The Doctor Will See You Now- Chapter 2


 Dr. Ashlee Thompson arrived at the docks after a long, tiring day at the hospital. "I'll have Coby give me delicious back-rub," she whispered to herself as she approached Pier Nineteen. Coby sat waiting on a wooden bench for her. He got to his feet when he saw her, and she ran to him, throwing herself into his comforting embrace. "I missed you so much!" she exclaimed, pressing many kisses upon his handsome face. "I want to make love to you, Ashlee. NOW!""Yes, Coby! YES! I want to make hot, passionate love to you, too!"Thoughts swirled crazily through Coby's brain. Where could he take Ashlee and make long satisfying love to her? Suddenly, a wild thought seized him; he would make love to her here, under the wooden structure of the dock!Ashlee made no protest when Coby lifted her into the strength of his arms. They kissed crazily, as he carried her below the darkened docks of Pier Nineteen. Here the air was musty and cobwebs twisted and swayed in the sultry breeze. He laid Ashlee down on the dusty boards which made up the floor, and then lowered his body to cover hers. The two were not aware of their surroundings in the heat of their desire, nor were they aware of the tall, shadowy figure who watched them from a distance, concealed behind the overhanging old ropes which hung from the top of the dock like a dark canopy. Ashlee's clothes were coming off, and she soon lay there shamelessly naked as Coby gazed longingly at her lovely body. Jason Turner watched with cold brown eyes as Coby's lips swooped downward to draw Ashlee's aroused nipple into his mouth. Jason heard his fiancée moan in pleasure as Coby began to suck and flick the pink nub of Ashlee's breast.

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  Jason watched as Coby's hands slid down Ashlee's body to find the dark curls nestled between her long legs. His fingers stroked and caressed as his mouth played lovingly upon her large, lovely breasts. Jason had gone onto the docks for a late afternoon walk. He never imagined he would find something like this when he had left his father's fishing boat!"Ohhh Coby! You do that so well!" Ashlee spoke in a sexy purr. "I was going to ask you for a back-rub, but I think I prefer your hot cock instead!"Jason's eyes widened in great shock and disbelief. Ashlee never spoke that brazenly to him. Nor had she ever gazed at him with such a breathtaking mixture of love and lust shining in the depths of her sapphire eyes. Coby was taking great delight in her wanton response, his hands ceasing to caress Ashlee's body just long enough to remove his own clothing. Soon Coby stood over Ashlee's loveliness entirely nude. Despite Jason's disgust at finding his fiancee in the arms of her former lover, he was angered to find himself becoming more than mildly aroused by the passionate scene before him. "Take me now, Coby! I'm yours!" Ashlee called out in a pleading voice, her thighs coming open to receive Coby's thrust. Jason felt his own male organ swell and throb when he heard those sexy words. Coby lowered his body over Ashlee's, his swollen member entering her in one velvet plunge. She was wet and hot, her silken tunnel welcoming him tightly. Jason watched Coby's hips pump up and down atop the woman they both loved, as Ashlee kept muttering erotically, "Deeper, Coby! Ohhhh YES! Faster! HARDER!!!"Ashlee wrapped her long sexy legs around Coby's butt, her body rising wildly to meet his forceful thrusts.

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   Jason had a perfect view of Coby's thick shaft disappearing again and again into Ashley's tight little pussy. Jason felt his cock straining hard and swollen in the tight confines of his blue jeans, when he suddenly came to the realization that the lovemaking had never been this intense with him and Ashlee. She had never moaned, screamed, and begged as she was doing now when fucking Coby. Andshe had most certainly never wrapped those gorgeous legs around HIS body while raking her long red nails across the flesh of his back. "Ohhh God, Ashlee!" Jason heard Coby moan in a voice aching with pleasure. "I'm gonna cum!!!""I'm gonna cum, too," Jason said under his breath, finally releasing his own erection which had been about to burst from his jeans as he needed to find satisfaction soon. Jason began to stroke it roughly as he listened to the lustful groans of Coby Sheer. Just as Ashlee let out a scream of utter ecstasy, Jason exploded all over his own hand trying not to call out his joy too loudly upon his orgasm. As Ashlee's body quaked with the force of her climax, Coby voiced throaty groans of pleasure, his fiery semen pouring into Ashlee's velvety depths. After their heated lovemaking session, Ashlee lay snuggled in Coby's arms, unaware that she, Coby, and Jason had just had a triple climax. Her dark head was cradled against Coby's chest as Coby began to speak. "That was wonderful, love. You're great," Coby said, placing a soft kiss upon the top of her head. "Thank you, my love," Ashlee said cheerfully with a small smile. "You were pretty marvelous yourself.

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   That was the wildest sex I've had in quite awhile. ""Yeah," they heard a sarcastic voice say from out of the shadowy darkness. "I might even say that myself. ""Jason!" Ashlee gasped, her body trembling as she jerked upright, twisting halfway out of Coby's arms when she heard her fiancée's familiar deep voice. "That's right, Ashlee. It's me and I saw everything. You really put on quite a show," Jason said, his face absent of any expression as he moved into their view.
    Luckily, he had the presence of mind to have zipped his jeans before stepping out from the shadows. "My Gawd, you saw---?!" Ashlee cried out, cheeks flaming. "Why didn't you say anything?""Say anything?! I didn't want to miss the entertainment!" "Ashlee, I think we better get dressed," Coby spoke, reaching for his clothing, but Jason's booted foot moving quickly, covering the pile of discarded clothes and stopping Coby from covering his nakedness. "Not so fast, Sheer," Jason said coldly. "You're not moving a muscle until Ashlee gives me some sort of explanation. "Jason's furious dark eyes shifted to Ashlee, regarding her with a dangerous blend of savagery and disgust. "Jason, please! Don't hate me!" Ashlee murmured in a pitiful sob. "I didn't want to hurt you!""Why the hell were you acting like a slut then?! My Gawd, we were supposed to get married!!! Why were you fucking someone else?!""Stop it, Turner!" Coby screamed ferociously.

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       "You can't talk to Ashlee that way!""Y---You don't know the whole story," Ashlee spoke, looking from one man to the other. "You won't like what I have to confess. ""Out with it, Ashlee!" Jason insisted impatiently, rolling his eyes. "Come on. . . we don't have all day. "Ashlee took a huge, deep breath, and then began speaking. "Years ago, after Coby and I broke up, I was in a terrible state," said Ashlee. "I was so confused, so heartbroken, and I felt so undeserving of love. I felt I could never love again. I ended up in London. I had to find work, but I could not concentrate. I ended up selling my body for money because I felt so bad about myself. I became the slut you have accused me of.

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      "Coby gasped in horror as Jason continued to stare into Ashlee's face with steely brown eyes. He looked as though he may be sick. "I didn't want to do it. I was just out of my mind with grief," Ashlee spoke tearfully, pleading with both Jason and Coby with her sorrowful blue eyes. "Luckily something pulled me out of it, and I decided to leave for Paris to study medicine. That's why. . . that's why I couldn't give myself to you completely, Jason. I just couldn't bring myself to act the slut for someone other than the man I love. ""You're saying you love Sheer, aren't you, Ashlee?" Jason choked out as tears were aglow in his angry eyes. "I've always loved him, Jason. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to use you. I was confused about my feelings.


       Now I am finally admitting it to myself. It's Coby I have always loved, and Coby I will continue to love," Ashlee confessed, pain in her beautiful blue eyes as she gazed at Jason with nothing but compassion. "And where does that leave me, Ashlee?" Jason asked in a groan. "I have to set you free. ""Set me free?" Jason repeated, a pained expression on his handsome face. "Why didn't you set me free before you fucked him?! Gawd, you make me sick!"Jason turned away, his face downcast in deep sorrow. Coby and Ashlee scrambled to put on their clothes. They were half-dressed when suddenly Jason twisted back around, glaring into their faces. "I will never forgive you for this, Ashlee! You said you loved me. You said you would be my wife. We were going to have children together!" Jason cried out. "It was nothing but lies! You lied to me again and again! Well, I won't just stand here and grieve for that which never really was! Instead, I'm going to go out and find somebody else! I'm going to look for a REAL woman!"With those words, Jason walked away, leaving Ashlee to stare at Coby with a surprised expression on her face. "How do you like that?" she gasped. "He breaks up with me. .

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      . and right away he's out 'looking for love. '""We shouldn't let it concern us, Ashlee," Coby said, pulling her into his arms as he suddenly realized she was all his now. "I'm just glad that I am not longer 'looking for love. ""Me, too, love," she said gazing into his greenish hazel eyes. "I'm sorry it took me so long to figure out how much I love you. I guess I'm just a stubborn fool. ""We were both stubborn fools, my love, but no more," said Coby, reaching down to softly kiss her lips. "Now, I'm NEVER letting you go. "(Stay tuned for Chapter Three: Jason finds a Woman. . . or Two).



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