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It was a cold dreary day and Tony, but we will call him Toni for the remainder of this story sat in his room doing nothing really after returning from work. "We're going to the graduation party" His mother yelled from the door and his heart rose his mind racing a mile a minute as he thought of what he could now do with his time becides listening to music. Once he was sure they were far enough away they would not return home and his brother was at his friends he walked up to his mothers room, and pulled open one of her dresser drawrs untill he found it, that red velvet thong with the feathers over the crotch, and immediatly he began to harden. He whimpered with pleasure as he fished around and found the matching bra and black stockings. Now he was almost ready, with a smile he pulled out a skirt and got one of his own tight shirts that was as girly as he could find. Quickly he walked to the bathroom and pulled on the thong, running his fingers down his shaved chest and crotch, and then legs as he pulled on the stockings, and then the bra. Just then it hit him he had forgotton the heels, quickly he ran up stairs and grabbed a pair of red heels and walked back down, deciding against the shirt and grabbed a blouse that would stay open slightly. Once he returned he pulled on the bra and skirt and blouse. He then slowly applied some blush and eye liner, moving his hair so he looked like the perfect girl, without breasts. Now that he was done he sighed and moved to his computer, crossing his legs with a sigh as he started to look at some videos and other pictures he had on there. He was what could be called bi curious I suppose, he didnt like men, their faces didnt atract him, but shemales did, shemales were a favorite of his, thought now and then men would appeal, if he could avoid seeing the faces it seemed to turn him off some. After a bit of watching some shemales get fucked he had to moan, the panties constricting his hardening cock within his them. Sighing he looked around, he wanted to be like those girls, gazing around he sighed and remebered he had a cucumber in the refrigerator, but it was far to big. With a sigh he walked and looked at it, fubling it, "Maybe" He thought " I could shave it to look like a real one. . .

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  " He smiled and quickly began to shave the skin and some flesh from it , walking to the living room he lay a towel on the couch, once again ignoreing the open window as he did, he compared this now fake cock to his own, they were close in size. He smiled as he hiked the skirt up and pulled the thong down a little, pushing it up and part of the way in, his eyes widened and he cried out as he did. . . It was to big. . . He groaned and quickly thought as he rembered the vassiline in his dads workroom, quickly he ran and got it, putting two fingers in and applieng it both to his ass hole and to the cucumber. It still wouldnt fit. "Damnit!" He thought before getting an idea, rubbing his finger around his hole he pushed one in, then two. . . Then Three, at three he wiggled them and pulled on his skin untill it was loosened, he then placed the cucumber-cock up to his ass and in about half way, maybe six inches, with a moan he started to fuck his ass with it, moaning out now and then as he pinched and played with his nipples. "Ugh, Fuck I'm gunna cum!" He screamed"No you're not" He heard a voice say as the neibor boy slowly walked into the room as the door slammed, and Toni's eyes opened widely. "Oh shit.

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  . . You didnt. . . Oh shit. . . The window"The boy was older than toni, he was in his late teens and the other was in his early twenties. The other boy smiled and looked over. "You know what works better, you slut?" Toni shook his head. "Lube. . . Fucking vasoline, you will do anything to streatch that hole of yours wont you.

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  . . Look at you, laying on the couch fucking the hell out of yourself with a cucumber. . . What a little whore. . . "Toni could only stare as he watched the other in awe, his eyes fixated on his body, not face, but his chest and tight pants that revealed a large bulge probably bigger than even the cucumer in his ass now. "What the fuck are you looking at!?" Yelled the other boy as he grabbed tonies hands ant ripped the cucumber from his ass. "You're such a whore. . . You ever taken it like the filty slut you are?. .

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  . Ever get a fat ol' cock in your ass. ?" Toni groaned and just sat there with a whimer as the other pulled his pants and boxers down, and tonies thong up so it was riding his ass. ". . . Suck it bitch. . " He said as he looked down and Toni opened his mouth to protest, only to have his face pushed on the the hairy cock, gagging as he did. "SUCK" He yelled as toni began to bob his head slowly up and down, starting to get into it as he swirled his toung around and tickled the head, moans of extacy coming from the other boy as toni did this. "You ready to take it in your ass bitch?" Toni once again went to protest before the older, stronger boy threw him over the couch and pulled the thong around his waist, his heels twisting as he almost fell. With this the other boy put his cock  up to tonies asshole "Ready slut?" With that he pushed it slowly in letting out a long groan untill it was up to his balls, at which point he slowly began to thrust back and forth in toni's ass, now and then a hand would come to slap toni's ass cheek as he would scream from his hole being streatched, untill finally it stopped and turned more to pleasure, at which point he began to moan wildly "I'm gunna cum!" Screamed the other boy in unision with Toni, as the both cummed, toni all over the couch and the other boy in tonies ass, glob after glob filling him up. With that the other boy pushed him over the couch  and will toni was in a daze, put a collar around his throught "You're my slut now. . .

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  " He grinned and pulled toni out, then outside, leaving a fake note that said Toni had run away. His parents came home to find it and phoned the police, and their boy was only next door, tied up downstairs in the neibors basement, a dildo in his ass and the neibor coming down to check on him now and then, as well as that filthy pair of cum stained and vasoline covered panties in his mouth. He was now the neibors whore and would remainTo be continued.



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