The further adventures of our hero


I slept peacfully untill the nightmare began anew.
The beast parked his small sedan on the street in front of a huge home on the waterfront. I watched as he got out and went toward the mansion. "Stupid!" I thought, "You should hide the fucking car"
As if on cue, he turned back and jumped in the car, driving it onto a dirt road nearby, parking it under a dense grove of trees.
I felt rotten and elated it the same time. I had finally managed to manipulte the beast, yet felt bad that he would claim another victim.
I watched through his eyes as he approached the home, sticking to the shadows. He, we, passed several windows before settling on one which was emiting a faint light.
He eased up to the window and he, we, looked in. It was a teenager's room with rock star posters on the wall and a small figure under the covers on the bed. We also observerd prom pictures featuring a pretty blond girl on the arm a a young man. "High school senior" I Thought, "Senior" I heard him breathe to himself.
So this was it! I had finally went from an observer to an active participant in the crimes of my host. . .
"Keep looking" I thought as the beast pulled away from this window and eased toward the back of the home.

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He, we, came upon a lattice of roses leading up to a balcony. My host nimbly scaled the wall and leaped over the railing to be confonted by a set of french doors.
The beast grasped the knob and we were suprised to find it swing open.
We were confronted by a magnificent room with marble floors, a king sized bed dominating the space. As we eased closer, we were intrigued by the figure slumbering upon it.
She slept peacefully on top of the covers, a woman of about 40, her fake tits straining at her nightgown. A Bottle of wine and a bottle of valium on the nightstand.
My host started to get hard and I did too. He grabbed for her hair but I stopped him. I was in controll as we gently pulled her nightgown below her breasts and began to lick her hard nipples.
She stirred slightly as we mauled her tits, the picture of drugged complience. We slid his giant hand into her panties and began to stroke her pussy, one finger on her clit.
She began to moan as we slipped another finger up her ass. She started to buck against our hand as she got off, but I stopped the beast.
"Lets get the daughter in on this, you stupid fuck!" I forced into his dense brain.

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   We left the drugged mom on the bed and padded down to the daughter's bedroom door.
The beast showed no restraint as her punched open the door, smashing the lock. He, we, were confronted with a teenager , suddenly bolt upright, trying to cover her tight little body with the sheets.
The beast knew what to. He grabbed her by her hair and clamped a massive paw across her mouth. I thought "Keep quiet and you and your mom might might make it out alive" My host simply punched her in the midsection, and as she fought for breath, dragged her down the hall.
We tossed the teenager down in the master bedroom. The beast stalked over to the mom and forced her head onto his massive hard cock.
We smiled as he pumped our cock in and out of the drugged mom's mouth. The daughter looked on in horror as we assaulted her mother.
The beast laughed as he continued to assault the mother, finally drawing his hugh cock out of her mouth. "Lets see if this young thing is talented" I thought as the beast suddenly pushed the limp form back onto the bed and began to advance upon the girl.
Reaching down, we grabbed a handful of blond hair and dragged the helpless girl over to the bed.
He, we , pulled the sobbing teenager over and threw her next to her mother.
The beast flipped the mom onto her belly and forced his massive cock into her tight pussy, keeping a hand upon the neck of the daughter.

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We began to pump in and out of the helpless woman's cunt, forcing the girl to watch. We began to moan and finally to cum. The beast and I suddenly pulled out of the mom's tight pussy and shoved our cock into her daughter's mouth.
I looked down in fascination as we pumped the beast's huge cock in and out of her mouth.
Finally, with a roar, the beast came and so did I. He pulled the girl onto his cock and shot spasms of cum down her throat.
I thought "Lets get out of here!" Sure enough, we leaped to our feet and left swiftly through the front door.
Waking later, I knew this had to be real, and the morning news confirmed it for me.
My gift was either a curse or a blessing and I was very confused.
Yet when I thought about it later I was getting very turned on about being in the eyes of the beast.



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