The Greeting


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“Hey where do you think you are going?”
“Listen girlfriend, I am going home we have been partying all night and frankly I am tired of shaking my ass… besides its 5 in the morning!”
“Bueno mira, we’ll let you off this time but remember same time next weekend. ”
“You got it babe… hey, be careful!”
“Always, Chow!”
As Alexia walks into the lobby of her apartment complex her stiletto heals are starting to really piss her off so she pauses to slip them off. The cold tile floor feels exquisite on her aching feet and just before she really gets to enjoy it she sees the elevator doors close.
“Aww shit now it will take forever before another one comes down. ”
To Alexia’s surprise the doors quickly opened again and a young handsome man stood smiling and she hurried into the elevator.
“Thank you so much that was nice of you. ”
He replied, “No problem, I couldn’t miss out on the chance to meet such a beautiful woman. ” He stood looking at her licking his lips and grinning sheepishly.
Alexia could not help but giggle and as he turned around to push the button for his floor she studied him from head to toe. He was about 6’2 200lbs with rippling muscles. He wore stonewashed jeans that had a hole just big enough to reveal he was “free ballin” (no underwear), he also had a NAVY shirt, and a nice fade. His inviting eyes were hazel and his lips were just perfect enough to kiss. Alexia couldn’t help but imagine him holding her with his big strong arms. Caressing her, protecting her……Once again her pleasant thoughts were interrupted as a big group of people got into the elevator. The attractive man and Alexia moved to the back, as they had to accommodate the people getting in the elevator. Alexia kept backing up until she bumped into the man, feeling every curve of his chest, his tight abs, and his rock hard cock greeted her in the ass.

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“Hello again”, he said.
Alexia smirked and whispered, “I think I should know your name if you are going to greet me like that,” as she looked back at him then at the tent in his pants.
“My name is Carlos. ” He said laughing.
Luckily the group of people began to exit at the right time but Alexia missed floor.
“Ooops I missed my floor, I guess we have to go back down. ” Alexia bent down to push the button for her floor (she knew he would look so she bent down extra far) as she did Carlos couldn’t help but see her hot pink lace thong was a little damp.
His thoughts ran wild as he imagined her stripping for him in the elevator and he could not hold back his temptation any longer. He slowly moved up to her and let his cock meet her again. He thrusted, so he could gently rub up against her, hoping that the friction of his zipper would arouse her. Alexia was surprised but it felt so good that she answered him by pushing her ass up against him harder.
Carlos reached around her and caressed her breast, slightly pinching her nipples to bring them to attention.
Alexia loved every moment of it, she craved for more but she wanted to take her time with him and take him for everything he had to offer. As the elevator doors to Alexia’s floor opened she grabbed him by the loops of his pants leading him to her apartment. As she opened the door he picked her up grabbing a hand full of her sexy ass in each hand and she wrapped both legs around him putting her amazing DD breasts in his face.

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   She directed him to her bedroom as she took off her blouse and bra exposing her gorgeous breasts. Alexia’s skin was soft and since she was Puerto Rican her skin was like brown sugar. Carlos licked her sweet breasts, kissing her aroused nipples. He laid her on the bed softly and while he took his shirt off she got rid of the rest of her cloths revealing her delightful tight body.
Carlos took a moment to take in her beauty and noticed a tattoo on the inside of her thigh but he couldn’t read what it said. He knelt down to take a closer look and asked her what it was and she said, “It is the Chinese symbol for beautiful. ”
Carlos smiled as he kissed the tattoo and said, “That, my dear, you are. ” He slowly kissed and licked his way to her breasts and stood again as she removed his pants. She was indeed right he had no underwear and was surprised as his 9-inch cock sprung out of his pants at full attention. Alexia licked his head teasing him and she started to lick up and down his shaft and finally she put his cock in her warm wet mouth. She took all of his manhood into her mouth and it felt so good to him that he started to buck his hips fucking her face. Carlos moaned and panted as he saw Alexia began to play with her wet pussy too. She wanted to feel Carlos in her already so she began to slow down and pull her mouth off of him.
Alexia looked at him and kissed his stomach, then his chest, and gave him a passionate kiss on the mouth intertwining her tongue with his. She turned him around and threw him down on the bed and eased herself on to his huge cock.

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   The first few inches felt wonderful but as he went further and further into her it began to feel even better until she had the whole nine inches in her sopping wet pussy. She started to ride his cock slow at first and as their passion grew she bounced on him, riding his cock, thrusting their hips harshly. By the look in her eyes and all the moaning Carlos could tell she was going to cum but he wanted to tease her as she did to him. He rolled her over so that he was on top of her now and pulled his dick out. He stroked it with his hand as she watched him craving for it to be deep inside her. He put about 3 inches in her pussy and pulled it out slow so that you could hear all the love juices swish around as he moved in a circle. When it was out he stroked it again as she begged for it. “Please Carlos fuck me, put your long… hard… thick… dick inside my cunt… so deep… I want to feel all of you. ” He slapped her pussy with his hard cock so that it hit her clit. He continued until he could tell she could not take it anymore then he eased it back into and began to thrust so hard she began to scream. His balls slapped her ass loud and the juices from her pussy made a smacking sound every time he fucked her harder……… and harder …… and harder. She grabbed her breasts and licked them and he got even more excited watching her and he began to go faster and harder. He pulled out again and she turned and got on her knees and he did her doggy style once again teasing her pussy until he couldn’t wait to explode in her. He moved hard……… and fast…………… and hard…………… and fast until they both came so hard that juices and cum squirted all over their legs, her ass, and his dick. He collapsed on to her and they rolled over hugging one another and kissing passionately.

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Alexia looked him in his beautiful hazel eyes and said, “My name is Alexia, nice to meet you. ”.