The Hot Couple II


Topic: The Hot Couple IIEric and Teresa were finally ready to leave the apartment. As on most mornings they shared a cab. Eric always let Teresa enter the cab first. It gave him a chance to see his wife’s miniskirt rise almost to her ass crack. Once in the car he took her into his arms and kissed her madly. She responded by reaching between his legs seeking out his hard cock. Eric noticed that her pleated mini had slipped up her thighs almost exposing her sweet pussy. He gave it a slight push exposing her wet cunt. As the continued kissing, he shoved several fingers between her vaginal lips.
“Finger my clit, please” Teresa begged.
The driver seeing the going-ons through the rear view mirror got him hot. Driving with one hand the other reached for his crotch and began to stroke his fast growing dick. Looking into the mirror again the driver saw that Eric’s massive cock was sticking out the front of his slacks. They were still kissing while Teresa could not resist masturbating him the fourth time that morning.
“I’m going to cum, oh yes, make my cock cum”
Teresa gave him several more strokes and Eric began to ejaculate a never ending load of sperm into his hanky. They had another mile to go before Teresa would leave the cab.

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   Eric knew that he could not leave his sexy Teresa in heat as he continued to finger fuck her wet cunt.
“AAAAHHHH”, she moaned as her orgasm washed over Eric’s several fingers. He slowly pulled out his fingers and stuck them into Teresa’s succulent mouth. She licked them clean.
The finally arrived at Teresa’s office. As she was trying to leave the cab, she slowly crawled over Eric knowingly that her mini would slide up her bum. It exposed her ass for several seconds, giving Eric the opportunity to quickly tantalize her by sticking a finger into her anus.
“AAAAHHH” Teresa moaned as she got out of the car. She leaned into the window and kissed Eric on the lips.
Teresa had a number of meetings lined up with her clients. Being the president of her own PR firm, she was a hands on woman satisfying her clients with some of the best publicity campaigns. In many instances Teresa campaigns had her on the road. She not only traveled domestically but also internationally.
One such a campaign would take Teresa to London. On numerous occasions Eric would accompany her but on this trip Teresa was on her own with one of her favorite clients.

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   Eric knew that his wife needed to be sexually satisfied several times during a twenty-four hour day. The thought gave him a hard-on. He also knew that extra marital affairs kept there marriage on a constant sexual high and burning hot.
Preparing for the London trip Teresa’s first meeting was with her favorite client the handsome president of a software producer.
As Adam whom she would accompany entered her office could not take his eyes of her.
“God you are the most beautiful woman on earth. I’m so jealous of Eric” Adam said to her.
Teresa walked towards him and placed her arms around his neck.
“You say the most loving things”
He took Teresa in his arms and kissed her lips while at the same time caressing her long black hair. Awaiting his kiss, she separated her lips taking in his hot tongue. Both of there tongues meeting left them hot. Teresa tried to withdraw from his arms, but became somewhat weak, as she felt his hand unbuttoning her blouse. Adam gasped at her massive braless tits as they came into view. The large 40DD globes began to swell into his palms. Her nipples stiffened as Adam rubbed his hands over them, then took the nipples between his forefinger and thumb.

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   He pulled them out from her massive breasts, bringing a moan from Teresa’s lips.
“Oh it feels soooo good”
“God don’t you ever wear a bra”
“No my love I like my tits to feel free”
Teresa raised her mini-skirt teasingly.
“God your pussy is uncovered and wet”
Teresa noticed that Adam was sporting a hard-on. She reached down between his legs and grabbed his cloth covered cock.
“God what a dick”
Teresa rubbed it up and down, as Adam bent towards her succulent nipples sucking them into his mouth.
“OOOHHH suck them raw my love”
At the same time his hands slid up and down her bare legs. Teresa spread them giving him easier access to her wet cunt.
“Finger my clit, my pet”
Adam slipped his middle finger into her throbbing pussy, sliding it back and forth, back and forth.
“AAAHHHHH” Teresa moaned
For a moment Adam stopped tonguing her nipples
“Don’t stop sucking them“ Teresa moaned
“Didn’t you get enough from Eric this morning?”
“God yes we fucked three times before we left the apartment”
“And you’re still wet”
She was so hot now she could’nt wait to suck his cock. Teresa kneeled in front of him and unzipped his pants. Adam like Eric hated to wear  underwear. His beautiful dick popped out in front of her face.
“My god your balls look so heavy and bloated” Teresa said as she caressed them.
“Just knowing that I was going to see you made my cock throb and my balls load up with hot sperm“
Being in a kneeling position drew Teresa’s mini-skirt back towards her silky thigh junction. She leaned towards his cock sucking his throbbing stiff blue veined precum covered penis into her wet mouth.

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   Her wet tongue circled around the piss slit of the penis head, then traveled up and down his entire 10” cock. As more precum oozed out her long wet tongue then scooped it up.
“AAAAHHHHH” Adam moaned.
Teresa reached around towards his ass cheeks. She caressed them and then separated them.
“My god girl what are you doing”?
Teresa slowly shoved her middle finger thru his anus circle. Pushing it in, pulling it out, in and out.
“Oh I’m going to come my love, oh yes, god what a tremendous feeling, aaaahhh its coming, aaaahhhhh”
Adam’s stiff cock began to unload the hot sperm into Teresa’s mouth. She was not able to swallow it quickly enough as it began to run out the sides of her mouth. Her red lips now took on the white color of that sticky hot sperm.
“OOOhhhh, aaaahhhhh” Adam moaned.
Teresa quickly took of her unbuttoned blouse, released the sperm shooting dick from her mouth and aimed it at her stiff nipples. She rubbed the spurting dick head over them and all over her massive tits.
“Oh that feels so good to be bathed by your sperm my love”
With her other hand she reached for his balls and tried to squeeze out the last drops of his hot jism.
“Easy, eeaasssyy” Adam moaned
…And then the last volley of jism shot out his pisshole all over Teresa’s silky large orbs.

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“Lets relax my pet” Teresa suggested.
“God you drained my cock and balls” Adam answered
Adam took Teresa in his arms and gave her a light kiss on her sperm smeared lips.
After such an exhausting day of planning the London trip with Adam, Teresa decided before leaving the office to take a shower in her private bathroom. In removing her two items of clothing, and seeing her reflection in the mirror she felt her pussy getting hot again. Looking at herself turned her on. Taking her massive tits into the palms of her hands, her nipples stiffened to an ache on those luscious breasts.  Before stepping into the shower, she had to relieve herself, hoping it would release some of her sexual pressure, but to no avail. Sitting on the commode spreading her silky sensuous thighs, it did not take long for her to release her hot golden urine.
“AAAA god it’s giving me some release” she said quietly to herself.
…And then Teresa remembered that Eric was to meet her in the office for dinner. As she rose from the commode all of a sudden the bathroom door opened.
“I see you aren’t ready for dinner my pet” Eric said
Teresa just smiled back at him, realizing seeing her in the nude brought a swelling in Eric’s pants.
“Come here” Teresa ordered with a sexual tone.
Eric stepped towards her and Teresa unzipped his pants.
“Let me give you some relief to that cock”
“Didn’t you get enough from Adam”
She did not answer instead reached inside his slacks pulling out with some difficulty his hard 12” cock.

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She kneeled in front of him and began to let her tongue slide up and down his throbbing fuck stick.
    It seemed from Teresa’s sucking his cock, his piss slit was opening wider and wider.
    Just from sucking his cock, Teresa’s orgasm was near. Her vulva was throbbing and contracting a sign that she was nearing a massive orgasm.
    “Its coming” Eric moaned
    She let her mouth slid up and down that massive dick of his with each pass Teresa began to pick up speed.
    “Not so fast, slowly my pussycat”
    She did not hear him as her lips and mouth brought him the joy of sperm release into her mouth.
    “AAAAhhhhh, Christ, its shooting into your mouth”
    Teresa could not swallow quickly and swallowed the load down. It made her cunt throb, releasing her long awaited needed orgasm.
    “God my love I have to relax while you take a shower” Eric said
    Teresa arose and kissed Eric on the lips with her sperm smeared mouth. Her tongue licked around his face, leaving a trail of sperm, then tonguing inside his mouth while in turn his tongue returned the pleasure.
    Teresa finally entered the shower. Eric sat at her vanity table observing her through the glass shower door. He kept looking at his wife thinking what a beautiful Brazilian woman he married. He had to resist of entering the shower stall. As he kept observing her washing her massive tits and then between her voluptuous thighs, his cock began to rise.

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       It became stiff and hard, ready for another fuck. Instead he fisted his blue veined dick sliding his foreskin up and down. While being in the throw of sexual enjoyment, Teresa stepped out of the shower seeing that Eric was enjoying the ritual of sex. As she was nearing Eric she saw his cock throbbing in his fist. …And then his engorged sperm loaded cock began to ejaculate a load of sperm into the air. There were three and then a fourth volley of jism shooting out of his piss hole. He opened his eyes and saw his wife smiling at him.
    “You keep me in constant heat my love”
    “So do you” Teresa responded
    Teresa had a large wardrobe of clothing in her office. Most being classy and sexy wear.
    “What should I wear my pet” Teresa asked as she walked to the closet
    Eric joined her in choosing a dress for the evening. The dress he chose was very low cut, with the hem only 3 inches below her thigh juncture. As he handed it to her, she smiled and said
    “Do you have other ideas for the evening”
    “Yes my dear”
    “How about a thong”
    She picked a thong that barely covered her soft ass cheeks and pussy. Teresa slipped into it, with the crotch disappearing into her wet vulva. She than slipped into a dress that left nothing to the imagination. Her massive tits were barely covered and a wrong move would expose those stiff nipples that drove her and Eric insane.

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    Eric took her into his arms, caressing her back and tongue kissing her. He slowly raised the mini dress then letting his hand slide down to her ass cheeks.
    “God that thong is buried between your ass cheeks, my pet”
    “Do you want me to wear it”?
    “Take if off”
    Eric released Teresa from his arms and helped her remove the thong.
    “Easy, do it slowly, rub it against my clit” Teresa moaned
    From rubbing across the clit, Teresa felt it being filled with blood. It was a sign that Eric would have to suck her into another orgasm before they were able to leave for the restaurant. Eric kneeled raised her dress whatever there was of it and tongue fucked her pussy into an orgasm.



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