The Bet


The Bet
She had lost the bet, that meant she had to do whatever he wanted for the next 12 hours starting the next morning at 8. She was somewhat nervous yet excited about having no control as to what was going to happen for the next day. She went home, took a long hot shower, shaved her pussy so her pussy would be nice and smooth and tried to get some sleep.
He arrived at her house right on time, she was dressed in a mini skirt, midriff barring T over a lacy thong and bra, as he walked by her at the door he ran his hand under her skirt and told her to take off the thong. She shut the door, took off her thong and tossed it at him, she hoped his new found power didn't go to his head. He hadn't eaten so she told him she would make him breakfast, he followed her into the kitchen, sat down at the table and watched her, enjoying the view whenever she bent or reached for something. She placed his breakfast in front of him, he told her to pull out the other chair so it was facing him, sit down and to play with herself while he watched. Sitting on the edge of the chair she ran her hands lightly over her inner thighs moving up towards her smooth pussy skimming her hands up to her outer lips, caressing them. He told her to put her legs over the arm of the chair so he would have a better view, sliding back in the chair she did what she was told and continued her exploration, she dipped her finger into her wet box then sliding her finger up between her inner lips towards her clit but not touching it. She continued to slid her finger up and down her slit a few more times stroking herself, dipping her finger into her moist pussy she continued all the way to her clit this time, moving her finger up and down over it, then moving her finger in a circle over it, while her other hand continued roaming over her mound, inner thigh and her wet pussy. Having him watch her was such a turn on she couldn't believe how wet it made her. Never taking her eyes off him she continued to stroke her clit circling it with her finger, every few strokes she would slide her finger all the way down to dip a finger or two into her drenched box then travel back up to stroke herself some more. He inserted just the tip of one finger into her wet box brought it up to his mouth to taste her then he inserted just the tip of it back into her box moving it slowly around just inside her, causing her to moan, she wanted more of his finger inside her cunt but even when she lifted her hips to get more of his finger into her wanting pussy he made sure only the tip of his finger was in her, teasing and taunting her no matter what she did she couldn't get more of his finger in her. His teasing was making her wetter, she started stroking her clit faster, her moans increasing the hotter she got, her hips moving, her pussy aching to be filled, begging him for more. He lifted her out of the chair, put her ass on the edge of the table, sank into her very wet box sending her into an orgasm, her body arching off the table as he continued to pound his thick cock into her convulsing pussy, her body tensing, her moans increased, her hands gripping the edge of the table as he made her cum again. Withdrawing from her, he pulled her into the bedroom, stripped off his clothes, sat on the edge of the bed, she sank to her knees between his legs, she wrapped her hands around him, using her thumbs to stroke his cock as she worked her hands up to the rim, running her thumbs all around the rim then back and forth over the head.

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   She looked up at him as she lowered her mouth towards the head of his cock, watching him she ran her tongue over and around the head tasting herself on him, she took him into her mouth swirling her tongue all around while she sucked on him like he was a lollipop, while she continued to stroke his shaft with her hands, moving her thumbs in small circles traveling up and then twisting her hands as she moved back down his shaft, continuing this pattern as her mouth and tongue worked on the head of his cock. She asked him to move back and lay on the bed, she followed him, kneeling on the bed between his legs, she wrapped one hand around him stroking him as she cupped his balls in her other hand, then she started running her tongue down the one side coming up between them and then up the other side etching a W with her tongue over and around them, taking one into her mouth using her tongue on it and then doing the same to the other. Cupping him again she lifted them so she could run her tongue between his legs she started at his backdoor rimming it with her tongue then to the underside of his balls, as she licked him she followed her tongue with her thumb going back and forth for a few moments before she traveled back up around his balls lavishing them with her tongue and mouth before heading back to his cock. She licked from the bottom of his shaft to the top several times like he was her favorite ice cream cone and she couldn't get enough, she flicked her tongue back and forth and up and down going up his shaft to the rim where she continued to use her tongue on his sensitive spot, then flicking her tongue around the rim, up and over the head of his cock, licking the pre-cum out of his slit then she took him back into her mouth, using her tongue and mouth on him she worked her way down his shaft, her hair tickling his stomach and balls as she bobbed up and down on his cock. When she looked up, he had his hands behind his head so he could watch her going down on his cock, keeping eye contact with him she inched her way down his cock taking more of him into her mouth on every down stroke, his fingers knotted in her hair as he got closer to cuming, moaning she closed her eyes enjoying the taste and feel of him in her mouth. As her one hand followed the up and down movements of her mouth on his cock, she reached between his legs running her finger back and forth, circling around his backdoor and then back towards his balls, his fingers tightened in her hair, his hips thrusting up as he emptied himself into her mouth, swallowing his cum she then used her tongue to lick his cock clean.
He rolled over onto his stomach and asked her to give him a massage, she grabbed some oil, straddled his body and proceeded to give him a massage, working her hands over his muscular body down to his butt. She playfully bit his ass as she massaged his ass cheeks, exploring his body she traced a path with her mouth and tongue followed by her hands. She ran her tongue down his crack as she rubbed the back of his thighs working her way lower stopping to taste and lick as she continued down his legs to his feet, taking one of his toes into her mouth and sucking on it. She hoped he was ready for another round because sucking on his cock and running her hands over his muscular body had her very turned on, her pussy was wet and wanted to be filled. Rolling over he grabbed her by the waist flipping her onto her back he slowly rubbed his dick head up and down her wet slit, she wanted him to fill her aching pussy, she reached down and arched her body to try to put his cock into her wanting body but he was the one in control, he asked her what she wanted, she told him she wanted his cock fucking her pussy. As he slowly filled her, she moaned her pleasure, he knew she wanted it fast and hard but he wanted her to beg him so he continued to torment her with long slow strokes, she tried clamping her legs around him and thrusting her hips up to get him to go faster but it didn't work. The slow torture was getting her hotter, she would let out a low moan every time he buried his thick cock into her wet box and again when he slowly withdrew, her body was on fire and with his slow methodical fucking she could feel the orgasm building. Grasping his ass with her hands she tried to make him move faster by pulling him towards her as she licked and nibbled on his nipples, moaning in frustration when he didn't move any faster. "Please" she said, moaning she begged him "please fuck me hard and fast", with the next stroke he gave her what she wanted, pounding his cock into her cunt fast and hard.

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   It didn't take long for his hard pounding of her box to send her over the edge, her pussy clenching at his cock as she came, he continued his assault on her now sensitive box, her fingers clenched his arms, her back arching as she moaned she was cumming again, with a few final strokes he pulled his cock out of her still pulsing pussy spraying her stomach with his thick hot cum, she ran a finger over her stomach, bringing it to her mouth sucking his cum off her finger before cleaning herself off with a towel. She must have fallen asleep for awhile. While she was napping he tied her by the wrists to the bed, taking an ice cube he traced a path around her nipples waking her up, she realized she was bound and wondered what was next. He then blindfolded her, he again started tracing a path around her nipples followed by his tongue, he lightly bit them causing her to moan. He continued his path with the ice cube and his mouth down her stomach swirling it around her navel before going further south along her inner thighs, laying between her legs he traced the ice cube along her outer lips then moving it up and down her moist slit, dipping it into her wet pussy every few strokes with his tongue following the same path. As his tongue worked its magic on her pussy he moved the ice cube to her clit, circling it, teasing it, when his hot tongue took the place of the ice, her hips jerked up off the bed from the sensation, this gave him better access to her box so he placed some pillows under her to keep her in that position. He continued alternating between the ice and his tongue on her clit for a while then he just used the ice as his tongue moved up and down her slit then dipping into her cunt every few strokes just when she thought she couldn't take the cold anymore he fastened his mouth over her clit sucking on it then flicking his tongue back and forth over it while moving the ice down to circle around her pussy then continuing down to her backdoor, he rubbed the ice all around her asshole before inserting the melting cube into her puckered hole. His tongue now traced the same path the ice had made to her backdoor, as he used his tongue to rim her, he inserted the tip of his finger into her pussy moving it slowly around as she moaned and moved her hips wanting more. His tongue came back to her box taking the place of his finger, then she felt him rub some lube around her backdoor before he started to insert something into her ass, as he slowly pushed the anal toy into her he again used his mouth and tongue on her clit, until it was all the way in. He pulled the pillows out from under her so she was again laying flat on the bed, he got up from the bed, she didn't know where he had gone because she was still blindfolded. She wanted him to come back and finish what he had started. She called his name but he didn't answer. She pushed herself closer to the head of the bed hoping she could undo the ropes, when the anal toy in her ass started vibrating. She wanted her hands untied, she needed that toy to be fucking her backdoor not just vibrating, then it stopped, she groaned in frustration. He did this off and on for about a half hour driving her nuts.

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   She felt the bed move, he was back, she wondered what he was up to. She felt a very light caress going back and forth across her nipples barely touching them, then traveling down her stomach. She realized it was a feather. Traveling down her body around her inner thighs, up and down the crease of her leg joint, over her mound just barely touching her clit causing a moan to escape her lips. He continued his exploration of her with the feather teasing her pussy lips with it, using it around her filled backdoor. He turned the vibrating toy back on but he put it on a pulse mode. She felt something very warm being dripped onto her nipples, he then used his tongue, mouth and teeth to lick, suck and nibble on them to clean them off. He dripped a path down her stomach cleaning her off with his talented mouth, when he reached her box he drizzled the warm liquid over her mound letting it dribble down over her clit and down her slit. She felt his mouth eating up the warm liquid, swirling his wicked tongue around her clit, lapping the warm liquid from her slit with a long strokes of his tongue, using his teeth to nibble at her clit. He inserted his thumb in her box rotating it back and forth as he continued to eat her out, she clenched the blanket with her hands as she felt the pressure building in her. He turned the anal toy on a steady speed instead of just pulsing, her moans increasing, her fingers clenching the blanket harder, she moaned loudly "I'm cumming", I'm cumming", he inserted a couple of fingers in her wet box fucking her with them as he used his tongue and teeth on her clit, her whole body tensed arching off the bed as she exploded into one of the best orgasms. Her body grasping the fingers buried in her pussy and the vibrating toy in her asshole, he took his fingers out of her still pulsing cunt, got rid of the toy in her butt, untied her hands and the blindfold. He whispered in her ear what he was going to do next, she moaned in anticipation. She turned over, getting on her hands and knees she presented him with her ass, he slipped his rock hard cock into her wet box for a couple of strokes took it out, placed it at the entrance of her puckered hole when she pushed back burying his thick dick into her tight asshole, grasping her hips he set the rhythm of their fucking he was in no hurry. Pushing back she met him stroke for stroke, she loved having his cock in her backdoor.

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   She lowered her head to the mattress, reaching between her legs she started stroking herself, his balls slapped into her pussy as he thoroughly fucked her ass, their bodies glistened with sweat, his fingers digging into her hips. She cried out she was cumming as she slammed back into his pounding cock, arching her body up, still on her knees she reached back with her hands grasping his hips, her ass milking his cock, he pushed her back down, withdrew, squirting his cum on her ass. She collapsed on the bed totally exhausted and well fucked. Drifting in and out of sleep she heard him in the shower, he wrapped a towel around his waist when he was done and went to get something to eat. She dragged herself off the bed to take a shower. When he came back into the bedroom he laid on the bed and watched her, she had just gotten out of the shower and was rubbing an oil over her still wet body. She placed a foot on the edge of the tub rubbing the oil up her leg, then switched to do the other leg, then her arms, chest, stomach and pussy. She put more oil in her hand, rubbed her hands together and then started rubbing oil over her ass cheeks, putting a foot back up on the tub ledge she rubbed the oil down the crack of her ass. He looked at the clock he still had a 18 minutes left to the bet, his cock had come back to life watching her. Still rubbing the oil onto her ass, he came up behind her pulling her slick ass against his cock, he reached around and started fingering her cunt, she couldn't believe he was hard again. In one smooth motion he slid into her oiled asshole while he fingered her pussy and stroked her very sensitive clit, she braced her hands against the wall as he fucked her fast and furious to another orgasm, as her asshole pulsed around his cock he pounded her backdoor until he shot his load deep in her ass.



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