The Hot Couple IV


Its been one day since Teresa arrived in London. Being without her, Eric had been on the erotic edge. His cock was in a perpetual state of stiffness. When he thought about her he could not leave his cock alone and went to the washroom to milk it. After some relief Eric would return to the office and continue writing his latest film script. Eric was president of his own film production company where he was surrounded by some of the most beautiful actresses, female production crews and support staff. As he was writing his office door opened in came his exotic production assistant with coffee.
“Eric you don’t look to happy” Evie said
“You know very well why”
Evie knew how to take care of that problem. She was dressed in a tight mini-skirt without any indication of a panty line and a blouse that accentuated her large nippled tits. She slowly raised her mini as she walked to the side of his chair. By the time she arrived, Eric saw a clean shaven dripping pussy. She leaned down and kissed him. Teresa knew that he was fucking Evie. It was the extra martial fucking and sex that kept their marriage hot. As Evie was kissing him all over his face, he reached between her silky slim thighs and caressed them up to the wet juncture, where he shoved a finger into that needy wet pussy.
“OOOHHH Eric you make so hot”
She spread her legs wider as three of his fingers now began to fuck her cunt.

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“You are dripping, my lovely Evie, didn’t Paul give you enough last night”
“Oh god yes he did, he even brought some guys home”
“You wouldn’t be so wet if they satisfied you” Eric said
“They satisfied me”
“Not the way this pussy of yours feels” Eric said with a smile.
As Eric was fingering her, Evie told him when her husband and his buddies arrived at the apartment she was laying on the couch sleeping. During her sleep her spaghetti strap print dress had slipped up her legs exposing her clean shaven pussy. When she woke she realized that she had masturbated during her nap. Evie continued to tell Eric that she noticed Paul and his two friends each sported a stiff cock.
“And then what happened”
As Evie continued to tell her story, she had unzipped Eric’s slacks and with some difficulty pulled out his 12” blue veined purple headed dick. The description of the events had already precum formed on his penis head.
“As Paul and his friends George and Alan saw my exposed pussy, he lowered his pants, took his dick into his hand and raised me from the sofa. He had me lean over the back of the couch, raised my short dress, spread my legs and fucked me from behind. God Paul really knows how to use his beautiful stiff cock. As he was fucking me, George stood in front of me, with his zipper open pulling out one of the biggest dicks I’ve ever seen. It must have been at least 13”. It even looked bigger circumcised. I became hotter seeing his dick swinging back and forth in front of my mouth. George took the precum from the penis head and smeared it over my lips.

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   I let the tip of my tongue lick off his precum covered fingers and then caressed his mushroom head as he began to moan. George couldn’t hold out much longer and started feeding his massive cock into my mouth. My eyes became glazed over as Paul was ready to shoot into my throbbing pussy. The more he fucked me, the more I was anxious to get that 13” cock into my mouth. Alan joined George by lowering the straps of my dress and started palming my tits and let his hand glide over my nipples. Just touching them brings me around quickly. He leaned over my boobs and gently sucked my nipples into his hot wet mouth. God it didn’t take long for my pussy juice to stream down between my thighs. Paul came at the same time as I kept sucking on George’s  tremendous sized cock. He reached for his balls and massaged them quickly so that the sperm didn’t take long to shoot up to his piss slit right into my mouth. I couldn’t swallow fast enough as his jism kept pumping and pumping down my throat. The three of us were pleasantly exhausted as I stretched out on the sofa. My dress was still around the waist. Alan who sucked my tit nipples had not been satisfied. I opened my arms and pulled him down between my legs.

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   My pussy was filled with Paul’s sperm as Alan opened his pants and let them drop. He too had a massive prick which was ready to fuck me. With his hand he guided it between my wet vaginal lips. It was easy for him to slide right into my sperm oozing pussy. God he fucked me into heaven. Alan fucked me for quiet sometime as Paul and George watched masturbating their ready to ejaculating pricks. As they neared their orgasms, they stepped closer to and shot their hot jism all over my face and dress. God what a night it was Eric”
As Evie concluded her last night’s events, she was so turned again that by now she had removed her blouse and miniskirt, ready to be taken by Eric. Evie rarely wore underwear and if she did it was minimal such as a thong with the crotch buried between her pussy lips. He couldn’t take his eyes of her luscious body as he rose from the chair, shed his clothes and told her to suck his hard aching cock. She was insatiable and willing as she kneeled in front of him and deep throated his big oozing prick. As he felt his loaded balls boiling, he pulled his penis out of her mouth, made her bend over his desk, spread her legs and guided his cock into her wide open wet pussy. It was so easy to slide into her throbbing cunt. He moved in and out, in and out as he reached to her front taken her stiff nipples between his fingers.
“Fuck me, god give it to me, finish me off” Evie moaned
It had been over two days since Eric fucked, releasing his sperm loaded nuts which by now were aching for release.

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   He kept fucking and fucking until
“I’m going to squirt into you any minute”
“Yes, please wash my innards with your hot sperm”
He felt the creamy spunk being released from his balls into the fuck pole, ready to shoot out like a geyser into Evie’s hungry wet vagina. He pumped and pumped until the last drop was emptied into her wild pussy. After Eric pulled out his slow deflating dick, Evie kissed him for a wonderful morning of sex. After they were dressed, they discussed the rest of the day’s schedule.
In London Teresa and Adam were each booked in a suite at the Ritz. Her publicity campaign for Adam’s new software brought many clients to their suites. Teresa sexily dressed for the occasion wore a thigh high slit short skirt with a spaghetti strap top that had her tits bulging over the top and on the sides. As Adam saw her, he couldn’t resist a quick suck on her nipples. He lowered the strap and licked around the areolas getting Teresa hot and dampening her pussy. Adam pulled the strap in place when Teresa said in a mewing sound
“Would I love to suck your cock”
“Later my pet”
A party was planned for that evening.   



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