The Debate Team


The Debate Team Part OnePART ONE
4:30 pm, Thursday. Hotel Lobby.
Cherry just could not believe it. They’ve only been in Singapore for a full hour and already she’s having a bad day. This tournament is really starting to look bad. It’s the British Parliamentary Debate Championships, the mother of all debate tournaments, where she is participating as an adjudicator, a judge for those who are outside the loop. As an adjudicator for Ateneo de Manila, she is expected to be one of the top adjudicators in the entire tournament, yet right now, she’s just not feeling it.  
“What kind of a room assignment is that Alex?!,” she wailed at their President, Alex, who just told her of their room assignments. Her usually pretty face turning crimson. There were three teams, two person persons per team and two adjudicators. There were 5 girls and 3 guys. She was complaining about her being assigned to a hotel room with Paul, a guy, the other adjudicator.  
“Cherry, we all agreed, you included, that the two adjudicators will be in one room. What’s your problem?,”, Alex retorted.  
“Yes I agreed! But that was when the adjudicator was Layka! Not Paul! Paul is not Layka! That’s not what I agreed to!”, replied Cherry, her full 5’2 height seemingly leering taller than she actually is.  
“Cherry nplease don’t make t harder for me.

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   Layka got sick at the last minute remember? We’re lucky to get Paul or else we would’ve been disqualified. So now,there are five of you girls and 3 of us guys. We have four rooms. What do you want me to do? All the other rooms are set already. They’re okay, they’re good. I can’t change things for you!” Alex exasperatedly replied. He’s the best debater in the team, yet he can’t seem to get through Cherry’s head.  
“Fuck this Alex! Why can’t I stay with Rica and Joanna? We’re  not big, we can fit in one room, I’m sure of it” 
“We’re not in the Philippines Cher. They have strict rules here in terms of number of people in a room. If we get caught, who knows? We could be disqualified and we could be kicked out of the hotel. ”
“They won’t do that. We’ll keep it a secret ok?”, Cherry pleaded.
“Cher, I have many more things to think about. The tournament starts tomorrow. I really don’t have time for this.

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   The room is big enough for both of you. Two queen-sized beds, separated by a big study table. It’s not like you’ll be sharing the same bed. Besides, we’ll be in National University of Singapore most of the time anyway. We’ll practically use the room to sleep in only. So please, go with the room assignment,”
Alex grabbed his bags and went to the Front Desk.  
Rica, who was watching the entire seen unfold, approached Cherry. “Don’t worry Cherry, I’ll be right across your room. Just call me when you need me and I’ll be there Ok?” 
“Thanks. It’s just so unfair. I mean of all the people to be roommates with, it has to be Paul”, Cherry shook her head. It was no secret in the Ateneo Debate Org that Cherry didn’t like Paul. Paul at one point tried to court Cherry. She was 3rd year then and Paul was in 2nd year. He didn’t get past a couple of text messages inviting her out for dinner before the entire courting was shot dead.

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   Cherry made it known to him that she was just not interested and alluded that he was not in the same level as she is. She was by no means part of high society. She was decidedly upper middle but carried herself as if she was from a higher class. Paul was straight out middle class who did not care too much about carrying himself in any other way than middle class. The Debate team is probably the snobbiest group of people in the University and Paul was an absolute aberration. Paul was not obsessed with debating. He did not care too much for it. Instead he was a regular guy who played basketball at times with his buddies and drank too much beer in the weekends. At 5’7, he was just an average guy. He was good looking although most would agree that if he put more effort to his looks, he could be pretty hot. But he didn’t care. In any case, Cherry disliked him at one point and now she loathes him.  
“Here comes Paul,” said Rica.
“Hi guys! Man I got lost on the way here. I’m so freakin tired… Where’s Alex? I want to know where my room is”, a disheveled looking Paul said.

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Cherry walked away without saying a word after giving him a piercing look.
“What’s her problem?” Paul asked.
“You. You’re her roommate!”Rica turns around to pick up her bags. She was wearing short white shorts and matching white tank top. At 5’9, she was, hands down, the hottest girl in the team. She was part of Manila’s elite although very down to earth. As she bent down, her shorts separated from her tank top revealing white silk panties. Her ass was absolutely perfect. Bubble butt. Very shapely indeed and it perfectly matches her long milky legs which was her biggest asset. She wasn’t blessed with having big breasts but her ass and legs more than made up for it. She was single, although she had the reputation of dating men who were older than her by at least 5 years.    
Paul just looked, biting his lip. “Man that ass is beautiful” He thought.

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Rica got up and looked at him strangely. “Hey what are you looking at? Let’s go. And bring this. ” She handed him one of her bags.  
“Okay”. They went up to Alex who was waiting for them. After handing out the magnetic cardkeys, the three of them headed for the elevator.  
****4:45 pm. Room 507 
“Every morning, I’ll be the first to use the bathroom. I don’t want all your filth in the bathtub when I use it. You don’t use it unless I’m already out of the room. Stay on your side of the room, don’t touch my stuff and we’ll be okay. Okay?” Cherry was giving instructions to Paul who was unpacking his stuff near his bed. He wasn’t even looking. He was annoyed with her and he was annoyed with the set up.

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   Sure, at one point, he thought she was pretty, which she really was. But after a while, and especially now, he would rather be Somalia with no food than be in the same room as Cherry.
“Okay okay! Jeez it’s not like I’m gonna rape you or anything!”
“Well you better not try anything!”
“I won’t!”Just then, Rica enters the room. “O what’s happening? I can hear you guys shouting across the room!”
“Your friend! She thinks she’s too beautiful to room with me. She thinks I’ll rape her or something!” he tells Rica.
He then turns to Cherry and says, “Hey you’re not that pretty you know! Wake up, you’re not as pretty as Rica!”,  and storms out. Cherry throws a pillow at him but it only hits the now closed door.  
5:30 a. m. , Friday. Room 507. 1st Day of Tournament.  
Cherry got up early and has already taken a shower. She was admiring herself in the bathroom mirror. Observing her neatly trimmed bush, she let her hand travel down her tight stomach and over her pussy.

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   She was surprised to find herself wet down there and not with water. She just realized that she was feeling horny. Very horny actually. There’s just something about being in a hotel and in a different country that always makes her horny. She looked again at the mirror and was surprised to see that she already had her left foot up on the sink while the middle finger of her right hand was undeniably working in and out of her now dripping wet pussy. She was fingering faster now, as she thought of her boyfriend back home. How she wished that he was here! For sure they’d be fucking all night. Her breathing was getting heavier and heavier as she nears her climax. Her finger was now just a blur, pumping rapidly in and out of her juicy cunt… “Ohhhhh…”, she let out a moan. Any second now and she’ll cum… 
“Hoy Cherry! Can you move faster! We’re gonna be late! I haven’t taken a bath!”, Paul shouted from the other side of the door.  
FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! Cherry thought. She was interrupted by this asshole just as she was about to cum! I HATE HIM! I HATE HIM!!! “Yeah I’m done, I’m done! Just wait okay? I’m on my way out” She got dressed quickly. Her horniness now long gone. She steps out of the bathroom and finds Paul wearing boxers with and a sando waiting for him.  
“What took you so long? Listen if you want to use the bathroom first then you better be quick,” Paul complained.

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“Hey, don’t order me around! I take long showers and you just have to deal with it”, she went to the mirror and brushed her hair.  
“What were you doing anyway?” without waiting for an answer, he enters the bathroom.  
As soon as he enters the bathroom, he was in heaven. The bathroom smelled good and fresh. It was the undeniable smell that a girl just took a bath in it. He took time to inhale the atmosphere. He also smelled something else. Something slightly funky. He knew what it was but just can’t remember at that time. His thoughts got distracted when he heard a door slam. Cherry already left. He turned on the shower and balanced the temperature. Satisfied, he begins to get in the tub but realized that he left his shower gel in his bag and goes out of the bathroom again. He retrieves it and goes back in the bathroom without bothering to close the door anymore.  
“Thank god the bitch is gone”, he says as he begins his shower.

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6:00 am. Hotel Lobby.  
“Hey, there you are sunshine!”, bati ni Rica sa kanya. They greeted each other with a kiss.
“Don’t start! That moron… grrr!”, Cherry said, glaring at her.
“Easy! It’s so early and you’re already like that. Come on let’s go. You get cranky when you’re hungry. The entire group is waiting for you at the breakfast buffet. ”
“Yeah okay. I am a bit hungry. ”As they walk towards the buffet, Cherry suddenly stops.
“O what?”, tanong ni Rica. “I left my breakfast stub in the room. I’ll go back and get it.

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“Okay. I’ll go ahead and tell them. I’m hungry too. ”
“Yup, go ahead without me. I’ll be back quickly. ” Cherry strides quickly to the elevator. She was angry with herself for being so stupid for leaving the breakfast stub.  
6:05 am. Room 507.  
Cherry enters her room expecting to see Paul. He wasn’t in the room. He’s probably still in the shower, he thought. GOOD. She thought, at least she won’t have to deal with him. The room was pretty dark, no lights.


   She decided against turning on the lights. There was a slight early morning sunshine entering through the window blinds anyway. Now where is that breakfast stub? Ah there it is, on the table between the beds. She goes over to get it and sees a few of their org’s pictures on the desk. With the stub on her hand, she turns around to leave.  
Just then she sees the bathroom door slightly ajar. She could see some slight movement inside. Instead of leaving immediately she found herself being drawn to the door and the moving figure in it. She got closer. At the edge of her bed which was right in front of the bathroom door. It was two meters from the edge of the bed to the door. One meter in, she could see Paul’s naked body, with the back to her. Paul was not ripped like a body builder. He had a slightly toned body yet he was obviously about 18 pounds overweight. Still he looked good.

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   Cherry was staring intently at his tight butt. It looked gorgeous to her eyes. Unconsciously, she found herself getting hornier and hornier. Her right hand beginning to rub her pussy through her black pants. She could feel herself getting wetter and wetter.  
Paul stepped out of the tub and in the process, turned to the right. It was then, that Cherry saw his cock dangling between his legs. Cherry’s eyes widened like saucers. Oh my God, she thought. Paul’s dick was not very long. He was pretty average in fact, about 5 and a half inches or six, when he’s ultra horny. But it wasn’t the length that made Cherry gasp.  
It was the girth. While Paul had an average length dick, the girth was absolutely exceptional. It measured about 5 inches in circumference, practically as thick as Cherry’s wrist! Cherry was absolutely amazed and was seemingly hypnotized with what she was seeing.

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   Her mouth agape, she kept staring. Suddenly, she realized that Paul was about to enter the room! Cherry began to panic. Paul was still drying up his hair and was about to turn towards the door. Cherry knew that she can’t get out of the room. It was too late. Paul would know that she was there and most probably saw him naked. Cherry decided to run back to the table to hide underneath it.
She prayed to God that Paul wouldn’t turn on the lights. If he didn’t, under the cover of darkness, there was a good chance that she wouldn’t be seen. She saw Paul cross to his bed. He didn’t turn on the lights. When he returned to his view, he had his towel around his waist and was combing his hair in front of the room mirror which was in front of the desk. I hope he doesn’t see me in the reflection, he thought. Paul turned around. Shit! He’s headed here! Cherry tried his hardest not to make a sound.

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   Paul was now right in front of the table. She could hear him putting on his watch. It’ll be over soon, she thought. Then he heard him flip on some pieces of paper. The pictures, she thought. She then saw Paul walk away from the table. Thank goodness!  But then Paul returned with a chair and set it in front of the table! Cherry could see Paul from the waist down. She again heard Paul flipping the pictures.
CLICK! The desk lamp turned on.
Cherry slid further back to the wall as far as she could possibly go. And froze.
He stopped flipping the pictures. . She waited. She then saw him taking off his towel completely.

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   With the slight sunlight from the blinds and the light from the bathroom, and lamp, she could clearly see his dick beginning to get hard. Paul reached down with his right hand and began to stroke his quickly hardening cock. Cherry was getting a free show. Here she was, staring at the most amazing dick she has ever seen and it was being stroked right in front of her just a mere half meter from her face. She was mesmerized, her eyes zeroed in on the gorgeous thick manhood in front of her. It was a thing of beauty she thought. It was not a pretty cock, it was a powerful looking dick. It was all man.
Shit! She thought. I want that. She couldn’t believe what she was thinking. She still hates Paul. She was 18 percent sure of that. But she wants his dick. It was as if the dick was a distinctly separate entity from Paul.

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   A completely different person. Suddenly, she heard Paul say something.  
“Fuck Cherry. ” What? Does he know I’m here???? She thought in a panic.
“Fuck Cherry… I want you so bad. ” She then heard a few pictures being flipped. He was looking at my pictures! He’s jerking off to my pictures! The pervert!“Cherry… You’re such a bitch. But I want to fuck you anyway. I want to bend you over and fuck you like the bitch you are. Surprisingly, Cherry found herself getting turned on with what he’s saying. She desperately wanted to touch herself but she knows she’ll be discovered if she moves a single muscle. She could feel her cunt pulsating and quivering. All this time, her eyes never left the huge manhood in front of her. Paul continued to stroke it. Faster and faster.

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   It was amazing, she thought.  
“I’m gonna fuck you, and ram your cunt again and again. I’ll rip your juicy cunt apart. Fuck you feel so good!”Cherry felt flattered. She was so wet by now that she can feel it forming a pool in her panties. Cherry kept still and stared straight ahead.
Just then,“Fuck Cherry! Fuck! Arrrghh!”Paul came.
He shot his load, the first spurt hitting Cherry square in the mouth. She could taste him! She almost fell from her squat position right there and then. She couldn’t believe what just happened. Before she could think, another spurt erupted.  
“Arrgh!”This time hitting her left eyebrow and cheek. A third one came hitting her hand and knee. The fourth did the same. Finally, the cum stopped hitting her.

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   She couldn’t move. She was stunned. Paul got up and went to bathroom to wash up. He closed the door of the bathroom and as soon as she saw it close, Cherry ran to the door and, with cum still dripping down her face and hand, got out as fast as she could.
Paul was in the shower when he thought he heard a door close. He thought nothing of it.  It must be my imagination. (To be Continued) 
Please give me some comments. This is just Part One and this is my first writing effort. dafunks@yahoo. com



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