The Casting Couch


Copyright 2006 http://www. DramaSex. com All Rights Reserved

Copyright 2006 http://www. DramaSex. com All Rights Reserved
It was like a big weight had been lifted off her shoulders. This was what she’d always wanted to do. Now she had gotten her chance, and she’d heard nothing but positive responses from everyone in the studio.
It was easy for her because sex was something she loved. The hard part was what she was doing now—sitting in front of a camera with a lot of strange people staring at her and asking her a bunch of dumb questions.
She took it all in stride though. It was a part of the business and she was just happy to finally get a part of it.
For the most part, it was what she expected, but there were a lot of features from mainstream film that were also a part of porn that she wasn’t expecting, like the way they put make-up on her just before the sex scene. It made sense that they would want her to look good, but make-up wasn’t that important in normal sex so she never thought they’d take the time to do something like that just before some guy she’d never met shoved his dick down her throat.
“You did a good job your first day in the porn studio,” said the older man who was giving the interview.
His name was Jack. He was sitting next to the camera man out of the camera’s view in a director’s chair.

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“Well, thank you!” said Sandy as if that was the first time anyone had told her that all day.
“You’re gonna be a regular here. ”
“Oh, yeah? That’ll be fun,” she replied.
“You did really well today. That blowjob scene was fucking awesome. ”
“Really?” she asked, still acting like no one had told her these things a dozen times earlier.
“I can tell you really love to suck cock. ”
“I do. It’s awesome. ”
“But do you know what I noticed?”
“What did you notice?” asked Sandy. Now it was getting interesting. He was finally saying something that she wasn’t expecting and it had her intrigued.
“Even when you were sucking cock, you had the wettest, juiciest, yummiest looking pussy. You get pretty wet easily, don’t you?”
“I guess,” was all Sandy could think to say. Both she and the interviewer giggled at how goofy her answer sounded.

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   “I don’t really watch my pussy to see,” continued Sandy, and she burst into another laughing fit.
“Well, you get pretty messy. I saw you when you were coming when you were masturbating while you were sucking that cock. And you got really messy. So do you like your pussy licked?”
Sandy’s eyes lit up. “Yeah, a lot!” she replied.
“And played with?”
“Tell me about this gushy thing that you do. ”
Sandy was confused now. “What do you mean?”
“Where do you get all that juice from?”
“I don’t know. It just kinda happens. ”
“Well, ya know, we wanna see more. We wanna do one more scene with you and I wanna see how wet I can get this pussy. ”
Now he was talking her language. “Okay,” said Sandy trying to sound willing but not over excited.
Jack asked, “Do you think I could lick your pussy a little bit?”
Sandy was feeling more flattered than ever.

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   A man from behind the scenes had gotten so turned on by her that he wanted to be in front of the camera just to have sex with her. That was a bigger compliment than any compliment that could ever come out of a person’s mouth.
“I think that’d be great. You’re cute,” replied Sandy.
He instructed her to take her top off. He wanted to see her naked.
She wasted no time in getting it off. She hooked her thumbs at the bottom and lifted it over her head, revealing two small tits with pink nipples. Sandy commented on the fact that he had already seen her naked a lot today as she squeezed her tits together.
He didn’t respond. He told her to stand up and keep going. He wanted to get her out of that skirt. He was dying to see her pussy again.
Once she was naked, he told her to sit back down, but with her pelvis all the way forward so that her ass was on the edge of the casting couch. He approached her.

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He spread her bald pussy lips wide open to show the moisture and pinkness and tightness to the camera. He was right. She had a great looking twat.
“Can I lick your pussy and get you all slimy wet again?” he asked.
She said, “Yes, if I’m naked, you have to be naked. ”
“What do you mean I have to get naked? I’m shy,” he joked.
“I don’t care,” said Sandy. “I’m naked. ”
“Well, okay. Anything for the cause. But just don’t suck my dick like you did the other guy because you sucked it raw. ”
She started laughing. There was some more bullshitting and joking for the camera but they eventually got down to business once Jack had gotten all his clothes off.
He spread the pussy lips and eyed them for a few moments. He liked the way her cunt looked.

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   It was like he was memorizing every fold and curve. Then he started sucking the clit.
Sandy’s whole body tensed up. A low moan escaped her mouth.
Jack started sucking harder as he used his tongue to stroke her clit in small circles. Sandy moaned louder with each passing minute, but she never got too loud or lost control. She was just relaxing and enjoying the feel of this man’s magic tongue. It felt so good.
Jack’s suction was getting stronger. After a while he was slurping really loud on her pussy.
He would pause every now and then, sit up, and take a look at it. It was getting soaked, just how he liked it, just how he remembered it from the blowjob shoot earlier.
“It just keeps getting juicier and juicier,” Jack said.
Sandy was on the verge of losing it. Her upper body continued to buck a little.

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   She was having spasms that she couldn’t control. Her leg was twitching too. She’d had so many baby orgasms.
“I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pussy this wet in a long time,” Jack said. Then he clamped down on her clit and sucked with all his might.
“Ohhhh!” yelled Sandy.
Her pussy was oversensitive. It responded to every movement.
“Oh, yeah! Lick my clit!” she screamed as her legs continued to twitch and squirm. “I wanna suck your cock too. ”
“Oh, you do?” said Jack.
Normally that would’ve been good news, but he was enjoying sucking on her young, sweet, juicy twat so much that getting his dick sucked was the farthest thing from his mind. He almost started to complain about it, but then he said, “Can I play with your pussy while you suck my dick?”
“Yeah,” she agreed, and it was on.
Sandy slouched further on the casting couch to get her head lower. Jack knelt on the couch so his cock would be level with her face.

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Her right hand came up and grabbed it just before she latched her lips around it. She started sucking as she stroked his prick in sync with her sucking movements.
Jack’s cock was hard but he didn’t seem to be paying the blowjob any mind. Instead, he had leaned to his left and was busy fingering her clit.
He said, “Your pussy does get wetter when you suck dick. I noticed that today. ”
Her cunt was starting to gush. It was so wet that it shined now, and if you looked close enough, which Jack was doing, you could actually see small streams of pussy juice flowing out.
It was crazy how much Sandy liked to suck dick. She was moaning more now than she was when she was getting her pussy sucked.
She was one of those women that Jack and his crew referred to as Christmas Givers. They got more joy from giving than receiving.
“That’s it,” said Jack as she was gulping down mouthfuls of his cock and slurping all the way. “Get that pussy nice and wet for me. ”
“Oh, I wanna cum so bad!” she screamed.

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“I want you to cum all over my face with that wet pussy,” said Jack.
“Oh yeah!”
He went down on her. His cock was still in her face but he was flexible enough to twist his upper body far enough to get his mouth back where he wanted it to be.
He started sucking her some more, and now that Sandy had experienced the joy of giving head, it made the pussy licking seem that much better. Her body was that much more alive.
Her legs seemed to have a mind of their own as they reflexively spread wide and continued to have occasional spasms. Her pussy was convulsing too and hot cunt juice spooed into Jack’s eagerly awaiting mouth. Her twat was blazing with tingles.
“Oh, god, I’m so close! Ohhhh!!” screamed Sandy. “Ohhh!!!! Oh, god, I’m about to cum! I’m gonna cum; I wanna sit on you. ”
It sounded freaky, which was right up Jack’s alley, but he had no idea what Sandy had in store for him. He lay on the casting couch and Sandy lay on top with her ass cheeks on his chest and her sweet pussy so close to Jack’s face.
Jack teased her pussy by fondling her clit and licking along tender split. He’d alter his movements based on her reactions—the moans that came from her mouth or the way her body shook with excitement when he touched the right places—and after a while her whole pelvic region began to tremble.
“OOOHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” she screamed.

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A huge burst of cum shot from her pussy and hit Jack square in the mouth. It was clear and very thick. It took Jack’s breath away for a second, likewise with the rest of the crew who were filming it all. Fluids were spilling from her sweet hole and literally poured all over Jack’s face and chest.
She was squirming and moaning a lot, her own cum substituting as a lubricant making her soft ass slide around on Jack’s chest. I swear everyone in the studio had hard-ons and wet pussies.
“Yeah, cum all over my face,” said jack as he continued licking cum from her pussy and ass while he fondled her swollen clit.
It would have gone on longer than it did, but Sandy made him stop touching her. She became extra sensitive after a messy orgasm like that one. She couldn’t handle any more.
“Well, can I cum all over that wet pussy?” asked Jack.
“Yeah, I would love that. ”
Jack slid out from under her. It was easy because his chest was so slick with female cum. It left him sitting up, still in between Sandy’s legs, but with his cock pointed straight at her pussy as he masturbated.

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“Cum on my wet pussy,” she pleaded.
He kept stroking and staring at her twat. He loved how wet it was and he kept thinking about the way she came like a man. Damn, that was such a turn-on.
Before long, ropes of sticky cum started shooting from his dick. All of it found its mark, plastering Sandy’s pink twat in man juice.
When he was done, he started rubbing in all over with his cock. He made sure to rub some inside the pussy lips. He wanted his genes all over Sandy.
It was a fun day. They’d had so many good shoots, but nothing could compare to that one and it wasn’t even a planned shoot.
That’s how it was in the porn industry. You never knew what was going to happen. There’s a surprise around every corner and Sandy was so happy to have her foot—and ass, tits, and pussy—in the door.