The Awakening


The AwakeningWinter was almost upon them, the evenings were coming earlier and with them they brought the cool South Westerly off the water. It was still early, about five, she guessed, and it was already getting dark. Heavy grey clouds hung off to the west and the sound of distant thunder rumbled in the distance, so deep that she felt it in her chest. Rain was on the way, she could smell it, rain together with newly opened roses drifted in from the garden below where she stood on the open porch. The log cabin was built high up in the hills above Cape Town, far from the hustle and bustle of city life and the stresses that it brings. A friend had insisted that she spend the weekend relaxing with him at his cabin, he had long been trying to persuade her to come up to the hideaway but she had always made excuses why she could not. Now, looking at the beautiful view, she was sorry that she had not taken him up on the offer sooner. It was a strange relationship, one that had developed over time without either of them giving it much thought. She was uncertain if he had intentions of taking their friendship further and she was afraid of how she would feel if he tried. Whatever his intentions, she needed the break and was grateful for the opportunity to take advantage of this beautiful seclusion. The wind was picking up; she stood with her legs pressed tightly together as the wind rippled her thin skirt around her thighs. Shivers ran down her back and the sensation caused the hair on the back of her neck to stand erect. She folded her arms tightly across her ample breasts and she felt her nipples harden as the thrill of the winds cool fingers caressed her dark skin. Her long jet-black hair, which cascaded down over her shoulders and ended almost at the fold of her buttocks, was teased gently by the pull of the breeze and she closed her eyes and drank in all the different sensations, which assaulted her senses. Then, suddenly, much closer now, the sound of the approaching storm as thunder crashed way out in the valley. Again she felt the vibration, the force of the dormant giant, deep between her breasts and her nipples became even harder still, to a point where they became like two erect coals inside her thin cotton button up shirt.

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   Ooh, what an incredible thrill, she thought. Looking out towards the approaching clouds she saw what must have been hundreds of birds taking flight in a direction away from the storm. Below the clouds her view of the valley became blurred and she realised that there was rain falling earthwards obscuring her view. She hoped her friend would be safe driving up from Cape Town. He was running late and had given her the cabin keys and told her to make herself comfortable he would not be long, she hoped he would be all right. She had no sooner thought about him than she heard the sound of his BMW pulling into the drive on the other side of the house. Feeling a strange wave of relief she turned away from the spectacular scene over the valley, walked inside, closed the double cottage pane doors behind her and hurried to meet him. For some unexplained reason she was feeling excited, her heart was racing as she anticipated his arrival. These were all strange feelings for her, perhaps it was the cabin, and it was having an unusual effect on her. Her first glimpse of him as she walked out onto the driveway was him bent forward retrieving something from inside the car. His long slim legs, as always, in a fine dark suit pants, but that was not what caught her eye. For the first time she noticed the shape of his well defined, firm ass. It had never occurred to her that there was a well-groomed, sculptured man shape under the suits that he always wore. She found herself staring at his upturned ass for what seemed like ages. Straightening up he stood head and shoulders above her.

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   Dark, well-styled hair framed an above hansom face, which smiled down at her when he saw her standing behind him. His piercing green eyes lit up and his smile broadened as he stepped forward, placing his bag on the floor at her feet he opened his arms and gave her an unexpected greeting hug. It was like being wrapped in a warm blanket, the action and the resulting sensation took her completely by surprise. It felt to her like a suit of armour had been draped around her, safe, strong, unyielding. His hug pressed her large breasts against his broad chest and she felt the warmth of his body seep through her thin shirt, hot against her still sensitive nipples. She was quite sure he could feel them poking into his chest they were so hard. She was uncertain how to react to this gesture of affection and gingerly placed her open palms on his back where she felt thick ropes of muscle ripple under her fingers. After a second or two he released her and stood back, welcoming her to his humble home in the hills. "Yeah, right, humble my ass, the place is beautiful" she thought to herself as he picked up his bag and led the way to the door before stepping aside to allow her first entrance. Again in the distance the sleeping giant announced his imminent arrival with a deep rolling rumble of thunder that caused the windows to rattle in their frames and the fine hairs on her arms to stand up in anticipation and excitement. Through the large glass doors leading onto the porch where she had been standing she could see the trees in the valley whipping and contorting in the wind, a kind of macabre dance announcing the arrival of the dark thunder king. Behind her she heard him walk through to the master bedroom, she had already done a sneak tour of the house while she was alone and knew what his room looked like, typical man furniture, huge bed, beautiful thick wood with Chinese Futon bedding, beautiful. His footsteps approached down the passage, again the smile as he saw her, he asked if she would like something to drink. A glass of wine would be nice and he busied himself opening cupboards, she stood staring out at the approaching storm. She smelled him first, strong, masculine.

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   He came up behind her, reaching around her to pass her a glass of chilled white wine. Perhaps unintentionally he brushed against her as he handed her the glass, his leg touching her ass as she stood looking out of the window. The unexpected contact was electric, warm; she did not know how to react. Without thinking she pressed back softly against his leg with her firm cheek. He froze; it was as if it was just as unexpected for him as it was for her. Neither one moved, she choked a "Thank you" and waited for him to make the next move. Disappointed she felt him remove his leg from it's position against her round buttock. She sighed, where were these feelings coming from? They had been colleges for years, why this sudden sexual attraction, she was confused, perhaps a little scared. By now the storm was fast approaching the cabin. She felt safe and warm, after the awkward incident when his leg touched her bum all had resumed back to their normal free conversation, comfortable in each other's company. The skies became darker and darker. The wind howled through the trees and the thatched roof whistled as the gusts swooped down from the boiling clouds. Again and again the thunder beat out its deep rhythm. The storm was now close enough that long streaks of lightening flashed across the sky, announcing the loud claps of thunder that followed. He made dinner while she sat watching him from her perch on the kitchen counter where he had placed her earlier, lifting her up onto the table top with ease, his firm grip on her waist causing her heart to beat faster for a second or two.

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  Al the while the storm came closer, the rain began as hue drops crashing against the windows, driven by the howling wind. At times it seemed that the rain was determined to get inside the cabin. The wine was good, her cheeks began to get warm but she was enjoying the company, it all seemed to fit, how had she not seen it? This tall, dark, good looking man was cooking her dinner, hanging on to every word she said, made her giggle like a schoolgirl, and she was happy. Without thinking about it he walked over to where she sat, the ladle he needed was in the drawer behind her dangling legs. He tapped on her thigh as a signal that he needed her to move her legs and she instinctively bent her knees and lifted her bare feet up onto the counter. What she had forgotten was that the skirt she was wearing was a bit to short for her to complete the manoeuvre without him seeing all the way up her thighs to where her skimpy white panties covered her pussy. His eyes came to rest between her legs; the thin material covering her pussy did nothing to hide the perfect shape of her clean-shaven lips, the deep cleft between them clearly visible. She could see the direction of his gaze and she wasn't sure if it was the wine but she did not care that he had a clear view of her undies. In fact she realised that it was actually arousing her. This gorgeous man was staring directly up her skirt at her open pussy and she did not mind, her breathing became fast and shallow and she felt her nipples once more harden against the fabric of her bra. Retrieving the ladle from the drawer he turned away from her, she felt disappointed. Did he not feel the arousal that she felt? There were a few seconds of uneasy silence, broken only by the thrashing of the rain against the windows. She kept her feet up on the counter, her breathing quick, her heart beating. She had never felt this before, this searing arousal; the painful swelling of her nipples was now clearly visible to him through her shirt, their dark outline stark against the white of her shirt. He turned and looked directly at her, his eyes fell to the twin dark circles with their double hard points.

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   She watched him as his gaze dropped once again to the secret place between her lifted thighs. She felt a warm glow in her belly, slowly it radiated downwards, her outer pussy lips were swollen and her clit, she could feel was fully erect. She knew that her tight entrance had allowed a stream of slippery, warm pussy juice to escape past her opening and out between her small inner lips, she could feel the slippery heat as a wet patch began to appear on her panties, right over the hidden entrance to her covered vagina. She had a secret that she told no one; she had never had a man inside her before. Her hymen was intact and never had she had the pleasure of being entered by a throbbing penis. Talking of penises, looking down the front of his pants she saw that a huge bulge had developed where she knew his cock to be. She had never before intentionally allowed a man to see her pussy, for some reason it felt right to allow him to stare between her legs, she slowly parted her thighs in order for him to get a better view of her mound. He said nothing, his eyes fixed on the space that she was now exposing further for him to see. Her arousal was increasing, the flow of sticky juices from within her was increasing and her panties were becoming ever wetter. Suddenly he moved toward her, his arms around her, his mouth on hers. She opened her mouth to his probing tongue and shivered at the thrill of the slippery heat as his tongue slid gently into her mouth, he tasted musky, very pleasant. The feeling of his tongue on hers was having a strange effect on her. She was losing her awareness of what was going on around her, closing her eyes she felt only the softness of his lips on hers, the urgent probing of his tongue and his protective arms around her. With a bit of a struggle, her legs were caught between their entwined bodies, she managed to unfold her legs and lower then over the edge of the counter, at the same time she spread her thighs and pulled him in between them, thrusting his pelvis between her legs. Small bursts of light exploded behind her eyelids as the combined sensations of his kiss and the thrust of his bulging pants into her crotch assaulted her senses.

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   She could feel the shape and hard resistance of his erection against the soft petals of her aroused pussy. The slightest movement sent waves of pleasure along her clitoris, which was pressed hard against his cock. He moved his hands from behind her, never for an instant breaking the kiss. He closed his large hands around her firm breasts, gently squeezing, feeling their firm resistance, his fingers finding the burning tips, gently teasing them through the fabric of her shirt. The decision was made in an instant and now she was almost frantic. She reached in between their entwined bodies; gripping her shirt on either side of the front she tore all of the buttons loose, opening the front. She pushed his hands aside and shrugged off the remains of the shirt, reaching behind her she unclasped her bra and it joined her shirt on the floor. Fumbling, she found his hands again and placed them forcefully on her breasts, palms down pressing them against her aching nipples, his hands at last against her naked flesh. The combination of his hot hands directly on her sensitive nipples and his tongue caressing hers was enough. . . she felt her inner pussy contract as a most wonderful feeling came over her and she began to orgasm. He felt her cumming and held her tightly, gently massaging her breasts as he moved his mouth from hers. She gasped as wave after wave of pure pleasure rocketed through her pussy, her entrance opening and closing with each contraction of her inner muscles. Then she felt it for the first time, a flood of wetness escaping from deep inside her pussy, out between her lips and drenching her panties.

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   She had heard of women that could ejaculate but it had never happened to her before. The squirting juices continued flowing from her, she held onto him tightly, whimpering, this was all so new but oooh so nice. Slowly the orgasm subsided and she relaxed in his arms. Standing back from her he lifted her easily and carried her into the lounge. Gently he laid her down on the thick white rug in front of the huge stone fireplace. Without looking at her he stood and began to build a huge fire. She watched him as he worked. She felt no shame for what had just happened, she was shaking and her pussy was cramping slightly, it felt good. When the fire was lit and burning brightly, he went out of the room, returning a moment later with a large fluffy blanket in his arms. He laid the blanket on the rig next to her, turned and walked to the doors that led out onto the stoep. Suddenly she was aware that it was still raining, the wind had died down slightly but the lightning was flashing constantly and the thunder was still booming in the distance. He returned to where she lay on the rug. Standing above her he removed his shirt, his torso shone in the firelight, defined muscles rippled as he undid his belt and allowed his pants to fall to the floor. His briefs outlined the shape of his erection, thick and very long with a very defined head. Now she was suddenly afraid, that thing was huge; she had no experience with men.

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   She had seen her brothers naked and when she was younger she had once wanked a guy off in the movies until he shot his load all over her hand. How on earth was that going to fit into her tight little opening?He kneeled down beside her and she watched as he removed her skirt, and she lifted her ass off the rug as he gently took off her soaked panties. She was now completely naked for him to see and he looked down at her smooth slit, she knew that the tip of her clit was visible between her lips; she had often studied it in the mirror. He smiled again, turned to her and before she knew it his mouth was on hers again. Again that soft, warm, slippery contact of her tongue on his, his hand searching for and finding her breast, teasing again. Her pussy was immediately on fire again; she parted her thighs and felt the warmth from the fire on the exposed lips of her vagina, the beginnings of a fresh trickle of pussy juice escaping from deep inside her. As they kissed she reached down and found the large bulge in his undies. She gently rubbed along the length of his shaft through the soft cotton briefs and he moaned in her mouth. She slipped her hand under the band of his briefs and her fingers found the tip of his swollen cock, she explored the head with her soft touch, tracing the ridge and circling the small, sensitive hole on the crown. Never before had she ever imagined herself handling a man's erection in this way and now it excited her. She found herself spreading her legs as far apart as she could and she felt her outer lips part to expose the soft inner folds of her inner vagina, and tucked away between them lay the wet opening to her virgin pussy. Without thinking she took hold of his hand on her breast and guided it downwards, between her wide spread legs and closed his palm over her mound. They both moaned with pleasure as his fingers found the slippery firmness of her open lips and slight pressure caused them to open further allowing the tip of his fingers access into her secret place. He gently explored the length of her slit hesitating when he discovered the open mouth of her vagina. Tracing around the edge of the opening she felt him place his finger in the centre of the soft inner entrance.

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   The slightest pressure causing his finger to begin its slow entry into her vulva. Her hand was now massaging the full length of his penis; she could feel slippery pre-cum on the head of his cock as she manipulated the hard shaft. She squirmed with pleasure as his finger entered her pussy, she could feel her inner walls giving way to the invading finger and her hot juices flowed past his finger as it filled the entrance. His mouth left hers and he stared down at her face, watching her expression as her finger worked magic inside her, slipping deeper as it became more and more lubricated by her juices. He whispered to her to lift her knees, which she did, opening her inner passage to the pressure of his fingertip. She felt the cheeks of her ass part as she lifted her knees, her little pink anus warmed by the heat from the fire. It seemed that every inch of her body was hyper sensitive; she felt every changing sensation, her heart beating a rhythm, which she had never felt before. Hesitating for just a second but not removing his finger from its firmly held position inside her pussy, he shifted position and moving downwards placed his head between her wide spread elevated thighs. His view of her pussy was complete; her lips were parted, exposing her inner slit with the opening to her vulva holding tightly onto his finger. Then he placed his warm, wet mouth over her stiff clitoris, it was wonderful, sharp pulses of pleasure ripped through her vagina causing the inner walls to contract on his finger. She took hold of his head and held him while his mouth massaged her pussy from the tip of her clit to the soft space just above where his finger entered her. By moving his finger he touched something inside her which made her head spin, he was teasing the inside of her pussy and sucking on her clit at the same time and it was driving her wild. She could feel her approaching orgasm and the flood which would accompany it and she tried in vane to lift his head off of her mound to prevent the inevitable explosion. He resisted her and continued manipulating her vagina. Ooooh Nooo.

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  . . . She cried as the first wave hit her and she felt his finger gripped very tightly by her convulsing entrance. No matter how tight the grip, there was no way the flood of spurting juices could be held back and a stream of sticky cum streamed from her pussy as she gave in to her fierce orgasm and released a flood of female cum. It seemed ages before the throbbing twitches subsided and her thighs were able to relax their grip of his head, slowly she recovered from the mind blowing experience, recovering. . . . He sat up and looked at her, smiling, his chin and cheeks wet from her juices. She smiled back and pulled him up between her open thighs until her erect nipples were pressed firmly against his hard chest, her thighs wrapped around his ass and they kissed deeply. Her parted thighs allowed his large erection to now seat itself comfortably along the length of her open pussy. The feeling was so erotic for her and she carefully moved her hips back and forth, rubbing his thick shaft between her swollen lips. Her slippery, wet lips massaged his pole from beneath the head to under his large balls. Without much effort he moved his hips back, repositioning his cock against her pussy until she felt the large head rest against her wet opening.


   He began to press forward and she felt her entrance began to stretch to accommodate his erection. She wondered if she would be able to take this monster inside her, it was strange but not uncomfortable to feel anything this large inside her pussy. He continued entering her, the combination or her recent orgasm and the hardness of his cock made his penetration easy, her slippery fluids allowing a tight, flowing entry into her. She felt a resistance to his progress as his cock came up against her hymen, she so wanted it to be him who broke her virginity and penetrated her for the first time. She looked up at him, smiling, and nodded ever so slightly. He smiled back and in one fluid thrust pushed his rod through the last barrier into her willing vagina. She felt a slight pain and then a wonderful filling sensation as he dove his cock up into her, pressing against her inner walls for the first time, penetrating deep within her.  
Slowly he continued entering her until she felt the warm touch of his balls against her open ass. Then he began to slowly pump his cock in and out of her, a steady rhythm, a rhythm which she immediately felt was going to bring her to orgasm very quickly, he watched her face as he thrust the full length of his shaft again and again into the depths of her womanhood. It was not long before she saw his expression change and she was sure his cock was getting thicker as he got closer to orgasm. She knew the signs, she was cumming and this was her first with a cock up inside her. She reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck and whispered "I'm cumming", them she let go all control. She felt him drive his cock deep inside her his balls tight against her convulsing anus. She felt his first jet of semen shoot into her spewing pussy and she felt her first jet of cum spray out past his thick rod and the warm sensation as it ran down her upturned ass. After that she lost track of time, waves of pleasure shot through her as he released stream after stream of thick semen into her, in return her pussy drenched the two of them as her juices escaped uncontrollably from inside her.

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   Time was lost, it took a long while for them to stop jerking and convulsing. She felt his cock slowly retract from inside her, popping out from her, followed by a stream of his semen mixed with her love juice. They lay quietly together, eventually falling asleep. A long weekend lay ahead, she was now armed with a pussy, which had developed an insatiable hunger for cock, and it was going to be interesting. . . . . . . . . . . .

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