That summer


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I’m a 21-year-old boy from China. I’m 75kg in weight and 178cm in height, strongly built. Right now I ‘m studying at a university in Chengdu, southwestern China. I ‘m crazy about basketball, actually I play for my college. I used to have a girlfriend back in high school. But after high school, we went to different cities for college so we broke up afterwards.   But we still kept in touch using text messages.
  There’s a very beautiful place called Jiuzhai Gou north of Chengdu. Last summer, she wanted to go check it out. Since I haven’t seen it either, so we decided to go together. I know that she didn’t have a boyfriend then. I used to have one in the first semester, but broke up because we felt we weren’t right for each other.
Her college ended 18 days later than mine did, so I just waited for her in my dorm.

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   During those 18 days I thought hard hoping to surprise her when she came. I can still remember all the sex we had in high school. My first time ever was with her, so was she. The first time I touched her breast was in the lab building where nearly nobody goes late at night. The first I felt her pussy was in my home. This may sounds interesting, at that time I didn’t know that women’s pussies get wet when they are aroused. So I thought they were urine. But she told me that this is the time when her pussy is ready to take my dick. That day we couldn’t wait anymore, and we had our first sex ever. It felt wonderful. After that we grabbed every possible chance to make love. There was even once she gave me a blow job in a building which was still under construction. But they were all very traditional. But this time I want it to be special. All my 3 other roommates went home one by one.

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   The day she arrived I was totally by myself.
  I went to the train station to pick her up. We took a taxi to my dorm. On our way home, I told her that she can stay at my dorm room and there’s gonna be a surprise for her. When we finally reached my room she asked “ so what’s the surprise?”
  “Do you want it now?”
  “Why not?”
  You see, our beds and tables are joined together. The beds are above the tables. There ‘s a metal bar attached to each bed to prevent us from falling down when we sleep.
   “OK, close your eyes” I said. Then I blindfolded her and got those ropes I prepared. I tied both of her wrists to the bar. Then I took off her jeans and underpants.
  “OK, Mike. You don’t have to do all this just to fuck me. Remember what we did in high school?”
  “Just wait” then I stuck a vibrator in her pussy.
  “ What is it, Mike, what ‘s in my pussy?”
  “Just wait.

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I turned on my computer and played a Japanese porn movie. I advanced to where the girl in it starts to moan.
  “OK. What is it?”
  Then I turned on the vibrator.
  “Oh, Mike, oh, how can you, oh…. . oh” Then she started to moan, real loud, writhing her body.
  I then put a chair in front of her, stood on it, and put my fully erect cock in her mouth. She sucked it really hard. She sucked and sucked, after a while as I was about to cum she stopped. I knew she was about to cum too. I pulled out my cock and wanked myself. We cummed the same time.
  Turning off the vibrator, I said “ so how ‘s the surprise”
  If you wanna mail me, write to mikebryant81@yahoo. com     (Girls only please)

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