The Invitation


The woman floated over to Lacy, still smiling. Lacy couldn’t believe it. The bartender looked up from his book and just shook his head. He didn’t know how Marla found out about the new kids in town so fast, but she did. He just hoped he was invited to the party that was sure to happen. “Hi sweetness,” the woman purred. “What’s your name?”“Uh, Hi,” Lacy could hardly get the words out. She had never seen a more beautiful woman. She wasn’t beautiful like a porn star or fashion model, but she had class. Her ass was huge; J Lo had nothing on her. Lacy noticed that this woman’s skirt revealed some juicy thighs with smatterings of cellulite. And her arms were large, strong, with muscles. Lacy had never been attracted to larger women, but this one was a sight to behold. “My name is Lacy. I am here for a few months, what’s your name? Do you live here? Do you know Peter Torrester? I am staying in his house. Is there anywhere with good beer here in town? How about some Dunhill’s? I am dying for a Dunhill.

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  ” Lacy caught her breath. She couldn’t believe that she was spouting off like this. Usually she was such a cool cucumber. Her face turned red and she looked down at her beer bottle and began to tear off the triangle pasted on her bottle of Bass. “Here hon, have one of mine, they aren’t Dunhill but I role my own at home, I think you will like it. Yes I know Peter, I know you are at his house. I have good beer shipped via Internet. And my name is Marla. Nice to meet, you, may I sit down?” Marla gave Lacy a little half smile and her eyes shone with a mischievous glint as she rolled them softly from the left to the right and when Marla’s glance landed on her, Lacy felt her nipples poke out!“Yes, of course, thank you, I mean, please, sit down,” Lacy was so embarrassed. Some big city slicker she was. She fumbled Marla’s offered ciggy into her mouth and Marla whipped out a gold Zippo lighter with an engraved picture of three women dancing and toasting goblets. The three of cups. “Hey, that is the three of cups, from the Tarot,” Lacy grinned. She, she could strike up a normal conversation with this red-haired beauty. Not all was lost, and she did say she had good beer.

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   Lacy wondered if she had a pool. “So, you know the Tarot, do you?” Marla asked as she sucked in her bottom lip and bit the corner of her mouth. Again, Lacy felt this twinge. “Damn,” Lacy pondered, “I thought I knew anatomy, but where is that feeling coming from?” Lacy sucked in the fragrant ciggy. . . what was that flavor?“It’s lavender,” replied Marla, as if Lacy had asked out loud. Lacy began to feel relaxed with each drag. Marla smiled. “Yeah, I know the Tarot,” continued Lacy. My mom and grandmother both are psychics. I grew up around the Tarot and Runes and stuff like that, I learned the Runes before I knew my ABC’s. ”“So, are you a good witch or a bad witch?” Marla asked as she sucked in her breath and her ample bosom rose and fell. Lacy noticed a tattoo above Marla’s right breast. It was a cactus! “Hey, I like your tat.

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   We should show and share tattoos sometime!” Lacy again felt like a dumb tart. Show and share tattoos. Boy she was ever the conversationalist. Marla smiled an achingly beautiful grin, flashing her white teeth, but again, they weren’t Hollywood teeth. Marla had a huge overbite. “Are you a good witch or a bad witch?” “Well,” began Lacy, “ I think I must be good, I mean, I don’t practice any sort of dark arts, I am a feminist & well, like just doing my own thing. ”“Well, that is respectable,” sighed Marla. “So how long are you in town? Another few months, right?” “Yep, till November. Peter has a nice house. His dog is really needy though. Such a baby!” Again, Lacy wanted to hide herself in the shag carpet on the walls! Never before had she felt so stupid in the presence of another woman!“Yeah, I know his dog, Mister Mister. Imagine naming your dog after THAT band!” Marla laughed, and her laugh felt like silk rubbing against Lacy’s ears. “But what a cock on that fellow, very slender but long! I’ve never seen anything like it. ”Not wanting to talk about the dog’s penis but trying to let her a bit of her guard down, Lacy laughed along with Marla. “Yeah, I don’t much listen to any CD’s that Peter has! But I, well, I like his, well.

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  . . ” Lacy hesitated, not wanting to embarrass herself further. “His porn collection? Yeah, he is really obsessed with the 70’s stuff. Can be fun!” Marla finished Lacy’s thought for her. Lacy looked up into Marla’s eyes, and was glad she did, because that feeling took hold in her womb again, and didn’t let go. It was such a nice feeling. She finished her ciggy and Marla stood up to leave. Lacy was terrified that she had been too dumb for Marla. Marla pressed a package into Lacy’s hand. “Here, Lacy, have a whole pack. On the box is my address. I am having a party tomorrow. I hope you come. ”“Oh, thank you! I’d love to come, I’ll be there! What time should I come? What should I bring? Chips? Beer? Anything?” Lacy felt her pussy twitch out of control at the thought of a party at Marla’s! Marla just let out another one of her silky satiny laughs and said, “No hon, just bring yourself, and that sweet little cunt of yours.

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  ” With that, Marla turned and rolled her hips right out of the bar, stopping only to kiss the bartender on the cheek and whisper into his ear.
    Whatever he said made him grin. Lacy began to feel like the outsider she was. Had Marla really said sweet little cunt? She woke out of her stunned stupor as the bartender came up to her. “Sweetie, it is way past last call. Let me lock up and we can split a beer. As long as you don’t’ tell on me!” “I won’t tell!” Lacy managed to squeak out. The bartender closed up shop and sat down next to Lacy. He put his hand on her thigh, much too close for a stranger. But Lacy didn’t care. Her pussy was on fire, and his touch was welcome. “Did Marla invite you to a party? I hope you will come. I’ll be there, we all will. ” The bartender massaged her thigh. Lacy felt her legs open involuntarily.

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       His hand slid further up, touching her panties, seconds away from her clit. She moved her butt up to the edge of her seat and the bartender’s hand had nowhere to go except up. Lacy heard a loud groan, was that her? The bartender pushed Lacy back onto the booth seat and pressed his weight up against her. Her thighs stuck to the grimy plastic covered booth. What was she doing? She didn’t even know this guy. But she didn’t care. She lost herself in his embrace. He kissed her on the mouth and moved his way down to her neck and down down down to her panties, removed them and began to suck her clit! Goosebumps spread all over Lacy’s body, her hair stood up on end. “Whoa, how bold is that?” moaned Lacy, trying to sit up. He gently pushed her back down and stuck his tongue up her cunt and then moved it down to her ass, in freeze frame, Lacy felt every lick send shivers up her spine. He put a finger slowly up her pussy and one slowly up her asshole. She shivered and shouted:“FUCK ME FUCK ME PLEASE?” The bartender withdrew his fingers, replaced her panties and stood up. “I hope I will see you tomorrow. You alright to drive home?”All Lacy could do was nod her head. “Good deal honey,” the bartender said as he licked his fingers, “ I’ll see you then.

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      ”He let her out into the humid night, but not before begetting her with a cold six-pack of Bass Ale, and whispering his name into her ear- Tristan. Lacy didn’t even make it home before she had to pull over to the side of the road by one of the endless wheat fields and fuck herself silly with her own fingers. A new record, she managed to get four of them up there, and when she finally pulled them out they were soaked and pruned. “Dang,” Lacy said out loud into the shadows of the night, “ I can’t wait until tomorrow!”My dear & fuckable readers, tomorrow is another day. .



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