The First Time I met her


The story you are about to read is an accurate account of a unique and exciting situation.
It was a beautiful spring day, I had arranged to meet a lady who I had never met or even talked to prior to calling the number on her business card.   The only thing I knew was that a friend told me she was pretty hot.
I had procured a room at the Holiday Inn located in the city where she lived.   I called her and had her meet me in the lounge.   When she arrived I was pleasently suprized to she how Sexy she was.   Standing just 5\'1" tall and tipping the scale at 115 lbs it looked as though she as very well put together.   We chatted briefly then went to the room to begin the Audition.   She was trying out for a part as a mysterious DC madam who fronted for a string of hand picked girls who worked the Washington, DC Lobbiest evening entertainment circut.  
The director of the proposed movie had sent her a few pages of the script, Gwen had learned the dialog ans was excited to try out.   Trying out would consist of her dressing in a black teddy with black stockings.   The first thing she did was to go put the stockings on and come model them.   The had on a knee length dress, as she approached from the other room she lifted the dress to the waist and ask, "How\'s this?"  Gwen was not waring any panties her trimmed bush was fully visable, she looked me in the eye as she spoke, I nearly choked, she showed me her bush right off, I think i went bright red.
Gwen went to the bathroom, took a quick shower and walked out completely naked.   Her pail breasts were slightly large for her patite size, 34 D cup to be exact, her waist was trim her but small and legs very nice.   She stood infront of me and dressed in the wardrobe she had been furnished.

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    What a sight, I watched as she slithered into the Teddy and stockings never putting on the matching thong.
Gwen was to act like she was seducing a lobbiest, I was to stand in for the lobbiest.   As quickly as Gwen was ready she began to undress me, after removing my shorts she pushed me down on the bed, taking my semi riged cock in her hand and stroking it for a few seconds making me hard as could be.
Gwen swung a leg over me and gracefully acted like she was mounting me taking me inside her pussy. Remember I said acting like!  Gwen leaned down and kissed me passionately grinding her magnificient breasts into my chest.   I remember thinking, Wow!  Her tits felt great, when she broke the kiss I placed both hands onher breasts and began to caress them softly.   Gwen moaned softly, was this for real or was she acting?
Gwen expertly carried on with the seduction, dropping the top of the Teddy exposing her full round tits, dragging the smooth flesh over my hary chest, kissing and making soft moans.   Her nicely trimed pussy was very close to my cock, she was rubbing her slit up and down the length of my cock while keeping it pined against my belly so it wouldn\'t go inside her hot pussy.
Soon Gwen was completely naked, I rolled her over and continued to kiss and caress her tits, flat belly and touched the hed of my cock to her pussy lips.   We teased each other for over an hour, me trhying to slip inside her pussy Gwen quickly movinv out of the way so I could not get inside her.   Mind you I was trying to be a true gentleman since the audition did not include sex.
Gwen was on top again rubbing her slit on my dick paying particular attention to her clit, just when I thought I was going to get inside her pussy she climaxed and jumped up.   Damn I thought, almost got sum pussy.   I pulled her on top of me again hoping she was wet enough I might just accidently side into her Vagina.   Gwen teased herself to another orgasm the same way as before.

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I got Gwen to pose for some very revealing pics before she got dressed to leave.  
I told her I would have the proofs ready the following week and made an oppointment to get together to let her view the video and stills.   I got another room and set up the VCR to view the video.   When Gwen arrived she looked great, a straight A line skirt, silk blouse and heels.  I got her to pose for me before showing her the video, she was down to her bra and nothing else, she hadn\'t warn any panties.    
I put the video in and let her watch her performance.   As she was watching I took off my clothes down to a pair of silk boxers I had warn.   I sat next to her on the bed and began to caress her body, she moaned softly as she watched as I caressed her.   After the video was over Gwen lay back on the bed and stretched as she did I began to kiss the inside of her thighs and was soon lapping up her pussy juice.   Gwen climaxed very easily as I tongued her clit, she was truely enjoying my tongue as she said, "I trimmed a little more just for you. "  Damn she was hot!
I slid up her body and pressed my cock to her pussy lips, this time no teasing, she opened for mr to enter her warm vwry wet pussy.   As I slid into her vagina for the first time she exclaimed as I reached bottom, "Oh your cock fits in me so good!"  With that Gwen began to fuck me like I had never be fucked before.   She moved in ways I had never experienced, bucking up to meet my strokes, rotating her hips, rocking her hips, just plain screwing me like I had never be screwed before, iy was nothing short of increadable, Gwen knew how to fuck like none other.   The sensation was more like she was fucking me than me fucking her.   We changed positions over and over.

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As Gwen screwed me she exclained "Oh it feels so good to get fucked again, its been to long. "  I think I was hornier than I had ever been I was able to last for a very long time as Gwen climaxed over and over.   I didn\'t count her climaxes but, Gwen told me she had never came so many times in a row, and I knew it every time, she was so animated, she squealed on the little ones and moaned on the bigger ones, and said "I don\'t know how a woman couldn\'t like sex!", as she came again.   Every time she was on top she would say, "Oh your cock fits in me so well, I love to feel it inside me!"  "I have never had a cock fit in me as good as your!"  And with that she yelled out "OH yes fuck me!"  This must have been at least a dozen or more climaxes as Gwen collapased pressing her perfect breasts into my chest as we recouperated.
Gwen is my secret lover now and we can hardly wait for each get together, Gwen is truely the most fantastic lover I have ever known.
Gwen will read this soon and maybe respond.



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