The Doctors Appointment


“Come on! I need someone to talk to for the 3 hour wait!”“Read a book” She replied as we jumped in the car and headed for the Doctor. “Doctor Arturi’s Office, here it is. ” We pulled in front of a large white building and I got out and waved to my mom as she drove away. I hesitated and finally walked in the door. I signed in at the front desk and took a seat in the corner, away from everyone else. There was an obese girl a few seats away from me that kept coughing. It made me sick to just be in the doctors office. I took a look at my physical sheet. There were a bunch of questions that had words in them that I didn’t understand. I looked at the check list. It was full of words I mostly didn’t understand but could assume what they Glands____________________________ Lungs__________________________________ Blood Pressure___________________________ Pulse Rate_______________________________ Abdomen________________________________ Hernia___________________________________ Genitalia_________________________________ Skeleton_________________________________ Feet____________________________________ Reflexes_________________________________ What the fuck does this crap mean?! I examine the word Genitalia. Is that as in Genitals? Is this guy going to check my dick? It could just mean I have to take a piss in a cup though. I pick up a car magazine and flip through the pictures for almost 35 minutes”Chris Black?” A Hispanic nurse announces from the door. I stood up and walked up to her. ”That’s me. ” I informed her.

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  ”Fallow me, Hun. ”I did as I was told and fallowed her to Exam room 6. I cant help but think of the number 666 when I see that! Damn, why cant it be room 7? I hand her the Physical Form. “Ok, Could you step on the scale, please?” She asks pointing to the scale in the corner. I step on it and she tinkers the little weights and measures. It reads 156lb and the height is 5’10. “Ok, you can step down now. ” She marks a few things on the physical form as I sit on the large chair. She then checks my blood pressure with the tight arm band. “Do you take any medications?”“No. ” She marks something on the sheet. “Ok, Hun, the doctor will be with you shortly. You can sit in one of the chairs if you want. ” She walks out of the room and shuts the door. Here comes the mass waiting again, this time there isn’t any magazines! I wait and I wait.

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   I start to twiddle my thumbs and tap my foot. I get up and look at the cool models on the doctor’s desk. One of them is of a spine. Another is a Heart. After about 30 minutes the door knob clanks. I jump to my seat. “Hello, I’m Dr. Arturi. It’s nice to meet you Chris. ” An attractive young female doctor says to me holding out her hand. I reach out and shake her hand. She is definitely not what I had expected. I was expecting an old gray haired man. “Could you sit up here for me?” She gestures toward the exam table. I climb the steps and sit down.

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  “Your mom couldn’t make it today?”“No, she was busy. ”“Ok, that’s fine. I have a few tests to ask. ” She walks up to me and put her hands on my neck. She puts some pressure on it. Her hands were kind of cold. She sits back down and marks her sheet. She uses the tool around her neck and puts it up my shirt. She listens from a few different angles from my back. “Can you cough for me?” She asks. I attempt a pathetically fake cough. “Ok good. ” She pulls her hand out. “Can you lie down for me?”I do as I’m told and lie down. She puts her hands on my stomach and puts pressure on my sides.

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   Then she gives a little pressure above my dick and it feels weird and it makes me jump. “Ok you can sit up. ” She pulls a tool off the wall and put a triangular cap on the tip. She walks to the side of me and puts it in my ear for a second, then to the other ear. “Mm hmm. ” She says out load as she marks her sheet again. She then checks up my nose, and marks once again. “Ok, I’m going to have to check your genitals. ” She says, trying to keep a professional straight face. I would usually be scared and disappointed if it was any other doctor, but this doctor was very hott, and had a very nice body. I stood up and unbuttoned my pants and dropped them to the floor and pulled up my shirt. My dick was now exposed to this beautiful young doctor. She put her hands on my testicals and started to massage my balls around. It was a very nice feeling and my dick started to rise. My face started to burn because I was so embarrassed.

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   She got a shocked look on her face. It got extremely hard and my dick started to burn. It pointed straight at her pretty face. She started to giggle a little and continued to massage and feel my balls. “Oops I’m sorry,” I told her in embarrassment. “That’s ok,” She laughed. “This is my first week working, I just got out of college, so this is a first but it will probably happen again. A young mans hormones kicking in. I am a doctor, I understand. ”She rubbed her index finger along the bottom of my 7 inch dick, tickling it. Then something I wasn’t expecting happened. She leaned in and put her mouth over my dick and started to suck on the head of my penis. “Wow! What are you doing?” I moaned quietly. “I’m just giving your young hormones some attention. It can be detrimental to your health if you get that horny and it isn’t treated.

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  ”“Well that sounds fair, but what about your hormones? You need to be treated also. Lets pretend I’m the doctor for a second. ” I pulled up my pants again and giggled. “Lay on the bed, please mam. ” She started to blush. “Certainly sir. ”“Im going to have to check your vascular fewli glands,” I made up, trying to sound smart. “Oh is that right? And where exactly are the vascular fewli glands?”“In your stomach, of course. Believe me now, Miss, I am the doctor. ”I pull the tucked in shirt out of her pants so I can put my hand up her shirt. This seems too difficult. I look around and spot a cabinet labeled, “Gowns”“Actually…” I walk over to the cabinet and pull out an ugly white gown. “Here, Put this on. ” I give her a big lustful smile. I turn around and face the other wall.

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   I didn’t want to go outside because the nurses would wonder what I’m doing, and I didn’t want to watch her get dressed because that would spoil all the fun seeing her naked so soon. I wanted to play the game slow. I could hear her slip off her shirt and pants. “Ok Doc, I’m ready. ” I turned around and she was leaning against the table/bed. She had on the ugly white robe that went a little above her knees. “Ok Mam,” I smiled. “Can you sit on the bed, please?” She stepped up and sat on the bed, as told. She rubbed her hand on her leg and rubbed the gown up real far exposing her pink panties. “You were just going to check my vascular gland thingies,”“Ah yes,” I walked up to her and put both hands on her stomach. She was very fit. I rubbed them up to just below her breasts. She tilts her head and licks her lips. I then put one of my hands on her knee and start to rub it up her leg. She puts her hands on mine and pulls my hands up to her warm pussy.

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   I pulled up the gown to her belly button. She was wearing a small pink thong. Underneath that professional doctors disguise she’s a very sexy girl. “What are you doing now?” She giggles. I guess she finds it interesting listening to me try to sound smart. “I’m checking your vagina for infection. ” I tell her. “There isn’t any fancy names for that, doc?”“Well its called checking the Vaginal. . Euro. . dis. ” She bursts into laughter. “You are hilarious!” She tells me still giggling. I pull down her panties and release her trimmed pussy.

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   Her clit is very swollen. I rub my finger over it. Her pussy is very warm and wet. She lets out quiet moans. I pull up the rest of her gown pulling it over her head. She was wearing a matching bra. Her breasts were very large, at least 36C. I unsnap the bra from the front and release her large breasts. They flop to the sides as they are release from the confinement. She stands up off the table and grabs my hands and put them on her breasts. Not that I wasn’t about to do that anyway. I rub my index and middle finger over her hard nipples. There is a knock on the door. “Dr. Arturi, Is everything ok in there, You’ve been in there an awful long time.

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  ”“Yes, I will be out in just a second. . ” She bit her lower lip. “Well I guess you better go. ” She kissed me on the lips and began to get dressed. To Be Continued – The Second Doctors Appointment – Coming Soon.



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