The Doctor Will See You Now- Ch. 1


Coby lay there on the examining table only a few minutes before Ashlee entered, wearing a white doctor's uniform and a stethoscope around her neck. He also noticed she wore her long dark hair in a neat knot atop her head and had no expression upon her face, save for the mischievous gleam which brightened her blue eyes. "Sorry to keep you waiting, Mr. Sheer," she spoke in a business- like fashion, as she stood over him with his medical file in her hands. "I hope you haven't been too uncomfortable in that hospital gown. ""Ohhh no, doctor," said Coby with a slight chuckle. "I am always quite comfortable with my rear-end hanging out. "Ashlee said nothing as she skimmed over his file with her eyes. "Hmmmmm. . . . " she finally said. "Appears you haven't had a testicle exam in quite a while. "Coby nearly jumped off the metal table, but she didn't give him a chance. Suddenly she pressed the stethoscope to his chest, intent on hearing his heartbeat.

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   "My goodness, aren't we excited?" she teased. "Your heart is about to pound right out of your chest. ""Somehow I sense that has something to do with your presence, doctor," Coby replied, as Ashlee reached for her tongue depressor to examine Coby's throat. "Open up and say 'ahhhh'," Ashlee instructed, placing the thin piece of smooth wood on Coby's tongue when he complied. "Hmmmmm. . . " she said, as she slid the wooden stick over the surface or his tongue and along his lower lip erotically. "You're very responsive. "As soon as the tongue depressor had left his mouth, Ashlee replaced it with her tongue, exploring the warmth of his mouth very thoroughly. After her mouth had disengaged from his, Coby lay there stunned, asking, "What was that for, doctor?""I was only searching for any abnormalities in your mouth cavity," was her answer. "Now to check your reflexes. "When Ashlee's hand slid lower down his body, Coby expected her to meet up with his knee for the usual reflex-test, but he let out a hot gasp when her hands ripped thru the paper gown to grasp his semi-hard cock. "Very good," she sighed. "Your reflexes are working wonderfully.

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   Relax now, while I examine your penis and testicles. "Her gentle caresses made it impossible for Coby to lie so still, especially when her touch left him hard and throbbing. Coby thought he had died and gone to heaven when suddenly her lips closed over his erect cock, taking him all in. "May I ask. . . . " he spoke in a breathless voice as he felt her warm, wet mouth on his cock. ". . . . what you are doing now?"Ashlee came up for air for a brief second, answering, "I'm testing your sperm-count. ""Ohhhh Fuck!" Coby groaned, as she began to suck and lick deliciously. He arched his ass off the metal table, sending more of his huge, throbbing cock down her throat.

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  As she tasted him, she caressed his heavy balls sensuously, bringing him quickly to a white-hot, tantalizing orgasm. "My God, Ashlee," he moaned, as she milked his heavy balls. "You're draining me!" She continued to suck on his engorged cock, draining him of every ounce of his sperm. Finally she came up for air, looking at him. "You're in excellent health," she said with a smile, her lips yet creamy with his semen. "Please turn over now onto your stomach. "Coby gave her questioning a look, almost like he didn't trust her. He stared at her with his greenish-hazel eyes, wondering what she was up to now. After that delicious orgasm she had just given him, he would have done anything for this beautiful woman. He turned over then, presenting her with his masculine backside. He tensed slightly then as he felt one of her soft hands pressing against his firm buttock. "What are you doing now, Doctor Thompson?"He gasped then as he felt a swift, sharp pain in his left buttock. He looked back to see an ugly-looking needle stabbed deeply into his flesh. "I'm giving you the tetanus injection you are due for," Ashlee explained, slowly withdrawing the needle from his smarting flesh. "We wouldn't want you to come down with lock-jaw, would we? It would spoil our marvelous kissing and make- out sessions, and I cannot live without them.

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  ""Well, in that case, thank you, doctor," Coby spoke with a slight grin. "Will that be all for today?""Yes. You can get dressed now. ""Thank God. I was beginning to feel like a pin-cushion. ""Just wait till you get my bill," Ashlee said with a teasing smile as she turned to leave the examining room. "Wait, Ashlee. We need to talk. Could I meet you in your office for a few minutes?" Coby said, reaching for his discarded clothing in which he had draped over a nearby chair. "I always have time for you, my love," she agreed with a wink before exiting the room. >----<After Coby was properly dressed, he met Ashlee in her office for a discussion. "I don't know if I can sit down," he complained, still feeling the painful sting from the needle in his backside. "I will allow you to stand," she said from where now sat behind her neat and tidy desk. "Thank you for the quite thorough examination, Doctor Thompson," Coby said. "You have remarkable expertise as a doctor.

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  ""I'm happy to be of service to you, Mr. Sheer," she replied. "Is there anything else you wish to discuss before my next patient?""Quite frankly there is," said Coby, his eyes becoming a dark- forest green. "Jason. ""What about Jason?""You're still living with him, Ashlee. You're in his bed every night. He'll be expecting you to have sex with him. The point is, I will not share you with another man. You'll have to tell Jason the truth about you and me or what we have is meaningless," Coby demanded. "Are you asking me to tell Jason that you and I are lovers once again? Are you asking me to leave him?""Yes. That's exactly what I am asking. ""Coby, I must ask for a day or two to confront Jason with this," Ashlee said. "Matters such as this must be handled very delicately. ""I agree. But I do insist that you tell Jason by the end of this week.

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  ""He's not going to handle this very well. I'm afraid he's going to fly off the handle," worried Ashlee. "You don't know how disastrous his temper can be. ""Should I fear for my life?" Coby asked half-jokingly. "Don't make light of this, Coby. I fear we may have World War III on our hands. ""You should not let this upset you, darling. You should have only happiness in your heart---happiness that you and I are finally back together again. ""You're right, my love. How do you suggest I keep my mind off Jason?""I have a few ideas," he said with a sly smile. "Meet me at Pier Nineteen after you leave the hospital, and I'll let you in on them. "Ashlee stood to give him a long passionate kiss with lots of tongue. "I'll be there, baby," she promised, her lips lingering on his. She then left him there in her office, his cock heavy and throbbing again. .

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