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After the party was over, Teresa and Adam couldn't return fast enough to the Ritz Picadilly Hotel. Both being intoxicated and turned on for each other, kissed in the elevator as Teresa reached between his legs feeling his bulging dick. She opened his zipper and pulled out his precum covered cock, a turn on for Teresa. She had to have him in her mouth and kneeled in front of him. Before she was able to take his cock into her mouth, he came all over the front of her top with his jism soaking thru to her tits. She found it so erotic, knowing that it took the edge of Adams throbbing dick. The moment the door was closed to her suite, she dropped her skirt, took of her cum covered top and followed him into the bathroom, where he was peeing. She took his hand of his dick and replaced it with hers helping him pee into the bowl. He peed and peed from all the intake of beer and liquids. As Adam finished peeing, Teresa wiped the remaining pee drops off his cock head with her fingers and sucked them into her mouth. When he saw that, he just had to kiss her tasting his own urine. He couldn't wait to get out of his clothes and shed his pants, Adam's cock had grown into a massive long thick dick. He fisted it and rubbed it up and down, while Teresa kneeled in the back of him abling her to kiss his asscheeks. Without her telling him to bend over, he bend over slightly, giving her tongue access to his anal eye as he continued fist fucking his dick. "Tongue me you little wonderful whore" he moanedAdam's dirty talk made her go faster as her tongue circled around the anal rim which led to a tongue fuck into his asshole. She had her arms circled around his legs which was more of a love hug as her tongue went in and out faster and faster.

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   As she satisified his anus, he pumped his cock faster and faster, she heard him say,"Going to cum, christ am so fucking close" To bring him off faster, she stopped tongue fucking him, instead shoved two of her fingers into his asshole, until she reached his prostrate. She massaged it, and then"Oh you little fucking whore, am cuming, oh god, yes, aaaaahhhhhhh cuming, mmmmmm, aaaaahhhhhhh"Adam ejaculated and ejaculated into his fist as she kept finger fucking his round asshole. After the release of his creamy load, and somewhat exhausted, he whispered into her ear how wonderful she is. Adam took her into his arms and french kissed her, as she reached down for his cream covered dick and began to jerk him into hardness, which did not take long. It seemed like he was not completely empty and as Teresa fondled him, he released another load into her hand. He was comfortably sitting in a chair looking at Teresa smiling face as she was hovering above him. Her look told him that she needed his cock now. Her pussy was so wet now for easy dick entry. She laid down on the bed still looking at him with a smile as she spread her beautiful silky thighs. She was shaven exposing her stiff clit. She slowly lowered her hands placed them between her thighs and began to rub her pink pussy, letting her fingers enter between her pussy lips as Teresa began to moan. As Adam watched, his massive dick began to swell again. He fisted it once more stroking it up and down. He got up from the chair and joined Teresa on the bed placing himself between her wide spread legs. He placed her hand on his hard cock, while he fingered her wet cunt.

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   The both began to moan as their mutual masturbation brought them closer and closer to numerous orgasms. . . . And then both got louder and louder, as Adam ejaculated on Teresa's tummy. It was a turn on for her, as all of a sudden she jumped on top of him and french kissed him, She felt his wet hard dick rubbing back and forth over her asscheeks and then felt it trying to enter her anal eye. "Oh Adam, push it in slowly"She reached back, spread her asscheeks for easier entry. She didn't care about lube, she just wanted to feel his big dick give her much needed pleasure. "WOW, your cock feels so fucking good. Oh fuck" Teresa moaned"You are such a hot cunt my pet" Adam saidTeresa took more and more of his dick up her anus. His precum lubed her up well. "Does my fucking whore like my cock in her asshole" he askedShe could barely answer, but he did hear her say YES"Do you really love it" he asked her again"Oh god yes, I love it" Teresa responded in a weak voiceHer anal eye was contracting around his pleasure giving dick, massaging and milking it for the jism to pour into her. And then he started to spurt another heavy load of creamy spunk, this time into her anus. It just came and came shooting into the deep recesses of her anus, leading her to overwhelming orgasms. After Adam pulled out his slowly shrinking cock, he kissed the back of her neck, licking it with love, then letting his tongue travel down her back until he got to Teresa's ass crack.

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  "Adam my love just tongue fuck me" she sounded if she was begging"Where?" he wanted to know. He knew where, but wanted to hear it from her. He never realized what a sexy whore she was until this trip to London. She was more then that, a woman that ran her business well and a woman that lived for sex. "You know where""No, I don't, tell me you fucking bitch, tell me""Fuck my anus with your tongue""Tell me again you slut""Tongue fuck it, please, please" she begged with a pleading voiceNow it was her time to enjoy his tongue. He was a master in briinging Teresa to a level of vibrating sex. Her pussy and anus were now throbbing more and more not realizing that Adam was jacking his dick to another hardon as he kept tonguing her. . . . And then he quickly moved into a position so his cock rubbed once again against her asshole. He held onto her waist and for the second time that night he slide his blue veined purple headed dick into her pre cum covered anus. He not only gave her much needed cock, but Adam also needed another release of jism. He kept fucking Teresa like a bull sliding his massive dick in and out of her like the slut she was. "Make me cum you whore"Teresa's anus contracted as before around his dick impossible for him to hold his load back.

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   His dick was rumbling as he felt the ejaculation coming up his dick shooting right into her hole of love. Adam's cock pumped and pumped his load into her. He was flooding her creating a creampie that overflowed of hot jism from the anal eye down her legs unto the bed sheets. As they both woke up the next morning from a night of erotic love, Adam was already up taking a shower. Teresa rose slowly and felt the damp sheet under her recalling Adam's cock ejaculating into her bum. The more she thought about it the more she became heated. Her pussy was starting to get wet and had to do something about it. She rose from the bed and headed to the bathroom where she saw Adam masturbating in the shower. The temptation was to big, opened the shower door and joined him under the shower. She just had to kiss him all over as Teresa reached for his already hard cock. Her fist slide up and down, up and down with his foreskin uncovering the purple head. The shower drops mixed in with his precum as Teresa kept manipulating his massive erect dick. "Suck it" Adam ordered herShe kneeled in front of him and with a hunger for his cock, she guided his precum covered dick into her mouth. To make him cum fast, she manipulated his loaded balls, squezzed them, caressed them until he couldn't hold back. He came and came shooting down her throat.

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   She couldn't swallow fast enough bringing the remaining sperm drops to the corners of her mouth and her kissable lips. He lifted her up, and pressed his lips on hers, kissing of his remaining spunk. Teresa left the shower first, while Adam jacked off one more time. As they both were finally dressed, Adam took her into his arms and kissed her lips several times. Teresa needed more than just kisses, as she reached between his legs and felt another big bulge. "Oh love, you are the sexiest hottest woman I ever met, that business suite you are wearing, wow"That morning Teresa had dressed in a suite consisting of a short mini skirt and two button jacket that showed most of her cleavage. She kept rubbing his cloth covered dick back and forth. The confinement stopped from his dick growing to full length. Adam began to moan"Open my pants love"Teresa was teasing Adam and wouldn't do it. She kept rubbing his dick, when all of a sudden he slapped her and told her to stop playing around. "Open those fucking pants"She didn't mind the slap, it turned her on. Adam pushed her unto her knees"SUCK MY DICK JUST SUCK IT"She knew she couldn't hold back and opened the zipper. The massive cock popped out with the foreskin completley covered with precum. She leaned forward and licked the smooth foreskin clean bringing him to several ejaculations. He pulled out of her mouth and guided his cock all over her clothes.

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   Drenching her biz suite with his hot sticky sperm, Teresa was overwhelmed by earth shaking orgasms, making her cum and cum. Both were satisfied again but for how long no one knew. Teresa went into the bathroom with Adam following her. She stood in front of the mirror removing her suite which was just the jacket and skirt. Underneath her beautiful fleshed out body was nude. She saw Adam in the mirror as he took her around the waist and kissed her neck. She leaned back against him while her hands massaged her tits while feeling his hard cock rubbing back and forth over her beautifully round shaped asscheeks. To watch themselves in the mirror was so erotic that Adam had her lean forward against the vanity. She spread her legs, knowing that his dick had to have one more release before leaving the hotel for a meeting. He took spittle mixed it with his precum over his ready to shoot dick, which served as lube. He slowly entered her rosette eye and then moved his hips back and forth, each time shoving it in further and further. "Ah Adam love, I feel you cuming already"He kept pumping her butt when with a jolt he shot his load into her anus. Another cream pie was forming, flooding her, which then ran down her legs. "I am cuming my love" Teresa moaned. .

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  . And so did Adam pumping and pumping a second load of jism into her. .