The Lesson


Topic: The Lesson 
It was a typical year 18 English lesson. Another day of me sat in my chair, watching the clock waiting for the lunch time bell. It was 12:40. We had five more minutes and I could get my ham and cheese salad from the cafeteria. I was so frustrated when the teacher said that we would not be leaving on time because one more person had to do their speaking and listening in front of the class.
 'Great' I thought to myself, 'another boring lecture about how the Sims has changed Becky’s life, or matt talking about how when we was prime minister the world would be a better place. '
 "Lola, we will hear from you for a change, I don’t believe you have done any of your S&Ls yet this term. "
I didn’t even bother waiting for her to get to the front of the class; I just rested my head on the table and began to drift off. . . There is a reason Lola has never doe a speaking and listening exam, SHES A NERD! What can she possibly talk about apart from school work? I had been in the school school for two years, never had I seen the girl outside a classroom and never had I heard her speak.
“I would like to talk to you all today about one of my pets”
My eyes sprung open. . . that voice was like none other I had ever heard, she sounded like an angel. I sat up and, for the first time, actually looked at the woman behind the brains.

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Her eyes were the clearest blue, like the sky on the clearest summer’s day. Her hair shined dark red, as if her hair was a burning fire. As it was summer she was wearing a white shirt with the top three buttons undone, showing the greatest cleavage I had ever seen, and her 34Ds desperate to escape their polyester prison. she was petite, only measuring in at 4"11, which with her curvy body made her look so incredibly sexy, her 18 year old body looked so perfect I had to have it!!
"My pet is unusual you see, it’s not a dog, or a cat, or a bird. . . it’s a boa constrictor"
I was slightly worried at the thought of that, mainly because I knew nothing about snakes and presumed it was poisonous. she spoke for about five minutes explaining exactly what it ate, how often it would shed, how bit it was and how big it would get, she was so fascinating to listen to. When she was finished the teacher asked if anybody had any questions they would like to ask her.
I stood up
I began asking all the questions I could think of, how often did she play with it? Can you train them? What does it do? How do they have sex? You know. . . the important questions that had to be asked!!
If I’m honest with you. . .

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   I didn’t care what I asked as long as she spoke to me. I loved her voice! She then started telling me about how the snake would coil itself around her body, and how it would hang around her waist.
Straight away I started picturing her naked body being coiled by her boa. Its sensitive scales gliding over her flawless skin. Her full, rounded breasts hanging free from her chest, then suddenly the snake was gone. She was sat on the teachers’ desk, still cloth-less, rubbing her perfect hands all over her streamlined stomach, one hand gliding over her breasts, stopping to play with her rosy nipples. Her other hand exploring downward, stroking her own leg getting closer and closer to her neatly trimmed bush. She sat there, staring at me, rubbing her, making her hands moist and her lower-lips scream for attention.
She grabbed one of the board markers off of the desk and slid it up and down her clit, teasing herself with it. Suddenly she gasped and pushed the pen into herself. She sat there, legs spread wide, giving me the perfect view of her pen-eating-pussy. She climbed off of the desk, threw the pen on the floor and began striding over to me. She got within inches of my face, grabbed my obviously stiff 8"cock threw my trousers. She leaned into me putting her lips against school bell rang.
my whole body shook, I found myself sat at my desk, jaw wide, still staring at Lola who had long since finished talking and was just stood there looking at me was the first time I ever saw Lola.

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   Find out what happened next in "the walk home"
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