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Drinking my coffee, one morning, watching the morning parade and right on schedule came the lone straggler dressed in modest, Mother Approved, school clothes. Five minute later I noticed, that the girl had just come back into view after having disappeared behind the garages, what had taken her so long to walk by the four-car structure? Her outfit had changed and now she was wearing a short mini skirt and a white blouse, which had to be right on the limits of the schools dress code. I took a long look at her, great looking legs and a cute ass that was barely covered by her skirt. I enjoyed the view. Her tits were bouncing under her blouse and I watched until she disappeared down the alley. It dawned on me that she was just carrying her books. What had happened to the outfit I had originally seen? My curiosity was peeked and I walked back to the garage, wondering how she changed and where were her clothes. All of the garage doors where down and they all had electric door opener that could only be operated with a remote or a key and I hadn’t heard any of the doors open. I looked around and there was nowhere she could have changed in the alley that would have allowed for any privacy. The garage itself was actually a 4 ½ car structure with my section being a 1 ½ car stall, which allowed me room to store the lawnmower and yard equipment and has a regular door that allowed access into that section without opening the overhead door. The door should have been locked. It wasn’t, now I knew, where she changed but where were her clothes? That question was quickly answered, I had several school type lockers in there I used to store some junk and two of them were empty at least that is what I had thought. In the first one I checked was her outfit including her bra, a 36 C cup, and a pair of panties. Damn I thought had the little slut gone to school without panties! The thought gave me an instant erection and I pulled my dick out and jacked off right their and was tempted to wipe my cock off on her panties, but though I would rather have my cum stain those panties when it leaked out of her pussy or maybe even her ass. A lot has changed since I went to high school; now the kids get off at all hours for various reasons. I kept an eye on the alley and about 1:00 PM my girl appeared in the alley and with the long pause passing my garage.

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   She reappeared dressed in the outfit she had left there this morning, still only carrying her books. I went outside to check out what was left in the locker. The locker was empty? I was confused, but then remembered that I had not checked all of the lockers and in the next locker there was a large gym bag. Inside the bag there were two outfits neatly folded, for the rest of the week and a plastic bag that contained the outfits she had worn already. My fantasy about her not wearing any panties’ was wrong. I found three pairs of silky tongs, which I held up to my face and I could smell musty odor of her cunt. It seemed to me, she didn’t want to be a proper suburban schoolgirl. She was dressing like a cheap whore. She must want to be treated like one. Tomorrow I would give her the opportunity to live out her fantasy. The next day I waited for her. She disappeared into the garage and a minute later I walked in on her. I managed to catch her just as she was about to put on her panties. I tried to look surprised and asked her, who are you? What are you doing in my garage? Why are you standing there naked? She didn’t say anything and was desperately trying to cover up. I told her, either you explain or I will let the police sort this out.

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   That got an immediate response and forgetting her modesty she stood up and pleaded with me not to call the police. Ok explain, what are you doing in my garage? She was talking now and her name was Cindy and she told me she wasn’t stealing anything just changing clothes. It took her couple of minutes to explain, but it turned out that she hated going to school in the clothes her mother made her wear and had discovered my garage and had been using it to change before school. She seemed to have completely forgotten the fact that she was naked except for her shoes and held her panties in one hand, while telling me the story. I told her that the first thing she ought to do is get dressed! A look of shock crossed her face, realizing she was naked and she ran over to the locker to put on the outfit she had just taken off. I told her not that outfit; I want to see what you planed to wear to school today. That turned out to be a very short sun dress with short sleeves and V cut neckline that was loose enough that anyone who looked would get a good view of her firm tits. I looked at her and told her Cindy that makes you look like a slut. Is that what you want to look like? Well NO was her reply. NO! I said, well come over here and look and see what that outfit does. I pulled her over to me and pointed to my pants my erection was clearly visible. Look at what you have done! She just stood there wide-eyed looking at my cock. Damn-it your dressed like a whore, act like one!! Get on your knees and pull it out! I grabbed her hair and yanked her down in front of me. She made no attempt to move so I slapped her face hard, yelling, come on whore get to it!! I pulled my pants down exposing my hard cock and took her hand and wrapped it around my throbbing dick. Come on whore suck it!! NO!!! Was what she said, and I slapped her hard enough that she wound up on her butt.

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   Whores don’t say no now suck it!! She was going to say something and I raised my arm to strike again and she quickly got on her knees and guided my cock to her mouth. That’s better I told her and grabbed the back of her head and rammed my cock into her mouth. She started gagging when the tip of my cock reached her throat and tried to pull back. I ignored her and forced my cock into her throat and started fucking her face hard, slapping my balls against her chin. I would have shot my load down her throat, but her tear stained face was giving signs that she was about to pass out and what fun would it be if she was passed out when I filled her with my hot cum. I yanked my cock out and she fell to her hands and knees and started to vomit. I quickly got behind her and pulled her panties down and rammed my cock up into her pussy, while she was still throwing up. My cock met some resistance and I realized that what I had here was a prick teasing virgin. I remembered her type, when I went to school always teasing but never letting you get any of their hot pussies. Not this time and in one push I felt her pussy give way and my cock slide all the way in. Cindy had stopped vomiting and now was screaming in pain as my cock pounded her tender pussy. I felt like, I represented every kid, she had ever teased, and I got even pounding her pussy raw. She stopped screaming and I could feel that her pussy was starting lubricate itself. She was starting to meet my thrust into her cunt, which if I let her continue would make me climax and might make her climax and I didn’t want that to happen. This was going to be a lesson she wasn’t going to forget.

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   I pulled my cock out, it was rock hard and slick with our combined juices and streaked with blood; She definitely was not a virgin now! My blood was pounding and I needed to release the load of cum that I had built up. I knew exactly where that was going to happen! I placed the tip of my cock against the last of her virgin holes. It took several hard strokes, but finally I pushed the head of my dick into her ass. She was screaming in pain yelling for me to take it out. Shut up slut, you wouldn’t dress like that if this isn’t what you wanted, was my answer. Her ass was really tight and I had to force my dick in, listening to her screams for me to take it out! I had my own little cheerleader, the more she screamed the harder I pushed and finally my balls rested up against the cheeks of her ass. At first it almost hurt me as I fucked her, she was so tight but slowly her asshole stretched enough to allow me to pound it hard and I was rewarded with her pleading for me to stop and the sound of my balls slapping against the cheeks of her ass. I was consumed with lust and felt the tension build and finally let go, fucking her as fast and hard as I could while I shot jet after jet of my hot cum into her ass. When I pulled my cock out, a thick layer of her shit coated it. I pulled her dress off of her and rolled her over on to her back showing her my shit-covered dick. I yelled at her, look at the fucking mess you left on my cock! Then I started to clean it, by rubbing it off in her pubic hair until it was matted with shit and I move up smearing it on her stomach, tits and face. Then slapped her face and told her to suck it clean. Gagging on her own shit she managed to get my cock clean and I forced her to lick and suck my balls to make sure they were clean. By the time she was finished I was thinking I have to fuck this little bitch again. I stood up and pulled my pants on and looking down on her shit smeared body asked her if she still wanted to go to school dressed like a slut.

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   She was crying and said no and asked are you going to tell my parents? I smiled to myself thinking, damn I should be going to jail for rape and she is worried about me telling her parents! I quickly seized the opportunity and said no. I think you have learned your lesson come on inside the house and you can clean up. After checking to see that no one was around we went inside and I lead her to the bathroom and told her she could shower and get cleaned up leaving her one of my wife’s short terry cloth robes. While she was in the shower I ask her what her last name was so I could call the school for her as her father and explain her absents. The phone call went well and the secretary thanked me for calling, saying that a lot of the parents did not even bother to notify them and she really appreciated my call and would notify Cindy’s teachers. Cindy finished her shower and wearing the robe I had left her, found me in the kitchen. I smile at her and asked if she felt better and added that she was in the clear at school. When she heard that I could see a look of relief come over her face and answered my question my saying yes she did feel better. I walked her over to the kitchen table and motioned for her to sit down. As she sat down I asked her if I could get her something to drink noticing that the robe while covering her tits was open at the bottom giving me a view of her hairy cunt. She said yes she was thirsty and I asked what she wanted, a whiskey sour, a screwdriver or a margarita? She got a big smile on her face and said I don’t know, what do you think I would like. I vote for margaritas, and made her a drink, which she liked. I made a backup pitcher for her and made myself a vodka and tonic. She must have been thirsty because she had finish the first drink and was half done with the second when I had finished making my own. We chatted at the kitchen table and I found that she was sophomore and that she had a younger bother.

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   I told her that I was married and we generally just made small talk. She was getting quite tipsy, when I asked her how long had she been using my garage as her changing room? I was surprised to find out she had started last year, when she was a freshman. Really I said, Wow I can’t imagine a freshman with a body as hot as yours! She laughed and asked do you really think that I have a good-looking body? Well let me see and I had her stand up and turn around very obviously checking her tits and ass out. Then I said with a smile on my face and a wink, well I guess it is not bad. She had caught the wink and winked back and turned around quickly making the robe spin out from her exposing her cute cunt and ass and gave me an evil look and said really it’s just not bad. I grabbed her holding her to me, pressing my hard cock against her and said well to be honest a lot better than not bad. As I released my grip on her, she moved her hand down to the front of my pants gripping my cock. My oh My it seems that I might have been right, you are a horny little slut and I took her to the bedroom and took out one of my wife’s transparent teddies and told her to put it on and model for me. Cindy you are a shameless tramp, wearing another women’s teddy and showing off your hot body to her husband in her bedroom. Your lucky I like tramps and pulled her down on the bed with me. Animal lust would best describe what followed. Our tongues explored each others mouth and clothes were rapidly shed finally in a naked embraced on the bed. She was to good to only have once and I was going to make sure she wanted to come back. I caressed her nipples finding them quite sensitive; replacing my hand with my mouth I sucked each one while my hand found her pussy. The heat of her pussy was incredible and it was slick, when my finger found her swollen clit.

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   I worked her to a climax while greedily sucking on her tits. I was not sure if she had one long climax or several short ones she stiffened and stayed that way for almost a minute, finally collapsing totally relaxed back onto the bed. I moved up and held her tight while kissing her. In a minute I released my hold on her and started the kiss her body working my way down from her mouth until at last my face hovered above her pussy. The subtle fragrance of her pussy had me panting as my tongue work its way down the lips of her cunt untangling hair as I went leaving the lips open for my tongue. Her cunt was intoxicating and sweet to the taste. I sucked and licked her to several climaxes when I felt her pulling me into a 69 position. I tried to concentrate on her pussy but her lips kissing the head of my cock was quite a distraction. Cindy opened her mouth sucking me in. Her hands went to my ass pulling me down encouraging me to start fucking her mouth. I started to pump in and out going deeper every time, finally I was at her throat and she pulled me forward forcing my cock into her throat. She started to choke on it but she held me in place and in a short time she was breathing normally and I started fucking her mouth and throat in slow strokes. I would have cum down her throat, but I wanted her pussy more. I had to break free; she didn’t want to release my dick. I swung around and with the head of my cock at the entrance of her cunt.

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   I asked her if she wanted me to fuck her cheap slut cunt. She had a half crazed look on her face and said YES ram your big cock in me. I didn’t need to be asked twice and I fucked her hard and fast and I only lasted about two minutes. Ok tramp, take my hot cum, and unloaded my semen into her as she moaned, closing her eyes, climaxing with me. We both dozed off and a noise woke me up about an hour later, with Cindy snuggled up against me. One look at her and my dick started to get hard, which was a very pleasant thought seeing that it was between the cheeks of her ass. It only took a minute and my cock was hard and leaking it own lubricant and her asshole was slick enough to slide my cock into her. I woke her up when my cock slipped into her and she pushed her ass back getting more of my cock into her. I fucked her ass slowly while we were lying on our sides. This position limited my movements and the depth I could penetrate. I rolled on top of her keeping my cock in her ass and pulled her up onto her hand and knees. Now I could go to work on her sweet asshole and I did, when I heard my wife’s voice. I would ask you what the fuck do you think you are doing, but I can see that for myself. Cindy froze as she looked at my wife standing in the bedroom door. My wife glared at Cindy and asked what is your name slut? Then told me that most husbands in the world would have had at least the decency to pull his cock out of their tramps’ ass, when their wife walked into the room.

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   Cindy finally found her voice and told my wife her name and was crying saying she was sorry. She answered by saying you ought to be sorry, my husband I understand, but you look like a nice young lady. Before Cindy could say anything, my wife smiled and asked, well are you going to ask me to join you or not? Cindy mouth dropped open as my wife quickly stripped and came over to her and kissed her and then moved Cindy’s mouth to the nipple of her right breast. Cindy surprised me by immediately taking her nipple into her mouth. I could tell that she had some experience with her girlfriends in bed. I resumed fucking her ass and Cindy buried her face in my wife’s cunt. The show was too much for me and I exploded in Cindy’s ass. I quickly felt like I wasn’t needed or wanted anymore and the two of them went at each other. I was spent for the time being anyway and while my wife was sucking cum out of Cindy’s asshole, I went to the kitchen and made myself a drink and called work. I talked to the guy I was training to take over the nightshift and told him he was on his own tonight. All I heard from the bedroom for the next hour were moans and laughter. They finally came out arm in arm wearing matching robes. My wife looked at me and said quick boy make us some drinks. I jumped up and said yes dear! We all laugh at that. After talking for a while my wife came up with a great idea and had Cindy call home and ask her mother if she could stay at her friend’s house.

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   My wife took the phone and talked to Cindy’s mother for a while and assured her that she was home and would be sure that the girls got to school in the morning. My wife can be very friendly and persuasive and before she got off the phone she had a date to meet Cindy’s Mom for a drink at the country club. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if in the near future I would have a mother daughter combination in my bedroom. We ordered pizza for dinner and watched some television, while I was cleaning up a bit, the girls disappeared into the bedroom and my cock was telling me that I should join them!.



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