Teresa and the Wreaker, Her Car Breaks Down


Teresa is my lover of over 8 years and though we are both married we love to have fun in almost any circumstance. She loves to show off and I like to see her have fun. We were supposed to meet after she was driving from Atlanta from a teacher's workshop. She was driving on some of the back roads on the way to meet in Madison Georgia at a hotel. She dressed very conservativley normally but when playing she always dressed barley legal. She is 5'0" tall and a little of a BBW. She had redish brown hair that goes to her shoulders and she loves to show off her 42DDD titties that are firm and her nipples get hard as eracers. Well, she had left the workshop and changed into her "Travel clothes" on the way. She left the rowkshop south of Atlanta and decided to take a few back roads to get to Madison. The car started acting up and finally died and she called me on the cell to tell me what happened. I was still not in Madison and was up a little ways. "Well the car just stopped" she said. "Okay I told her, well call a tow truck and let me know where they take it. I will come pick you up. " I have on my play clothes" she said. "Okay I told her, so play if you want to.

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  " "You are serious?" she asked me. "Sure Sweetheart, if there is something to play with of course. " Okay she told me" and hung up. She called a service that was a couple miles away in a small town and they said they would be there soon. No Teresa's play clothes were a tank top tee shirt that she had cut off and rehemmed just below her titties, about an inch. It just hung there over her barely and if she moved her arms up the nipples showed out from under the shirt. Her skirt was a wrap around that she had changed and it was held closed by two buttons at the waist. It did not overlap so that where the buttons met that was it. It was open with any movement at all. It was long but did not hide much unless she held it together which was something she never did. She wore a black thong under the skirt and no bra. Well, the tow truck got there and two guys got out. Both were in good shape, unusual for the country boys around here normally. No beer guts or anything. Teres asaw them and instantly got wet she told me later.

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   They pulled up and leaned in the window, "What is the problem lady?" It is broke" she said laughing making sure to smile at them both. Both men were over 6 feet tall, on a black guy in his early 20s and the other a white guy about 30. Both it seemed worked out and were in good shape. James was the black guy and Carl the white guy. Teresa stepped out of the car and let the breeze catch her skirt which flew open. "Opps, she said, damn thing never wants to stay together. " she said half laughing. Both men looked at her. Smiling, James said, "Well, I hope the wind keeps blowing. " Yeh me too said Carl. Teresa stood there waiting for the car to be put up on the flat bed and she tried to show off as much as she could. Her nipples were hard as rocks and her pussy was wet just thinking of what she was going to do. The car was on the truck and then Teresa asked, "So where do I ride?" They told her there was room in the cab on the seat between them if she didn't mind. "Oh that is good" she said. My phone rang again and she was talking a little loud for them to hear.

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   She put it on speaker phone after she had whispered "Pretend you are my husband and goa along with what I say okay?" "Sure" I told her. "Yes HUn, the car is broken down. It is on the tow truck now and these two good looking guys are going to give me a ride. " "Sounds good" I told her. "They really are good looking" she said, "I may have to attack them" she laughed. "Well dear, be gentle, don't hurt them. " "I I won't if they do want I want, they wil enjoy the morning I am sure. " "Okay hun, I will be there in a couple hours. " "Okay Steve, they may need you to help when you get here, you know how I am once I get going. " Yes sweetheart, you need to have a lot of attention. Take all you want. " "Love you" she said. "Love you too Hun. " "Make sure you are well fucked by the time I get there. " "Oh, I will" she said and the men mouths were open.

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   "Well, lets go" Teresa said and she climbed into the cab, her skrt open for their viewing pleasure. She got in the middle and let her skirt fall apart showing her legs and up to the thong. James was in on the passenger side and Carl the driver. Teresa sat between them. Her legs apart so Carl could get the shifter. Every time her moved her bumped her chest which she made sure to keep in his way. "Are you doing that on purpose" she said one time. "Well, they are in the way" he told her. Then she put her arms up over the back of the seats behind the mens shoulders and her shirt came up. Now her titties were exposed. "Are they in the way now" she said. Her nipples were hard. James looked and smiled, "Lady, if this is an offer I am gonna take you up on it. " Carl had pulled up a road and stopped the truck. "Take all you want" Teresa said.

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   "There is only one condition" Teresa said. "What is that?" Carl asked her. "I like to fucked hard, deep and long, and I love to suck cock and swallow and I like it a little rough. If you can't take care of that then lets keep going. " They looked at her and then grabbed her hard. "Fuck yeh lady, we can take care of that, can't we James. " "Yeh we can" and she was suddenly on a mat on the ground under some trees. She took off the little she was wearing and got to her knees. "Let me have it then, now. " James stepped up and took off his shirt and pants and boxers exposing a nice hard 9 or 18 incher. Carl also was hung well. "The girls cry when they see us coming" Carl said. "Well, I am not a girl and I never cry unless I don't get what I want. " Teresa said. She grabbed James and pulled him to her mouth taking his cock deep suddenly making him shudder.

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   "Oh yeh, she is serious. " he said. Teres adeep throated him for a while then felt him pulse, she took his load and swallowed it all, no leaking. He was still hard when he pulled from he mouth and Carl took his place. Teresa said, "Sit under me so that thing can do some good. " James sat under her on the mat and she slipped the hard cock into her pussy, moaning as it went deep in her pussy that had had an orgasm from him cumming in her mouth. Carl slipped into her mouth and again she moaned, feeling his cock harden. She swallowed it all the way down and moaned as she had two or so orgasms sucking him. James moved his hips with her passion deep in her pussy. Finally she had carl at the edge of cumming and JAmes was not far behind. I want us all to cum at once she moaned and she moved slowly on James. Let me know when you are close she moaned. They moved for a few more seconds and the men both said that they were ready. Teresa picked up the pace and soon all three were cumming at once. They finished and cum dripped from her pussy.

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   "Oh that was great guys. " "we have a couple more helpers at the shop if you would like to go and take care of them too," Carl said. "That sound great" Teresa said. They got up, dressed and moved on. A few minets later they drove up to the shop. Three men came out wiping their hands. "What took you so long?" One was sayin gas Teresa got out of the cab and smiled. "They were giving me a lube job" she said. Then her skirt came open. I see said an older guy. "Yes, and I need more. " She dropped her shirt and walked to a room that looked like a break room and laid on the couch. Her skirt and thong fell to the floor. "Lets go guys, I need a good lube. " They were soon talking turns in her pussy and mouth and finally her ass.

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   I drove up and saw three on her at one time. ONe in each hole. she was in the middle of an orgasm as I walked into the shop break room. Teresa had just swallowed a load and she had a pussy full of cock as I walked over and said, "Hi hun, I see you are doing good. Are we taking out the tow truck charges in trade. " "Hell yeh one of the men said. In fact we owe her change. "Then keep going till she gets all she wants I said. For several hours I watched her suck and fuck everything in sight. Several other men came in and went into the back room, coming out happy. Finally Teresa came out holding her clothes in her hands. "OKay hun, we can go now, they are all soft. " She got in her car and started it up. "Thought the car was broke down" I said. "No, I just needed a lube job.

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  " We kissed and she followed me to the hotel where we continued to have a all night party. She never does get enough. .