cums hard. . . convulsing as she screams her release. He's got to get out of her now as he's ready to cum and as he kneels above her trying to regain control, she moves to capture his engorged cock in her mouth where she sucks hard upon him making him grab her head and arch back cumming in her mouth as he moves his cock in and out of her greedy mouth. . . feeling her tongue slide against him. She continues to suck gently upon him while he tries to regain his senses.

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   His muscles are all tensed up and he's unable to move and after several minutes she finally releases him and they collapse back onto the bed wrapped in each others arms and fall into a spent yet satisfied sleep. She wakes up and finding him asleep nuzzling her breast, she runs her fingers through his hair and enjoys being there with him like this. Being wrapped in his arms. . . feeling his breath against her nipple. . . the roughness of his beard on her breast. She knows she must leave, not being allowed to stay, but she waits for as long as she can, enjoying the moment. When he awakens sometime later he finds himself alone. He, at first, thought he'd dreamed the whole thing but finding the sheets still damp he knew it wasn't a dream and falls back to sleep with a smile on his lips. .



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