The Driving Lesson Part II


The Driving Lesson – Part II 
Mina, that was my trainee driving student, our receptionist turned over and took a deep sigh. I commended her for the fantastic sex she had given me and that she was a virgin allowing me to take her cherry.  
That is when she confessed. Confessed that she deliberately handled the car in such a way as to get into a situation which would lead to the great love making. She whispered to me asking if I would continue the lesson after what had happened. I re-assured her that I would and that I was indeed a bit surprised that she did not know what a cock was.  
She was beautiful. The session was not long given the fact that we were both very much aroused from the driving and having taken a shower together and me having given her the soapy lather had the combined effect of foreplay.  
The evening was humid and both of us were perspiring from the hard work of giving and receiving pleasure. I went to the kitchen and brought out cold fresh juice which Mina eagerly grabbed and finished quickly.  
She was a sight that could only be dreamed of. Completely naked, light brown and in full bloom of her youth. Proud conical shaped breast jutting upward in their prime and erect light brown nipples that seemed to be screaming at me to be sucked.  
It was also late for her as she should have been home. However, the sight of  VENUS for me was just too much to be agreeable in letting Mina go. The urge was amply visible in the life getting back in little john who was now rearing up again.

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   Mina too was clearly in two minds. I went to her and scooped her up in my arms from the bed and kissed her passionately. I sucked her tongue out of her mouth and into mine while still standing. She was petite and that helped.  
I told her she had to go but to come back the next day to continue the driving lessons. She gave me a broad smile and her pearly perfect teeth showed through. I kissed her again and put her back on the bed. She then leaned over and gave a quick kiss on the tip of my cock while cupping my balls. She then dressed and I drove her home.  
The next day, as there was not much work for Mina to do and her assistant was in the office, I took her for the lesson again. The empty land was normally out of sight for any prying eyes. So this time we both took off our under clothes and mina then sat on my cock. We both kept on our top part of the bodies covered just in case.  
She drove perfectly this time now that the ice was broken – as was her hymen – and there being no further hesitation in between. I had her breasts cupped while she drove and she gently rocked on my dick.

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   She was clearly hot as my dick was getting wet from her love juice. I told her to stop the car and then asked her to raise her bum and slipped my cock in her ready receptive pussy.  
She began driving and the rocking effect of the drive was sufficient to allow me to relax as the thrust motions were being done by the lurching drive and also by Mina herself. I was in seventh heaven and not believing my luck.  
Sure enough, we simply had to stop the driving as both of us were near climax. Mina just held on to the steering wheel and bounced on my lap while I caressed her clit with one hand and mauled her breast with the other. Mina let out a loud moan and shuddered and I stop pushing from below allowing her to overcome her orgasm. My cock was bare without any protective latex.  
Mina got out of the car, turned around and leaned over and took my cock in her mouth and took just couple of mouthful of thrust when I blew in her mouth. She let me finish throbbing and then let go my semi erect dick and spat out all my cum on the ground.  
Un-known to us both, my colleague, the supervisor, was watching us from our residential flat with a binocular. It was Mina’s mistake. She had confided to her assistant of the previous nights fuck and told her that she may get fucked again,  She, in turn, told our supervisor with whom she was hooked up.  
We put on our clothes and drove back to our office and both of us went up to my flat and straight into the shower same as we did the previous evening.  
We got back to our bed and lied down with Mina on top of me and pinching my nipples and kissing my neck. 

   That is when my colleague walked into us. We were both stark naked and Mina let out a scream and tried to hide her nakedness.  
I asked my colleague about the courtesy of knocking on the door before entering and he said the door was wide open so he did not bother. He just stood there and took in the scene. There was no question of blackmailing on his part. However, he did had a big grin on his face and said to me “you lucky man boss, I wish I could have the pleasure with her too pointing at Mina”.  
Mina was in no mood to fuck with him. I looked at her and just one look of her face confirmed her fear and her loath of what was being suggested. She blurted out that he had his own girl friend, the assistant, and why could he not fuck her.  
That probably was precisely the lead my colleague wanted and he looked at me questioningly. I said to him that I had no problems if he fucked the assistant as long as she was willing.  
Before I could count to 3, he was gone. And within minutes he was back in tow with Mina’s assistant.   We were still in a state of shock and did not get any chance to dress. The colleague and the assistant stood at the door looking at us.

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I had no option but to invite them over to the bed saying “are you just going to stand there and stare at us or are you going to get on with whatever you have in mind.  
To be continued.  
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