The grand in Grandpa pt 2


Topic: The grand in Grandpa pt 2The Grand in Grandpa Pt 2
Well finally I know something to make me sleep in late. I can\'t deny I felt a little bit guilty about last night but Kimi acted exactly like my wife did when we were teenagers. Kimi was up for it but I would have stopped if she had asked me too. My head was still spinning with emotions and sensations as I showered and dressed. I made my way downstairs to a very quiet house. A note on the fridge door filled me in, the girls had left early for the beach and expected to be home late in the afternoon. Good the house to myself at last. Silence really is golden.
I remade the bed, stripping the linen from it and sticking it in the machine to wash while I headed out to the neighbourhood coffee shop, not one of the mega coffee chains, this one was still a mom and pop operation and they believed in service. Coffee should be drunk at leisure, with a slice of cake, while carefully reading the daily news. They still provided table service, topping up my cup with nearly every pass; also a glass of chilled water regularly came and went. This is service that we senior citizens crave and are glad to spread the news about.
After an hour inside the air conditioned comfort of the cafe stepping out into the sun was like a very hot slap to the face and by the time I walked home I probably sweated out the coffee and iced water. The machine was finished so I hung everything out on the line, it would be dry in next to no time so why use the electric dryer. The pool was beckoning me with its siren song of gently lapping water so I went and put on a pair of old folks swimmin\' trunks. I raided my sons CD collection and found a compilation disk of 70\'s and 80\'s hits.

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   I cranked the volume up on the poolside cd player and dove in.
The water was colder than the surrounding air and hit my skin in like a hundred tiny pinpricks. By the time had swum to the end and back my body had adjusted to the temperature and I steadily worked my way through lengths of the pool and tumble turns, exactly as I was taught so long ago. Now I must admit I\'m in pretty good shape for a guy my age, dye the hair black and I could easily pass for 50. I got out of the pool before I became too wrinkled and pruney and went into a solid exercise workout in time to some hot 80\'s tunes. I just have a thing for synth pop, so kill me.
With the music up I could not hear anyone banging on the front door but in the seconds between songs I finally heard someone calling me from the side gate. Thinking it was a neighbour I was annoying I tried looking the old man part as I rounded the garage to see who it was. I could only see a face, framed with wild red hair, over the gate but my posture instantly changed to macho man as I sidled to the gate to take in more of the goddess standing there.
The face was a dead give away that this was Kimi\'s mother so I was extra suave as I opened the gate to admit her into the yard. She thanked me with a nod and swept along the path to the back of the house. It was extremely lucky I was now behind her because the light hit her sundress at just the right angle for me to see her legs through the material and I followed them all the way to the curve of her arse and the panties that covered it. I grabbed a towel and threw it around my waist to hide yet another erection. It must be the warm weather waking up my long hibernating hormones.  
Her name is Kali, I kid you not, everyone\'s name here starts with a K.

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   Kali explained that she is a single mother and was working a double shift at the local hospital last night when the storm hit. She told me how Kimi had been caught out in a storm when she was young and is usually terrified when one hits. Kali had rung Kimi this morning to see how she had coped and Kimi had told her what I had done to her.
I was suddenly on the defensive and my body tensed for the explosion but obviously what Kimi had told her was not "everything" that had happened and then Kali leaned over and kissed me. Kimi it seems is now cured of her storm phobia thanks to some happy memories of me for the next time a storm hits. I was so dumbstruck I ummed and arghed before I finally remembered my manners and offered Kali a drink, as it was still oppressively hot.
I beat a hasty retreat inside to the kitchen to find something cold to drink but the fridge was full of fizzy soft drink or beer. I hadn\'t heard Kali come in behind me but she suggested a beer over my shoulder. Kali was leaning on the breakfast bar so I could only see the top half of her and it was then that I spotted two dark nipples staining the pure white material of her dress. They drew in the eye like magnets and I had to shake my head as I said glass to regain my concentration.
Kali was happy to drink from the bottle so I dumped some chips in a bowl and we sat outside in the shade and discussed a whole range of topics. She was slightly older than my son and his wife, early 40\'s, was all she would say. Her husband had been a truck driver who just grew to enjoy the road and who had driven off one day never to be seen again. He sent money for a while and eventually she heard he had died on the road so she had just got on with her life.
Between work and Kimi she didn\'t really have time to find anyone else.

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   She had stood up to speak and my focus was divided between her arse as she walked one way and those bullet hole nipples as she came back. She sounded like she just wanted to talk and didn\'t really care if I was listening or not. I broke into the conversation to ask if she wanted another beer but her reply surprised me as she said she wanted to go for a swim. Sounding really old fashioned I asked if she needed something to swim in but Kali looked at me and said we\'re both adults.
In one motion she pulled down the zip and stepped from the dress, then another step preceded a graceful dive into the pool. All I saw was bare back, white panties then splash. Kali stayed underwater all the way down the pool and when she surfaced her wet, red hair wrapped her head and shoulders like moulded copper. She swam back to a spot in front of me and rested by the side of the pool.
Squashed against the edge of the pool her breasts mounded up like a fresh baked loaf of bread, the nipples just below where I could see. She waved for me to join her and I thought I could make it into the water quickly enough for her not to see my erection. That was when Lady Luck laughed at me. I planned to rush the pool, dropping the towel at the last minute before I dove in. It went oh so smoothly in my mind, but in reality I tripped over the towel, which had caught an ankle, and then I flipped like a breaching whale as I hit the water. The bad entry angle combined with any number of other factors resulted in my shorts joining the towel around my other ankle.
Kali tried to sound reassuring between guffaws of laughter as I tried to reclaim my shorts.

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   My leg was jerked in an odd direction and the next sound I heard was the unmistakeable noise of wet cloth on concrete. I looked at the pool deck and there were my shorts, I could feel an all over blush creeping across my skin. As I turned to look a Kali I heard that sound again from a different direction and swivelling my head saw a small, white pile of wet material. Kali swam over to me and draped her arms around of my neck and kissed me flush on the lips. She hung on like a limpet, her tongue forcing apart my lips.
Could I, should I. Do I take advantage of this woman. My brain provided the shortest logical argument "she is an adult".
My hands cupped her arse pulling us tightly together. We drifted around the pool in our lip locked embrace. I freed a hand from her butt and slid it along skin as smooth and supple as her daughters until I had it over her breast and tweaking at her blood filled nipple. Her reaction was if struck by an electric eel, her whole body stiffened in my arms and her face came away from mine, mouth open in a silent scream.
Energy poured into her and she had me forced back against the pool wall. She smothered me with kisses as her hand fumbled for my dick. I thought she was going to jerk it completely off but she was really trying to get it into her.

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   With all the skill and dexterity of a synchronised swimmer she manoeuvred my dick into her pussy. Even underwater I could feel the heat. The reaction to her tweaked nipple was nothing compared to my dick pushing up into her. Kali braced against the side of the pool and pulled me fully into with one deep thrust.
I had positioned myself so I could plant both feet on the pool bottom to avoid splashing about. With me holding firm Kali used the buoyancy of the water to bounce on my balance pole. The water was acting as a cushion so Kali couldn\'t get as much penetration as she wanted so she let go and swam to the shallow end, wiggling her butt as she climbed out. I was behind her in seconds and she folded to her knees on the recliner lounge and I quickly re-inserted my dick in her hot spot.
I was glad the neighbours were not at home, or the girls, because Kali must not have had a good seeing too in a long time. I pushed and with little effort, I had her fully impaled on my erect dick. I could see she loved it even as her head trashed about, and her eyes had a wild stare. Lips pulled back from her teeth Kali pleaded, begged and out-right swore for me to fuck her and was not backward in coming forward as to how she wanted it.
I pulled out, flipped her on her back and dove back in before she had a chance to cool down a fraction. I pummelled her pussy, pistoning my dick into her slick sex slide. Kali wrapped her legs behind my back and locked her ankles to prevent me getting out again.

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   She shrieked, like all the girls did when excited, as I pumped myself into her, sweat streaming down my brow and off the end of my nose. Her enthusiasm only served to excite me more, as I pounded her into the recliner.
Youthful exuberance, 40 next to 60 is young, might be keeping Kali going but two frantic sex session in 24 hours was a bit more than I could handle and before I had gotten her off properly I was shooting my aged sperm into her while bellowing like a bull moose. My get up and go, got up and went and I was left face down covering Kali like a wrinkled quilt. It was after several minutes of deep breathing before I could talk to her.
I stood, taking her hand; dragged Kali up and in silence pulled her along into the house. We went to the en-suite off the main bedroom and had a slow, sensual shower. I stood behind Kali, as the water washed over us, and reached around her to soap her breasts. She melted into my arms as I ran my soap smooth hands over her body. Her breasts were a little saggy and large but to me they felt like water filled balloons. I lifted each to soap underneath and then let them slide from my hand.
She turned towards me and kissed me deep and passionately. I soaped her back and butt while we kissed. Long, slow sweeps of my hands across her body feeling every inch of her silky skin. Kali moved her hip at an angle and I knew instinctively what she meant.

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   My roaming hand slid between us and I massaged soap into her tangle of pubic hair.
Hitting just the right spot sent a shudder through her and I realised she still had not gotten off properly. I killed the shower and wrapped Kali in an extra large bath towel. I patted off any excess water and carried her to the bed. I gently lay her on the bed and she unfolded to towel and then her body opened like an exquisite flower. I got between her legs and with little angel kisses I began to explore Kali in the most intimate of ways. The perfume of the soap mingled with her own sexual aroma and I drew several lungfuls of this amazing fragrance into my nose, holding each breath as if it may be my last.
Now my finger and tongue worked as a tag team as I penetrated the folds of her womanhood. Kali oohed and ahhed as I prodded, probed, licked and kissed my way up and down her slit. One slippery finger played with her butt hole and her back arched off the bed. Kali was humping her pubis into my face allowing finger and tongue to get deeper into the action.
Raising my eyes to look at her body I could see Kali was working on her boobs. Rolling and folding them like bread dough with the occasional tweak of her nipples. Even after all these years it is still an erotic turn-on the watch a woman getting herself worked up and that is exactly what it was doing to me. I positioned my dick at her vaginal opening and slid in again.

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   This time I took it long and steady, the gun might be hot but the bullets were slow to reload. This gave me the opportunity to suckle on her boobs. Pumped with her fired up blood they were round and hard as Kali lay on her back and let me make love to her.
Long, slow love as I smothered her face and neck with kisses. Nibbling on her ear as her head rocked from side to side. My hands were absorbing every contour of her body as we built up steam to a shuddering orgasm. Kali was bucking me, her body seeking a release for her pent up passion, until she finally peeked, screaming to the Lord for the satisfaction she had received.
Time drifted away as we lay together in our sex-induced stupor. Neither of us said a word for a long time we just listened to each other\'s contented breathing. I don\'t know how long we had slept for but by the fading light around the curtains it must be well into the afternoon. I woke my sleeping beauty with a kiss and suggested we get dressed before the girls get back. I picked up shorts and a t from the chair in the room as Kali\'s naked derriere disappeared out the door. With prefect timing we were seated by the pool with a drink in our hands as the girls came in.
They were at first surprised to see Kali there but were soon talking as one about their day at the beach. It was then that I noticed Kali\'s wet panties were still poolside.

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   Deflecting the girls into the house to put all their dirty beach stuff in the wash I sprinted to the panties and with a smooth underarm throw had them back to Kali before the girls returned. Kali and Kimi left and the girls quizzed me about her being here. I told them it was a polite visit to thank me for looking after Kimi during last night’s storm. I changed the subject to last nights concert and what time they got home, this had the desired effect of stopping them talking so I suggested dinner and headed to the kitchen to whip something up.
Next morning Kira and Kara slept late so I went out for coffee, and this was totally unplanned, but I ran into Kali at the cafe. She was there with another man but happily waved me over to join them. His name was Phil, I had expected Ken, and he was from the local council and supervised the local community centre. Kali it seemed helped out there and involved me in the story of old computers they had and how she and Ken, sorry Phil, were trying to raise funds to get newer machines for the seniors to use. This was going to take up a lot of Kali\'s spare time so I wasn\'t going to be able to see her for the next few days.
Phil was apologetic about the local council not being able to kick in more funding but it was nearly the end of the budget period. He also told Kali he had a layout for some ideas at the centre if she wanted to come back with him. I asked to borrow a phone and while I waited for my coffee to arrive I wheeled and dealed my magic on some former employees and tah dah I had got the centre six, top of the line PC\'s, a network server and high speed, wireless internet connection, all arriving on Friday along with a posse of PR, media and techs and all for the budget price of nothing. Kali was nearly wetting herself with excitement but Phil just gave me the evil eye and the most insincere smile any politician had ever used.
After a rather limp handshake Phil departed and left Kali and I alone to finish our coffee. Kali had a gleam in her eye when we left and offered me a ride home, considering the ever-present heat.

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   Kali turned left from the car park and not right which was the direction to my son’s house. We drove in silence for a few minutes until she turned into a tree-lined driveway. This was her house and she invited me in for a moment. As soon as we were in the door she was all over me kissing my face and running her hand across the front of my pants.
I have to say that all the sex I was getting was now starting to take its toll on me. While I was enjoying the attention from Kali my dick was slow off the block and not racing to full size as fast as it had been. Kali moved away and told me to stay, like a well-trained puppy. She went to the kitchen and I had a look around the house. In minutes she was back with two glasses of wine to celebrate my successful dealing for the computers.
Kali was dressed like thousands of office women do every day, mid length grey skirt and matching blazer over a white t-shirt with low-heeled black shoes. Now Kali\'s skirt had a nice slit in the side that gave a good view of her leg as she walked. As we sipped our wine I slid my hand into the slit and ran it up her thigh. It wasn\'t a t-shirt but a very figure hugging body suit and I ran a finger down the leg line till I met the snaps between her legs. My hand covered her mound and I could see a ruddy flush pinking her face as we looked at each other over our wine glasses.
Then the unmistakeable sound of a key into a lock broke our tension and we were standing like normal adults as Kimi rounded the corner and saw us there.


   She looked from one of us to the other and back but Kali jumped in with the explanation before Kimi could ask any awkward questions. Then Kali\'s mobile rang and she was off answering questions about the computers I just stood and looked at Kimi. She come over and gave me a feather light kiss and a thank you before heading upstairs.
Kali came back with an apologetic look on her face and it seems the whole deal with the computers was about to become a media circus and she had to get to the community centre and wanted me along. We drove in silence for several minutes to the community centre but when we arrived the place was bustling with activity. It seems "my people" had gotten onto the job as soon as I had closed the phone and now there were all sorts of workmen getting the small room for the computers enlarged and fitted out in advance of the arrival of the machines.
Phil was lording over the whole proceedings and did not look happy at my sudden arrival but I played the bigger man and gratefully acknowledged his essential role in the deal, I had used his phone. A politician in a good spotlight is as happy as a pig in mud and Phil soaked up every accolade that was thrown his way. Kali told me that Phil had been trying to get into her pants for months and that was why he was dragging out the work from the start. I said I must be very lucky because I got in in next to no time but Kali countered with the fact that she now had the PC’s.
The next few days were a swirl of activity as the local newspapers, radio and TV clamoured for interviews with any of the three of us. Phil wanted blanket coverage but did not want to appear to be pushing himself as the sole contributor to this circus. Politicians are so good at pulling you in while holding you back it almost seems like they are doing you the favour. Even Kira, Kara and Kimi got into the spirit of the event by painting and hanging some banners. Being even a slightly newsworthy story also bought out some of the towns B list celebrities and sporting personalities to offer their words of encouragement and the squeals of delight from the girls informed me whenever one arrived.

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The big day arrived and city dignitaries were out in force basking in the glow of a happy public. My old boss stopped by and collected myself, Kali and the girls in his private limo and whisked us to the community centre. We had talked on the phone but he now appeared to be holding something back and kept the conversation moving around. It was a frenzy of lights, cameras and action when we arrived. Hand shakes all-round, before a bevy of speeches and finally the official ribbon cutting.
I was so relaxed in the moment I almost failed to hear that I was being appointed liaison officer and tech support supervisor for the project for at least the first year. This elicited a host of squeals from the girls and a hug from Kali as my old boss welcomed me back onto the payroll. I stood totally flabbergasted as everyone made their way to the refreshments. Eventually I was able to discuss the situation and was informed that the deal was off if I backed out now but funding would be available as long as I hung around.
Kali took my hand and lead me out to the limo, she was dressed in a similar outfit as she had worn the other day except that it was black and the bodysuit had a lacey panel across the front. I could see enough breast to hold my interest. We got in the limo and before I was seated it moved off. Kali launched herself at me and knocked me flat onto the floor. She smothered me with kisses while trying to undo my belt and trousers. It had actually been a few days since I had any sex so I was ready to go and my hand found its own way under her skirt to pop the clips open on her bodysuit.

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My fingers slid into her moist snatch and her moans of pleasure filled the cabin of the limo. As soon as Kali had my dick out of my trousers it disappeared into her mouth. She leaned down and took just the head of my dick into her mouth. It felt so soft and warm the way she worked her mouth up and down my dick. Kali massaged that little space between balls and ass hole with her finger. I had never felt such intense pleasure as this before and it was driving me wild. I tried to concentrate on working her pussy into frothy foam as I plunged three fingers into her like an extra dick.  
I was not sure how much longer I could hold off cumming as I had always prided myself on doing. Before my balls exploded and I wasted a full load I pulled her up away from my dick. I was flat on my back feeling every bump on the road as Kali lifted herself up and squatted down on my dick. It went in to the most velvety pussy I had ever been in. I was in just deep enough so that the head of my cock was rubbing up inside her but not deep enough to hurt her. She was rocking and bouncing on my dick.
None of my dreams or fantasies came anywhere close to this reality as I continued to fuck my dick hard and deep into Kali\'s pussy. I had a swollen breast in either hand and tweaked one then the other of her stiff and enlarged nipples, causing her to hump harder and cry out even more.

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   Kali\'s body arched and she screamed loudly as she rode my dick to an intense orgasm. Then I felt the beginning of the surge as a cascade of fresh, hot cum blasted up my dick from my tightening balls, spewing forth and deep into her pussy, and I kept on cumming, and cumming until Kali shuddered with an almost violent orgasm. I kept pumping and then we were kissing again, hot and passionate, our tongues doing mad pirouettes that fanned fires in our bodies.
By the time the limo returned us to the community centre we were once again dressed in a very proper fashion. My boss walked to the car and told me to enjoy the perks of my new position. The party was winding down and everyone was moving off and all this would soon be just yesterday’s news. I collected all of my girls and we caught a cab home for an afternoon in the pool and a bar-b-cue for an easy evening meal.
Once my son arrived back from his working holiday I went home and fixed up my business there before coming back to take up my position at the community centre. Kali had lots of ideas on how to set up and use the machines and we were soon running classes for just about anyone in the community. I moved in with Kali, as she is now pregnant with our baby, and life is good.
I did finally tell Kali about my night with Kimi and she laughed and said she had known all the time. Kimi had told her everything and she decided that if sex with me could make Kimi forget her fear of storms maybe if she had sex with me it would rid her of her fear of living out her days alone.
It\'s times like this that put the grand into being a