The Hot Couple III


Teresa was in the nude as she was packing her luggage for the seven day London business trip. Eric who was also nude was in the kitchen preparing lunch when he felt a hand reaching around to the front of him. Teresa moaned when she felt Eric’s blood engorged cock growing larger in her grip. She could barely circle his dick, as he reached back and caressed her slightly spread thighs. The feeling of a clean shaven pussy turned him on. He turned around, took her in his arms and gave her a deep tongue kiss. Once again she reached for his cock which was now dripping precum into her hand. Eric knew that if they didn’t do something soon, he would erupt without giving pleasure to her pussy. He sat down on a kitchen chair, spread his legs wide and pulled Teresa facing him unto his lap. She straddled him as she let her wet dripping pussy slide down over his massive cock.
“AAAAAAHHHH, god that dick of yours feels so good” Teresa moaned into his right ear.
She began the cock ride slowly, then picked up speed as she held on to the back of the chair. Eric circled her waist as his lips sucked on her stiff nipples. The depth of Teresa’s cunt was able to take all of Eric’s stiff dick. Knowing that they would not be able to fuck and suck each other for a week he gave his wife’s amazing pussy a tremendous fucking.
“I’m already coming, god yes, its coming” Eric said in a slow voice
“Fuck me, don’t stop, fuck my pussy, faster, faster, AAAAAHHHH”
As Teresa was coming, Eric pulled out his ready to shoot cock from her wet dripping vagina and guided her mouth over it.

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   God did she love sucking him off. He squirted volley after volley of his heavy sperm load down her throat. He kept pumping and pumping until the foamy sperm appeared on Teresa’s luscious lips which he kissed off. After some moments of relaxation, Eric returned to finishing lunch and Teresa to packing.
It was wonderful that her plane was not leaving until midnight. It gave them more time to enjoy each other. As Eric brought the lunch into the bedroom, Teresa was bent over placing items into the bag. Seeing her ass cheeks and pussy lips, Eric’s cock was hardening again. He took some of his saliva and rubbed it over his dick head. Teresa still bent over and smelling the food, turned her head. Her smiling face was cheer joy as she saw what he had in mind. Teresa stepped away from the luggage, walked to the middle of the room, spread her beautifully shaped legs and bent over with her hands holding on to her ankles. Her anal hole widened as Eric stepped behind her, spreading her ass cheeks as wide as possible. The slow caress of her anal ring made it much easier to shove several fingers into her already throbbing anus.
“Do it slowly my love”
“God yes, I will never hurt you”
Teresa loved her ass fucked by Eric.

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   He was gentle about it. Since the saliva dried up so quickly on his dick, he took a pad of butter from the tray and rubbed it over his ready to exploding dick. The remaining butter on his middle finger was entered into Teresa’s throbbing anus.
Seeing the butter disappear in the anal chute, Eric could no longer wait and brought the penis tip to the entrance of her asshole. He rubbed the dick up and down and around the anal rim, then slowly entered Teresa’s sexy asshole.
“AAAHHH, your slowness feels so good”
Eric pulled in and out in and out. With each pull out, he shoved a little more of his butter covered cock into Teresa’s anus. He held her around the waist as his dick fucked her into heaven.
“AAAAAHHH, god what a cock”
“Are you going to miss it” Eric asked
Eric felt his already hard cock expanding a little more. It gave him a slight ache in his balls as he kept fucking her throbbing buttery anus.
“It’s coming”
“Not yet my love, please give me more”
Eric gave her more as Teresa was now on a sexual cloud. She kept moving her ass back and forth, as his dick kept pumping in and out, when he said
“My cock is going to explode, my love pussy”
“Oh yes, squirt the jism into me, aaaahhhhh, shit, I feel your semen washing my innards”
Eric gave Teresa several more pumpings when finally volley after volley of hot cock juice shot into the depth of her succulent asshole.
“God that was absolute heaven” Teresa moaned
Eric agreed with his sexually obsessed wife as he pulled his shrinking dick out of her anal hole. They both fell into bed from the cheer joy of love making.
After some rest Teresa finished packing and then took a shower.

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   As she was in the shower Eric closed up her luggage and removed it from the top of the bed. Eric laid down on the bed cover and thought about how he will miss her. The thought alone gave him another hard on. He placed a fist around it and began to masturbate his long hard 12” fuck pole. He knew that her client Adam would satisfy her erotic needs during the trip. There was also the possibility that there would be others during the trip that might wind up in bed with her. That idea alone made his fist go up and down his cock with speed, bringing him into another eruption of hot semen. The semen ran down the sides of his hard penis until he felt his balls being washed with the juices of joy. He and Teresa thrived on love and erotic sex. He also knew that while she was in London, he would also have sexual releases. Teresa returned to the bedroom and when she saw that Eric had just completed jacking himself off, her eyes glazed over. She walked to the bed, took his cock into her right hand, stroked it and then guided it into her mouth. Teresa just couldn’t resist it, as she slid her hot wet mouth down over his dick.
“AAAHHH god my love, I don’t think I have any spunk left”
Teresa did not listen and deep throated the cock of her love. While sucking him off she massaged his balls and then reached under his ass, caressed his anal ring and then pushed one of her fingers into his anus.

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“Keep sucking me off, my love”
Teresa just kept mouthing his fuck stick until she felt precum leaking unto her tongue. Her blow job did not take long for Eric to shoot into her mouth and down her throat. He saw her gorgeous throat swallow down whatever he could give her and that was a lot of hot semen.
After resting in each others arms, Teresa finally got up, cleaned herself up one more time and got dressed. She dressed comfortably for the seven hour trip. Teresa slipped into air thin nylons, a mini-wrap around and a tank top that left nothing to the imagination. Her 40DD certainly created a big mound under the top.
“Aren’t you wearing a bra” Eric asked
Teresa just looked at him and smiled. She asked Eric to come over to her vanity. As he approached her she teasingly raised her mini and when he saw that she was pantiles his cock was releasing precum washing over the rim of his fore skin. He touched her clean shaven pussy and quickly shoved a finger between her raging wet pussy lips.
 “You are giving me another hard-on”
Both of them knew that time was getting short and Eric had to get Teresa to the airport. God was he going to miss that hot pussy Eric said to Teresa. She whispered into his right ear I’m going to miss your hard fuck stick. The finally left the apartment on the way to the airport.

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