The Day I Met My Neighbour=Pt 1


this is my first try so be as harsh as you want to be but remember i'm only a newbie. this a long story i hope your allhappy with it also a true story.
First i'l start of by tellin you a bit about my self, my name is Ian i'm 23 slim with an average nob about 7 an half inches long i live in a nice quite neighbour hood on the out skirts of manchester.
It was a hot saturday afternoon in july, I was sunbathing out in the front yard an noticed a van pullup out side the next door house. which i new was empty so i figered it was the new neighbours moving in(i over heard my mum talkin about seeing them a few weeks earlyer checking the house out) so i sat upand saw a guy and woman get out in there late 30's earley 40's. so i shouted over "welcome to the neighbour hood" they gave me a quick glanze said "thanks" then a smile and went in to the house.
later on in the day around 6. 30 i had just finished my dinner an was up in my room workin at my desk (lookin @ internet porn)when i heard a car pull up out side so being a nosey cunt i looked out of my window. Thats when i first saw the most beautiful girl i have seen apart from in porno's. she had blonde hair shoulder lenth aged around 19 or 20, a very large size rack on her and an arse todie for. i nearly pulled one out on the spot there an then. i got so excited my nob grew to full lenth in a matter of secondsso any way she had gotten out of her pink saxo. an what looked like pullin her underwear out of her cracks (sorry overacted imagineation) an walked in to the house next door. thats when i new i had to go around there with some sort of excuse.
So i walked down the staires thinking of reason's for me to go around there when i walked in to the kitchen my mum an dad were in there an my mum had just cooked some cookies, "just in time" my mum said "huh" i said "what for"she continued "i made some cookie's for the new neighbours so be a good son an take them round would you"that was it my reason to go around there so i quickly said "yer i would" an nearly snatched them out of her hand.
So i was walking up the front garden to there house my heart was going ten to the dosen i rang there door bell and there mother had answerd she introduced herself as Kay i told her that my mum had made them some cookies as welcome a welcome gift and she invited me ini walked thru the front door an there were box's every where but i couldn't see her.

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   she invited me in the kitchen where Joe was (her dad)Joe asked if i wanted a beer an i said sure. so he got a beer out of a shopping bag thru it me an i poped it openI needed to see her so i asked if they had any kids an they said we have one daughter called leanne an she was aroundsome where. her mum called out for leanne an i heard some one come down the staires. In she walked i was speachless shewas wearing this really tight pink tank top an jean's sort short's that were very tight didn't leave much to the imagineationher mum said "this is sorry i didnt catch your name" "Ian" i said "this is ian he is the negihbour from next door an he just bought round some cookies"she looked at me with her deep blue eyes were beautiful her blonde hair tyied back her tits locked tight in to position withher tank top. She smiled an said hi in the sweetest voice my name leanne.
That was it i new at that moment i had to have her. leanne invited me in to the living room as we were in there she said whats there to do for fun around here i said is'nt much really its a quite neighbour hood night life's ok tho. she looked at me an said that she did'nt even want to move she continued she had been presurred by her parentsto move from there town (i later found out it was sunny blackpool) she had to leave all her friends pick up sticks an leaveI told her around hear not to bad a bit quite. she leaned over her back faceing me an leaned to get some cd's outof a box her arse was perfect it was firm round an looked very inviteing. she put a cd on an we sat down on the sofa chattinabout the useual stuff like wat area was like night life you no the sort of thing when about an hour in to it she said she was tyied an wanted to go bed so i said my good bye's an left.
I didnt see her for a couple of days after that i couldn't get her out of my mind. just thinking about her arse an tits got me in my room 2-3 times a day pulling one off. when i was in the shower one day (my shower room is at back of the house so window faces garden) when i looked out of the window i saw her, leanne she was sunbathing in this tight blue an pink bikinishe was on her back with a pair of shades on. so as my parents wernt in i went down staires grabbed a couple of beersan proceded to the back yard i steped up to the fence looked over she was beautiful just lying there i had a perfect viewof her cammel toe i just gazed at her for a couple of minutes then shouted over if she wanted a cold beer. she sat up an looked over an said "sure pop over" i dived over the fence as quick as i could we opened our beer'san got talking again we were sat there in the yard for about 1hr when the convosation turned to sex.

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she told me that her ex boy friend was a wanker an only was with her for one thing an one thing only (sex)when it just came out i dont no what i was thinking "well i think your beautiful your the best looking woman ive seen around here since for ever" she laughed an said "your cute your self" well that was it my nob stood right to attention an was very visablein my shorts i tried moving about to cover my tent formed shorts but she had noticed an gave me a wink an smiled"your gettin a bit excited arnt you" she said i just smiled an went red " i eventualy blurted out "er err must be the view i have"she laughed this time an reached out an grabbed my member "you are quite large arnt you" she said while smileing"er err er" is all i could say.
she then came an sat in between my legs pulled down my shorts in one tug and swallowed my nob it felt fuckingfantastic swirling her tounge expertly around my head holding the base of it with her hand with the other massargeinmy balls i just sat back an said "hmm hmmm hmm aww that feels so good" thats when i reached out an touched her titfor the first time it was warm soft but firm i started fondlein her tit teaseing her nipple with my finger an thumb i could hear her moaning sending vibrations in to my dick. i then used my other hand to un hook her bikini top ofreveling her breasts a continued touching her tit taking in turn with each one her nipples were rock hard by nowan i was getting close to comming she noticed this an started sucking harder going faster up and down when i leaned backi new i couldn't take any more an shouted out "i'm gonna cum" giving her time to pull awaybut she didnt she just stayedthere sucking when i shot my load. it must of hit the back of her throught it had to the force was hard it felt fantasticive never cummed like it before in my life and it just kepted on comming she was swallowing it as fast as i was shooting it the more i came the more she sucked getting every last drop of it. she then lifted up her head an smiled saying"that was one of the best spunk she had ever tasted.
she then got up climed on her sun chair an laid back on it well when i got my breath back i said "ive got to return thefavor" pointing at her fanny "by all means i'm really dripping down there an need cleaning up" i didnt need to be told twicean positioned my self at the end of the sun chair pulled her bikini bottoms down the moist smell instantly hit me it smelled really good an i noticed her bottoms wear soaking wet i stared at her love box for a few seconds absorbingall her beauty in her lips were very swollen an bright pink i could see she was very wet and i leaned down. an started to lick her pussy spreading her lips with my fingers useing my thumb to rub her bud she tasted great betterthan great the best thing ive ever tasted when she started to moan "umm ummmm umm faster yes like that fuck my pussy with your tounge" i was like a dog drinking lapping up her juices as quick as i could i then slid a finger in in went in deep really easy she was that wet i started to finger fuck her while sucking on her clit she was moaning really getting excited so i slipped in two fingers fucking her quicker sucking an teasing her clit when she grabbed my head and pussed it hard in to herpussy moaning bucking her hips i felt my mouth flood with juice she was comming an cum did she there were tourents of itthat much i couldnt even swallow it all an it poured out of my mouth.
    when she had calmed down i gave her a deep passionatekiss said i enjoyed what had happened.
    thats when we heard a car pulling up out side the front we figerd it was ether mine or leanne's parents so we got dresssedquickly an went in to the house she gave me a quick slap on the arse an said "we will have to do this again some time"i agreed giving her a quick kiss we exchanged mobile numbers an she sent me on my way as her parents were the stict kindand didn't like her having lads round while they wernt in
    i got home almost fainted on to the couch when i receved a text message of Leanne saying "TONIGHT PARENTS OUT FUCK FEST STARTS"
    now thats another story il be happy to put on here we want your comments so please be as harsh as you want if it get good views an comments
    will come soon
    e-mails are happly receved @ I-P-FREELY-@HOTMAIL. CO. UK



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