The Elevator Ride


The elevator began its journey down the long dark shaft, moving from her 24th floor down towards the lobby of their office building. Her mind wandered, and she soon felt her bikini underwear getting noticeable damper. Her mind was brought back to reality with a sharp jolt from the elevator suddenly stopping. She fell to one knee, her bag falling from her hand and clatter to the floor, its contents scattering. The young man was quickly by her side, a hand on her side supporting her, lifting her up. She smiled a bright smile at him as more juices joined her soaked bikini underwear. She whipped her eyes away from his deep blue ones to realize the elevator was stuck, between floors. A gasp escaped her lips from sheer panic. The hand on her side rubbed soothingly as he asked, ‘Are you okay?’Janine managed a meek nod and smiled at him again, still unable to control her wet pussy. She began picking the contents of her bag up off the elevator floor, bending and scooping them up and back into her bag. She didn’t realize until after grasping her last lipstick into her hand that she’d been bending over in front of this handsome young man, exposing her wet patched bikini panties underneath her small skirt to him. She noticed an obvious bulge in the front of his pants as she turned and slowly drew her eyes up his body, up to his slightly flushed face. She winked at him and dropping the lipstick in her hand to the floor.

She bent over, slowly, letting the hem of her skirt ever so slowly inch up her ass as she bent. She held her pose, legs spread, ass peaking out from under her skirt. She heard his footsteps draw him closer, but she didn’t turn to look, simply held her pose.

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   She felt something pushing against her underwear, a bulge between the cheeks of her ass. She pushed herself back against his crotch, moaning to let him know she was enjoying it. She felt him push harder against her as he leant forward and whispered in her ear, ‘I hope you can hold that position for a while, because I plan on pushing my cock deep inside your pussy. ’Strong hands grasped the waistband of her bikini underwear and quickly pulled them down her legs, to her ankles. His hands then moved to her skirt, lifting it and exposing her tight round ass. Janine stayed bent over in the elevator with a stranger she’d been in the lift with for about 18 minutes now, her underwear around her ankles and her legs spread as far as they could be, exposing herself to him. She heard the zipper on his jeans sliding down to expose his hard cock, and turned to watch him as he withdrew it from its restraints. A smiled greeted her curious eyes, before she closed her eyes to lose herself in the feeling. She felt the head of his stiff cock moving between the cheeks of her ass, sliding down her crack. The head reached her puffy pussy lips and began its entrance. She felt her pussy lips widening, gaping for the large cock that intruded it. The head of his cock slid in past her lips, and he rested it there, firmly held inside her pussy by her pussy lips. She moaned softly and pushed herself back against him, begging for more of his penis to be inserted. Pleasure shot through her like the sudden burst of light into a dark room as he thrust his cock deep inside her. He filled her.

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   His cock stayed buried inside her pussy for a few moments, before he began a rhythmic pounding. Moving his hips, he was thrusting his cock hard in and out of her pussy, fucking her with his stiff pole. Her hard clit burned to be touched and she couldn’t withhold herself. Her hand snaked down between her legs, fingers grasping her clit and softly stroking it. His hands cupped her ass cheeks, squeezing them tight as he pounded his hard cock into her. Both of them were now moaning, the minds locked onto the pleasure they were receiving. Janine felt herself approach her orgasm; her pussy began to tighten around the young mans hard shaft. Her pussy began to burn with pleasure as he continued his relentless pounding of her juicy pussy. She pinched her clit between thumb and forefinger and began stroking it like a mini-cock, pumping it up and down. His hard cock pushed deep inside her, filling her completely. She pinched her clit as he filled her. Her orgasm racked her body, tingling throughout her body with pleasure as her pussy squeezed his cock, and oozed her cum around it. He felt Janine’s pussy spasm around his cock, and it was all he needed to set him over the edge. Pleasure bolted throughout his body as his orgasm hit him. Cum squirted from the pulsating head of his cock, filling her pussy with his warm juice.

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   Slowly he withdrew his cock from her pussy, as it began to soften. Their mixed juices leaked from her pussy and rolled down her thighs. He pulled put his cock back inside his jeans and zipped them up, patting her ass softly and smiling at her. She straightened her back and stood, lifting her bikini underwear up her legs. The juices pooled around her pussy in her underwear, and she enjoyed the feeling of the wet fabric against herself. The lift began its motion again, moving down towards the lobby. The doors opened once the lift reached the lobby and a man in overalls came running towards them. ‘I’m sorry about the delay, but the cables got jammed and the lift couldn’t move. Are you both alright?’ he stammered. ‘Oh, we’re fine. ’ Janine spoke seductively with a sly wink. .


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