The Neighbor


Her hair was up showing the smooth length of her neck, which I longed to kiss and lick. I slowly started to rise from my chair and see if I could get away without showing my hard dick, but she called me and asked me if I was firm on the price of one of the items she had picked up. I was firm all right but not the way she was talking. I had seen her once naked and that was all it took for my mind to be forever engraved with the image. I had been jogging early in the morning in the neighborhood and was slowly moving down her street when out of the corner of my eye I saw a light come on. I slowed down even more because I had also seen a figure at the window and I was sure it was her. I kept on going and turned around at the end of the block and started back. I could see that she had not pulled the shade and was still standing in the window. I slowly moved down the side of the street trying not to make any noise as I approached. As I got closer she moved away from the window and I couldn