The Conference Room


It was a typical Friday afternoon at the office and as usual I was working late.   After all, there was nothing really to go home to, so I decided that I might as well be doing something productive.   I was beginning to get a little tired so I looked up from my computer to give my eyes a rest and just outside the door was the conference room.   Looking into the room I began to have the same recurring thoughts I always had when I thought of my friend and co-worker Jordan Stevens.   He was absolutely the hottest man I knew and the fantasies I’d had about him had always been incredible.   Unfortunately for me, he was married and though we were good friends, we both knew that he would never be unfaithful to his wife and that we’d ruin our friendship if we ever moved into the sexual realm with each other.   Today however, seemed different.   As I focused my tired eyes, I looked out the door and there leaning against the large conference room table stood Jordan with his arms crossed looking at me, smiling and emanating sex.   Oh my god, he was so hot dressed in his black shirt and khaki pants with his dark eyes piercing through me like electrical current.  

 “Are you working much longer?” he asked.   “I’m going to work for awhile longer, how about you?”  “I just called home to tell them that I’d be working later than usual tonight.   Are you up for a break?”  “Yeah sure, you want to go outside and smoke?”  I got up from my desk and came through the door into the conference room.

I walked past him and he smelled so good and looked so hot, it took all of my willpower not to reach out and touch him.   He always had that effect on me, but to my surprise he reached out, took my hand and pulled me up close to him.   “Oh god, Jordan it feels so good to be this close to you, but what’s going on?”  “I decided that I wanted us to be together tonight and I was hoping you would be feeling the same way. ” 

I reach up and begin to unbutton his shirt and start kissing his chest.

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    He pulls my face up and as our lips meet the passion ignites a fire that’s going to be almost impossible to put out.   He slides his hands down my arms and pulls my shirt over my head dropping it to the ground.    As my bra drops to the floor, his hungry lips find my breasts.   I gasp as he begins to suck my nipples; first one, then the other.   He moves his mouth from my nipples back to my mouth and we embrace again.  

I need to feel his skin on my skin, so I take his shirt off and throw it on the floor.   Kissing his neck, I kiss and lick my way down to his nipples where I begin to suck them as well.   As he begins to moan, I move further down his chest to his stomach, kissing and licking until I reach his pants.   Unbuckling his belt, unbuttoning his pants and sliding the zipper down, I let my hand barely graze his hardening manhood.  

 “Oh Jordan, kick your shoes off so I can get your pants and underwear off.   I want to suck your cock so badly.   He is so hard and I can’t wait any longer, but I want to take it a little bit slow to drive him crazy with desire.   I lick his right thigh, then his left.   I hear him moan and I reach up and take his hands in mine so that he can’t move my head where he obviously wants it to go.   My tongue flicks out and licks the head of his beautiful cock.

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    As I lick the underside, I take his balls in my mouth and gently suck on them.   Letting them go, I swirl my tongue along the entire length of his shaft, then all at once I take him into my mouth and begin pumping him in and out of my mouth.  

 “Oh yes, baby, that’s it.   It feels so good.   Mmmmmm, ohhhhhhhhh, yes, suck me harder. ”  As I hear his enjoyment I begin to go faster while my hands rub his wonderful balls.   I momentarily stop and begin sucking his balls again as I hear him say, “Oh Fuck, that feels so good, don’t stop. ”  I put his rod back in my mouth and suck him hard.   “Oh god, I’m going to cum” and just as he utters the words, he shoots his load down the back of my throat.   I’m enjoying every drop he’s giving me as I moan with the pleasure that he has just given me.   “Oh shit baby, that was so fucking good. ”  He pulls me to my feet and kisses me hard.   As we’re kissing he reaches down to remove my pants and underwear.   As they drop to the floor he turns me around and lays me back on the table.

  He starts kissing my breasts and moves down to my stomach.

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    I begin writhing in anticipation of what I know is to come.   He moves farther down and parts my pussy lips with his tongue.   He finds my clit and begins to lick and suck it.   “Oh fuck, Jordan that feels so fucking good, please don’t stop. ”  While he licks & sucks my clit, he inserts two fingers up into my love hole and pumps them in and out.   “Oh baby, I’m cumming and it feels so good.   Mmmmmmmmm, ohhhhhhhhhh, oh my god, your tongue is so hot.   Oh baby, I want your cock in me now.   I need it and I want you to fuck me hard. ” 

Jordan climbs up on the table with me.   “I can’t wait to get my hard cock inside your tight pussy. ”  “Oh baby, put it in now and fuck me.   I want you so bad.   I need your cock inside me and I want to feel you cum inside me.   Oh that’s it, harder baby, fuck me harder and faster.

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    Oh you feel so good and so hard in my tight hot pussy.   I don’t want you to ever stop.   Oh god, I’m cumming again, Jordan. ”  “Okay baby I’m ready to fill you up, are you ready?”  “Yes, Jordan fill me up with your hot cum and cum deep inside me. ” 

 Laying on the table we look at each other and smile.   Neither of us realized just how good sex could be until now and we knew that this would not be our last time together.   Getting up we dress, kiss goodbye and began thinking of the next time.   As I think about the fantasies and the real the thing, having the real thing is so much better.