The Fantasy


At night I lay down in my bed listening to the soft breeze coming off of the ocean. Lying in this bed while the breeze cools my hot skin, the beads of sweat cool and create a tingling sensation throughout my breasts, hardening my nipples, while a moist, hot destination is created. Sometimes I fantasize that it’s your hands skimming along my skin not my own, tormenting my body.
I imagine, you and I, sitting in a lounge where the lights are low and the air is hot, all you see is the occasional flash of gold at my neck.
“Come here,” you say, shouting over the heavily infused bass.
I get up, my hips swaying as I walk over to you. You grab my hand and the electrical shock from your skin throws me off balance in three and half inch stilettos.
“ugh. graceful” I mutter as you catch me, chuckling.
You pull me down next to you, placing one hand on my knee and the other is thrown over my shoulder, with your fingers tracing some imaginary pattern on my collar bone. Taking a sip of my drink, hoping it will cool me down, so wrong, it just makes me hotter. You see someone you know, waving, while your hand squeezes my knee periodically. I put my hand over yours dragging your hand higher up on my thigh so that just your fingers touch the hem of my dress.
“Be careful where you lead me” you whisper in my ear.
“ I want you to make me cum” softly, sealed with a devilish smile.
I know how you love when I talk dirty to you, so I stop just to tease you a little and I go back to pushing your hand up and in between my thighs, where you take control and I can feel your fingers press up into me.

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“ God. . . you’re so wet and hot. . ” you groan and a slight moan escapes from my lips
“Quiet. ” your fingers start circling and pressing, while in my ear you tell me how you want to fuck me, in between words you nip at my neck, right below my ear.
“ I want to pull this dress off, put you up on the table pour your drink down your stomach so I can drink it trickling into your pussy”
Grasping my lower lip between my teeth it’s hard to stay calm.
“and then I’d flip you over and shove. . . ”your fingers thrust into me “my cock into your pussy” and you thrust your fingers harder and harder, brutally. . . I love it.

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      With your fingers pressing up into me, you curl and press your fingers over that spot where the world stops
“Stop. . oh god I’m going to cum” you press your fingers even harder, riding my body with your fingers pressing my clit with your thumb and I explode. My heart is pounding and my pussy is pulsing around your fingers, it becomes painfully sensitive yet you don’t stop and with one more quick flick of your finger I cum again. When I regain my wits, I hear you chuckling and you drag your hand from between my thighs and raise your fingers to your lips, licking the moisture off of them.
      Blushing, I look down, for the first time I notice the massive hard on you have, I can see the outline of your cock through your pants. I moan, as I run my fingers over length of you,
“oh not here” you mutter, I realize we’re still in the lounge yet all I can imagine is trying to fit as much of your cock in my mouth as possible, until you’re deep in my throat.
“Let’s go babe”
“the bar bill?”
“done while you were thinking about sucking me off. ”
We get up to go, heading out to your car, I drop into the seat letting my dress ride high up my thighs until you can see the lace of my panties. Slowly I trace my fingers in between my thighs sighing.
“Oh god what are you doing” your eyes are glued to lap
I smile that smile, “I wish it was your hands getting me wet, that it was your lips kissing me. . . your teeth biting every sensitive piece of my flesh hard enough to leave angry little marks,” you gasp and I push my fingers into my sopping wet pussy, “I wish it was your cock that was inside me, while you bend me over and wrap my hair in your hands. .

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  . that’s what I’m doing” and I pull my hand from between my thighs.
“stop. . . stop teasing me like that. . . ”
We pull up to your place. You come around to open the door and pulling me out and pushing me up against the now closed door. You grasp my face in your hands kissing me while you pres your lower body against me, rotating your hips in a deep maneuver, making me sigh and shake a little.
“we need to get inside before I rip off your dress and fuck you right here”
“why don’t you?”
“Don’t. You deserve some sort of bed or table. . .

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  I need to hear your scream”
(Just thinking about you like this is making me wet. )
The walk to your apartment was difficult in 3. 5 inch heels while your hand on my hip, stroked and teased turning me into putty. Getting into your apartment was also a feat in itself as I started running my fingers over the bulge in your pants as you tried to open the door.
“Gimme a second,” music proceeded to fill the space, a nice beat something primal and strained, just enough to bring a knowing smile to my lips.
“Where’s your ladies room?” I needed to get myself together and calm down. Your answer was indistinct and not important. I found the bathroom, closing the door I began staring at my reflection and I saw flushed cheeks and glowing eyes, my hair tumbled past my shoulders perfectly.
You’re standing at your stereo with your shirt sleeves rolled up and your hair is tussled. Still in my heels, I walk up to you and wrap my arms around you from behind and your stomach muscles contract and you let out a sigh. Boy, do you feel and smell good. You turn around looking at me, you pull up against you and begin unzipping the back of my dressing while pulling it the straps down at the shoulder, every once in awhile nibbling at the newly exposed flesh. Your hands are softer than I would have thought, and they pull me the straps of my bra off leaving my breast encased in a black lacy web. You kiss the tops of my breasts, while you have one arm wrapped around my back, and then pull me up hard against you.

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“your shirt. . . ” as I begin unbuttoning your shirt, “it’s only fair”
Bend and kiss and then bite at the flesh of your chest, leaving a perfect little souvenir. You drag the rest of my dress off, leaving me in my lace panties and heels.
You turn me around, trailing your fingers down my spine, I can hear your getting rid of your pants behind me and you press your body up against my back and I feel your warmness surround me.
You bend me over, gently pushing one hand on my back while the other supports my neck. In those heels my pussy is directly pressing against your cock, but wait. . . you’re still in your briefs! Just frozen like that we seem, until suddenly you pull me up,
“I can’t wait any longer” and you get down on your knees pulling my feet free of my heels and running your hands up my legs to my inner thighs.
Feeling a little naked and self-consciousness, I pull you up to stand and kiss me.
“Let’s get into bed” was the only thing I could think of saying. Picking me up, I squeal,
“what are you doing?!”
“ Well I think this called, Sweeping you off your feet!”
“Oh god you’re such a dork”
Tossing me up on the bed, I notice the soft glow of the room
“are you playing Mr. Romantic tonight?”
“One rule.

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  . . no clothes allowed in this room” and you start pulling off your briefs.
“What’s wrong?”
“I want to do it”
I kneel on the bed, hooking my fingers in the waistband of your briefs blowing warm air on you while tracing my fingers on your hidden cock. Leaning forward, pressing my lips on the skin right above the waistband, letting my tongue wander over the fabric, up until my mouth is moving over the outline of your cock.
You moan, as I pull your briefs off your hips while my nails drag down your hips, then your thighs.
Whispering how much I love the way you feel, as your cock bounces free of its confines, I can hear you sighing in relief.
“It’s huge” I gasp, while places low in my body tightens as I think about you thrusting inside of me. Wrapping one hand around your cock, gently enough that all I can feel is warm skin and the steady throbbing.
All of a sudden, you pull me up and push me back on the bed. You have my  hands gripped in one of yours, pinning me down while your cock presses in between my thighs. And while those hands of your hold me down, you kiss me hard. I love how it feels like you can’t get enough of me and you can’t wait any longer and just as my thought finishes you reach down my body and rip the lace panties right off me.
“oh” my breath catches in my throat as you begin kissing me again, while your hips slowly rotate pushing you harder and closer against me. The movements become harder with each rotation.

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   You tell me how wet I am, how much you need to be inside me. I’m trying to tell you how much I want your cock in my mouth, but the words are overwhelmed by the sensation.
I can feel the head of your cock pressing up into me. One hand is on the side of my face, “look at me babe, I want to see your eyes when fuck you”, your voice is raspy and low, just like you are trying to catch your breath. As I lift my face up to kiss you, my hips arch and your hand guides your cock into me, and then you thrust the entire length into me.
“oh god stop”
“are you okay? You’re so tight. . ahh”
“I’m ok”
I can feel you stretching me, it hurts but not enough for me not to love the feeling. Your thrusts are long and deep and each time is varied, harder than the last, but not hard enough.
“harder. . please. . ah. .

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And you tell me you want to hurt me. Harder, I say, sinking my teeth into your shoulder and  you thrust into me so hard, that it hurts just enough. I’m going to cum I tell you. And then you pull out of me. Kissing me hard, your hands run down my body bruising. You tell me to flip over so that now I’m on my stomach. Get on your knees, you say, lifting my hips, and you slide into me. This way I’m even tighter, I know it, I feel it, and you say it. This time you rotate your hips slowly, not listening to my pleas to go harder. As your cock pushes deeper inside of me, it stretches me until I feel like I will explode. You wrap your arms around me, pulling me up, linking your fingers with mine, I gasp as you hit that spot inside of me where all my thoughts vanish. You kiss my neck softly, biting, as you begin to thrusting harder. I can hear you talking  to me but I can’t focus on the words.
You tell me that you need to get deeper but can’t like this. .

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  . so you stop. I slump forward as you pull out of me, my body is throbbing and I can’t believe you just stopped. You come back to me smiling, turning me so I’m lying on my back again and you lightly kiss me on my nose and slowly slide back into me. You pull my hands up near the sides of my head, linking your fingers back with mine, staring into my eyes. I try and turn my face away, because the look is too intense, but you won’t let me.
“look at me, tell me what you want”
“I uhh. . oh” I can’t speak while you’re thrusting inside of me, while my hips arch, it’s impossible.
“tell me. . . I’ll stop. . ”
“I want.

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  . . oh god” my hips meet your thrust and you stop
“I want you to move” I pant
“not good enough” you say
“I want you to . . I need you to be deep and hard in me. I need you to go fast and hard. NOW. ” slowly I reach down my body, “I need you to make me cum”
You slowly begin thrusting again, and my hips move in synch to catch your thrusts, faster. Your hand moves down to join mine, pressing down to rub my clit.
“I’m going to cum” and you thrust once. . twice. . and a third time.
I moan and my body tightens and shake,my eyes close
When I open my eyes I can still feel your cock throbbing inside of me and I realize you haven’t cum yet, I can see that tension in your body.


“I want to feel you cum inside of me” I tell you. You smile and start thrusting quick and short, making my body spasm again and then I feel you cum inside me, while my fingers dig into your back and I can feel your body jerk and you cum inside me.
Back in my bed my fingers are in my pussy and a finger is rubbing my clit, my body tightens and I cum. I do really wish it was your hands on my body, your lips on mine and simply. . . your cock in.


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