The Concert


She could feel his crotch begin to harden against her as she moved her soft arse over it. She smiled to herself and closed her eyes. Let the music completely take her over. She pushed her arse back hard against his crotch and felt it completely harden against her. She felt a hand take hold of her right arse cheek through her skirt and kept swaying it sensually with the music. The hand squeezes the cheek gently and stayed firmly holding her through her skirt. She moved her arse back against him again to let him know she was enjoying this treatment. Her pussy seemed on fire, juices leaked from between the pouted lips and soaked the material of her thong, her clit engorged and rubbing gently against the wet material as she moved. He seemed to get much bolder with that movement and slide his hand up under her short skirt, gripping her arse gently, and then sliding his hand against her thong. She felt his hand trail the thong down, between the crack of her arse, and spread her legs wider to allow him access to her. His hand slid between her thighs, and she continued moving sensually to the music, slowly griding her arse against him. The hard nipples on her breasts pressed against the back of the man in front of her, which she was sure he enjoyed. She felt his fingers hook underneath the strip of material covering her juicy hot pussy, move it slightly aside. Fingertips slid slowly up her wet inflamed pussy lips and she moaned aloud. The moan was smothered by the music that seemed to fill the crowd with energy. The fingertips met at her clit, one on each side of it.

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   She ground her arse back against him again and silently begged him to rub her clit hard and get her off. His fingertips pinched her clit and gave it a slight twist. Her body shuddered in pure pleasure and he took it upon himself to continue going. His fingers flew quickly against her clit, rubbing it up and down causing gasps to escape her. He continued rubbing her clit, his fingers manipulating it to bring her pleasure. She needed more though, she needed to be filled. She slid her arm down between her own legs, and pulled the skirt up at the front to give her access to herself. She reached down and lightly rubbed her fingers against the back of his hand, before taking a hold of his hand and guiding two of his fingers inside her wet dripping pussy. She felt her lips spread easily to accommodate his fingers and more juices poured from inside her, to coat his them. As his fingers slowly starting pushing in and out of her burning pussy, she let her own fingers move to her clit. The pleasure firing from her crotch through her body was overwhelming. The music seemed apart of her, seemed in control of her. It made her yearn to be pleased, made her yearn for an orgasm. She took her clit between two of her fingers and pinched it, tugging and twisting it slightly as she did. She felt the man spread the two fingers already buried deep inside her and add a third.

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   She felt him plunge his three fingers deep inside her wet hot pussy. She felt her own fingers on her clit, rubbing it now like the man had earlier. She could feel his rock hard cock through his pants pressed hard against her arse. She kept her body moving, swaying sensually to the music. She felt him move around behind her and was curious as to what he was doing. He kept his fingers fucking her wet pussy though, pounding them hard in and out of her.
    She felt him fumble around his crotch, the back of his hand rubbed gently against her arse, and then she felt his hand pull his hard cock from within his pants. He slid his cock inside the back of her thong, and down between the cheeks of her arse and slowly started fucking against her arse. She felt his hips moving against her rhythm, sliding his cock up and down between the soft cheeks of her arse and the cotton material of her thong. She moaned again beneath the music and rubbed her clit harder, one finger on either side of it rubbing up and down against it. She felt the pleasuring tingle of her orgasm approaching and worked harder on her hot hard nub. He plunged his three fingers for the last time deep within her wet pussy and felt it begin to contract. The walls of her pussy clenched around his fingers and began contracting in pleasure. She squeezed her clit hard between her fingers and moaned as her orgasm over took her. All the muscles in her arse clenched tight, pulling her arse cheeks tight against the man’s cock.

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       She felt him shudder against her and his cock swell as his orgasm hit him. She felt his cum squirt from the head of his cock and slowly dribble down her arse crack. His cock between her arse cheeks with cum flowing out, the music flowing through her, the fingers on her clit and the three buried in her wet cunt all combined to produce a huge wave of pleasure to pass through her body. Her cum gushed from her pussy, coating his whole hand in her juices and completely soaked the strip of her thong. She fell back against the man and he supported her with his body. She kept her eyes closed and let herself be taken over by the music. It washed over her and rejuvenated. She felt the man slide his cock from between her wet arse cheeks and back into his pants, his fingers also left her satisfied pussy. She let her fingers leave her clit and continued to enjoy the concert with a content smile on her face. .



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