The Daughter then Mom.


I have previously described the first time my neighbour Sue, and I had met and become very intimate. Our first night together was wonderful and I have documented the first time we shared sex orally.

The rest of the night was spent enjoying rather quiet and wonderful sex where we fucked each other twice during the period of a few hours. In fact it was early morning when I dropped her home. I left the car down the street rather than wake both her parents and mine as I drove the car down the drive between the two houses.

We continued to meet and fuck each other regularly for about a month before she had to go back to her overseas University. We parted good friends as there was no love in the partnership. We had known each other too long and done many things together, and we knew each other past too well. It happened we enjoyed each other sexually as we both had done with other partners, perhaps better in some cases but we were not destined to marry.

Her father died suddenly at an early age about a year ago. Since then Sue says her mother remained apart from her other friends. Occasionally a female friend or two would call but she never got back into the circle. The main reason for this is that they had been members of a swinging group. Evidently this ended when he died. From all accounts she didn’t want to become involved with the husbands of other women outside the circle. She believed that the guys would cause problems in their own families if they just called in for casual sex.

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    That was evidently a rule in the swinging group.

I continued to do odd jobs for her mother and mow their lawns in return for the use of their pool. I often saw her at the pool, always naked as was her preference. I had joined her a few times at her invitation and I too swam naked so as to keep in the swim of things so to speak. A few times I believed she had made a very oblique reference to sex when I was with her, but the age difference was considerable, almost twice my age and she was well aware Sue, her daughter and I had been sexually intimate many times.

One afternoon Alice and I we were just talking and laying back on separate lounges at poolside. She became quiet strange and was beginning to quiz me about my sexual life and experiences. She knew Susie and I had been intimate but had never mentioned my relationship with her directly. This time she came out and asked me quite intimate questions about our sexual practices together. Then she asked had I ever slept with an older woman. Now that’s for me to know and you to find out I said. I had but I was a little reticent to tell her as she and my parents talked a lot together and I thought she may have let it slip as the woman was known to both of the families. She was a divorcee and I often mowed her lawns as well and one day things went a bit further than a drink after I had finished. It is a bit of a story but eventually and I ended up having sex with her half naked on the kitchen floor and developed from there. I gathered it had been some time since she had been sexually active and she really was more than frustrated and gave me a workout more like a nymphomaniac.

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   She really went berserk on me and was totally out of control I believed, there were times I imagined she didn’t realise I was attached to the cock she was riding. It was as I imagined somebody on drugs would be, but she showed no outward signs of being high. Afterwards she apologised and said it must never happen again, even though it was one of the most exciting experiences of her life. Then to make matters worse she said she felt ashamed and degraded that she had been having sex with me as I was only a boy.

When I left I really felt like I was some sort of ape or something. I continued to mow her lawns and she always asked me in for a drink afterwards when she paid me, but never ever did she mention our previous virtual depraved sexual encounter. It was as if it never happened.

Anyhow Alice continued to talk about sex as if we were detached from reality, she was fantasising I thought, and then she sat up and said I want you to make love to me.   I said I cant do that, hell I have slept with your daughter and I have been a neighbour for almost all my life, you are like an auntie to me. She said if you don’t I will kill myself, I have been living with a plastic cock for a year now and I want something better. I am fed up with masturbating and the men around here are all older and those who are widowed or single are the most boring old farts you could imagine. I just couldn’t go to bed with any of them and the one or two I could are married and I am not going down that path. She was obviously referring to the swinging husbands.

Come on she said I may be 40 but I am not over the hill yet I can still perform possibly better than some of the young stuff you have been fucking for a year or two. Forget you and Sue have been fucking and just think of me as Sue’s sister.

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   I bet I can give you a better time than she does, I am far more experienced and if you play your cards right I can introduce you to a wonderful world of sex that will boggle your mind. I immediately thought now she wants me to partner her to the swingers.

Any how we talked about it for a while and she was getting a little stroppy because I was a bit reluctant. Then she noticed my cock was firm but not hard and wet with pre-cum. Ha she said I see that something is becoming interested and she came over to me and fondled my cock with her hand. She then milked my pre-cum down and immediately licked and sucked the top of my cock taking it onto her tongue. God she said I have missed that. Then without a word she looked up at me and immediately put my cock in her mouth and began to give me a truly professional oral work out. Her fingers were working me up and down and her mouth was over the top and working hard with her tongue rimming the glans with it. By now I was rock hard and I was only seconds away from cumming. I said pull off, I am about to cum, she didn’t take her mouth off me but looked up at me and said I cant wait for it and then I came with a rush and my semen pumped into her mouth in a burst of orgasmic release. I could hear her gulping as she swallowed and sucked at the same time. She wouldn’t release me and just kept going as I tried to pull away. Then she just shook her head as if to say no, and kept sucking and stroking me and in less than a minute I was hard again and she continued to suck and stroke me. Once I was hard again and she had regained control of me she said that was just the entrée I want the main course now and she said now you are going to fuck the daylights out of me.

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   You have just cum so I reckon the next one will take a while and that’s what I want a good long fuck, I have the taste of you now and I want more and more and more.  When I am finished with you, you will be begging for more. If Sue was here she wouldn’t stand a chance against me once you have had me.

She got up and said low lay down I am going to show you what a fuck is and as I did she was over me in a second and was planting my cock into her vagina and squatting on it and I couldn’t believe how capable she was. I had never had a girl who could squat on me and work me off as she was doing. Her leg muscles must have been like springs she was going really hard on me. Then she changed position and  then started over again and I couldn’t believe anybody had that much strength. Then she turned around and lay back on her arms with her legs down near mine and I could feel the tension of my cock tightly gripped by her cunt and she was really working me off. She was grunting with the exertions of her actions, not the grunt of a woman cumming but physical grunts. I have never been fucked so capably, I usually do the major work when I am having sex, except for a girl on top who likes it like that but nobody has been so physically capable of doing what she was doing with me.   The turned over and then virtually did push ups on me with her legs together squeezing my cock every time she lifted herself. The control over her stomach and pelvic muscles must have been enormous. I could feel the tightness of her cunt squeezing my cock as she fucked me. This was something special I had to admit. Then she could see I was really enjoying myself and getting involved as much as she would let me.

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   She had complete control over me and what she was doing.

She had now settled down to what was going to be long fuck. Now she said Suzie has never done it to you like that has she, and I said not only Sue but anybody else. I told you I would be better than any girl you have fucked before. Believe me most men I have slept with cannot believe how I do it. Do you know Ben and I used to be swingers? I said I had heard rumours, and she said I was the envy of every woman there being able to do what I do. They would even watch me doing it to their husbands. Ben was never as good as I was but the women would always seek him out for a fuck, he was good but I was the Queen of the circle. Everybody applauded me when I turned on a demonstration fuck. There were times I was fucked about 6 or more times and then would come home and want Ben to do me again. Once I got started I didn’t want to finish. I can control my orgasms and I usually wait until the guy is ready if he has been up me long enough to say I enjoyed it. Quite often I would let them cum then I could control them and bring them up again without coming out of me, I have a very strong vaginal control as you may have noticed. I haven’t done this for a while and I am pleased I am still as tight as I was. I said I have never felt anybody as tight as you and I have a few tight ones in my time. shemale germany rendez vous escort sweetest pussies escots ascort dubai shemale escorts 

   Babies she said 18 or 18 year olds I bet. How many virgins have you broken in? I said only 1. Bet it wasn’t Suzie, and I said no she was well and truly experienced by the time we got it together. Was she any good she asked and I said I had no complaints but then were just fucking, there was no emotion in it. She was a damn good fuck though, one of the best I have had, that is until today and I hate to admit it but I have never been so brilliantly fucked in my life as I have been today. She said we aren’t finished, its not over yet, we have a long way to go believe me. I never have less than three and I can’t remember my max but it would be around 12 or 18 I only stopped then because I was exhausted, not too many men can outperform me. I said I won’t argue there.

Then she said how close are you to cumming, and I said I have it under control but any time you want let me know and I will blow you away. She said in your dreams, ok lets make this a double bunger and she worked on me hard and fast and her breasts were really swinging over my face as she really got herself into the feeling. She had brought herself to the top pretty fast and I timed it perfectly and we had a mutual orgasm which was loud long and extremely satisfying.  Her cunt squeezed me tight as I pumped my hot cum out and deep inside her, she said I hope to god I don’t get pregnant with you, I haven’t been on the pill for months. Maybe I will try the morning after pill which I have never had before.  I will check my cycle tonight to see how close I am. She said it would be kind of strange you getting me pregnant wouldn’t it.

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   What would Sue say?

I could not remember enjoying an orgasm with the woman on top like that before. It was memorable and if I made her pregnant then that would be the icing on the cake. I didn’t give a damn if I did, I knew she would get rid of it if it happened.

We both lay there with her laying on top of me as we both tried to get our breathing back to normal. Her breasts were squashed against my chest, which felt nice and I could feel her heart pumping hard as was mine. She lay there for a few minutes and then she said now I have a treat for you and she got up and stood over me and then lowered her vagina onto my mouth and said you put it in, now take it out and fortunately I had done this often enough having gone down on a few girls after I had cum in them. Many thought it disgusting when I started but never refused me again as they loved it. I then proceeded to give her a thorough oral work out swallowing the mix of her juice and my cum which tasted wonderful really. I had no problems licking her out and she cooperated in every way and pretty soon she said here I go again and had another orgasm which I could tell was as strong as any she had before with me. She held her nipples and squeezed as I could feel the contractions of her vagina as she tightened them in her spasms. She also squeezed the last of our lovemaking mixture out of her as best she could then as I was licking her again she said save some for me lover boy and then pulled off me and again dropped down on top of me and she kissed me passionately for the first time.

As her tongue wiped the inside of my mouth clean of our love syrup she said I am a real slut aren’t I, bet Sue never did that, and I said you get it right every time.

Now she said I have got to find out how you perform and I said shit I have cum three times in less than an hour, I will never make it again. Come on she said I bet Sue wanted it more than that. I said we did but it took all night not an hour.



Then she put her hand around me and gently stroked me until I actually got it up again, it only took her about 2 minutes and I couldn’t believe it.

I said I hope you are not going out tonight this will take me an hour I reckon. She laughed and said not with me it wont I can bring you on whenever I want, believe me. I got on top of her and proceeded to slowly fuck her which was great. She was warm and moist and it felt like a silk purse inside her. I have no idea how often she has been fucked but she is still as tight as the day she was born I reckon, only a bit bigger. After we had been fucking and talking for about 5 minutes or more she said lets try doggy, I like it that way too. I withdrew and she got on all fours and I entered her from behind and put my arms around her and fondled her breasts as Suzie loved me doing. I got really cheeky and said Suzie’s tits fel better than yours, and she said you bastard, and then tried to buck me off her but I held on and into her until she gave up after a few seconds. I laughed and said you asked for that, you keep telling me how much better you are at fucking than she is, so I though she would appreciate that. You are a bastard she said but come on fuck me hard and make up for it.

I wasn’t long which surprised me and I came in her from behind. As I did she backed onto me to get me right up into her. Ok she said I am now one behind, you are going to work hard to make that up. She rolled over and we lay together as I touched her breasts and she fondled my now soft cock.

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   She said I shouldn’t let you any whee near them after your comment and I said, they are fine, better than most other women of your age I would say, but I cant speak from experience. How about your lawn mowing lady, I said I never got that far with her.

By now we were both very grotty around the pelvic area. We had been having sex for over an hour and I had cum a few times into her, even though I had sucked her dry there was still more than enough to make a mess. Come on she said lets shower together, I am sure we can make that another experience and she took me by the hand and led me to a shower which was just a shower head near the pool and we both washed each other clean. Soaping each other up and me fingering her to clean her internally had her high again as I knew where the G spot and clit were and made sure they were not left out. She kissed me under the shower than I mounted her standing up and we had a knee trembler as she came much faster than ever before. She said you know the right spots don’t you, now I am even, as I hadn’t made it. I was standing there with my erection proudly displayed so she got down and gave me another wonderful mouth job. Its about time I had a bit of a clean up down there I have been letting my hair grow again as nobody sees it any more. She said what do you prefer and I said I like some left on it but not all shaved off. Good she said its all yours to do with what you like. She got a razor from the cabinet and said ok its all yours and she sat down on a lounge and I got between her legs which she has spread wide and I performed a barber job on her, removing most of her hair but keeping a small triangle, but inverted so it was upside down like an A not a V. It looked good on her. She said how often do you shave and I said do my balls bare and trim the other hair short.

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   I must be due for another trim shortly. She said I want to do something I did to Ben and that’s shave you bare. Would you mind if I did it for you once. I said I have never tried it bare but I would do it for you, or let you do it if you wished. I have a lot to thank you for.   She then got down and shaved every hair from my pubic region and loved every moment of it as she handled my cock and balls with tender loving care, being careful not to nick me. I had to admit it looked cool, but I knew I would be itchy for a day or so, but she was worth it. Then she said if it gets itchy come over and I will scratch it for you. You and I are going to be lovers for some time now, I shouldn’t admit it, but you are the best fuck I have had including Ben believe me. He was good but you are great. He was the best of the men in the swinging circle and he was as popular with the women as I was with the men. Somehow I am glad I have broken my contact there, I wouldn’t want to go back to that, particularly as I have you for a while I hope. I said that remains to be seen, as much as I enjoy fucking you and Sue, I don’t want to be tied down so be prepared you may have to share me occasionally or one day part forever. She said not before I have a threesome with you and Sue. That will be mind blowing.


   I said shit you wouldn’t expect me to do it to you both in the same bed. She said at the moment I would do it with you and anybody else around including her. If it’s good enough for you to fuck her, then its good enough for you to fuck her mother. Somehow I don’t think Sue will agree but it will be a while before she is home and heaven knows what we will be doing then.

This happened 6 months ago and we are still fucking each other like rabbits. I regularly spend the night with her now and our marathon fucks are legendary. She has told Sue what is happening. Sue wrote back telling me I was a lecherous bastard and if I wanted her mother in preference to her then she will never sleep with me again. Time will tell.