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This time not only did she lean forward, but she place her arm around Samantha then firmly grabbed her ass, pulling the Arabic girl into her body as she hungrily sucked on Samantha’s lips before thrusting her tongue into Samantha’s hot mouth. The kiss was certainly passionate and Samantha returned Kirsten favor by pinching and pulling Kirsten’s left nipple through her school shirt and sucking on Kirsten’s ear lobe. The girls pulled closer together- each one placing her thigh between the other’s legs so their wet pussys would have something to grind on as they started to release the tension they had felt between then. “That’s it girls, show each other how much you want her- show her how much you want to be her friend. That’s it…good girls…what fine ladies you will be. ”Their moaning and sucking was growing more intense. Kirsten hungrily lapped on Samantha’s shirt, soaking with through with her saliva until we could see a dark hard nipple underneath a wet white bra and sticky cotton shirt. “If you want her titts then rip her shirt off. ” I told Kirsten. She ripped off Samantha’s shirt and automatically pressed the Arabic girls breasts into her face- licking and biting her nipples until Samantha winced and groaned with pleasure, with each groan grinding her pussy hard onto Kirsten’s thigh. An obvious slick had formed on her leg- and it was obvious that Samantha had become the dog on heat that aroused her so when she thought of Kirsten. Kirsten pulled her own top off so that the girls could more easily press their titts against each other- and soon their hands and fingers began to delve down the front of each other’s panties, rubbing and digging into each others steaming hot cunts. “That’s it girls- show each other how you feel about the other- touch her in those places you’ve always wanted to touch. ” I said softly. No longer wanting to be upright on their knees the girl lay across the rug, each with her legs spread and her panties down, each hungrily licking and fingering the other’s pussy and ass hole. The rug was slick with their pussy juice- the air in my office thick with the scent of their young cunts.

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  Kristen dug her fingers deep into Samantha’s pussy and ass hole- her movements rough and angry. “Oh you perfect princess,” she growled. “Look at you now, humping and licking me like my whore mother does to me when I get home. I bet your daddy doesn’t fuck you as good as my daddy does mine,” she eyes were wild with pleasure- Samantha’s face was deeply pushed into Kristen hot cunt. Kirsten then pulled away from Samantha to better sit on her face. She mashed her white pussy against Samantha’s beautiful Arabic features, grinding her clit into Samantha’s mouth and calling her every name under the sun. “You horny bitch, you never had any have you princess…oh but your loving it now aren’t you baby…” She sat back from Samantha’s face long enough to lick her own juices of Samantha’s features and to bite hardly on her pretty lips. Samantha fingered her swollen clit while Kirsten told her what a whore she was- what a perfect little harem girl, fit to be raped by all the her father’s brothers and sons- and how she knew that Samantha ached to be filled with cock. Samantha rolled her head in pleasure, moaning words and rubbing her clit hard- her legs were spread open and I could clearly see her juice splashing out of her cunt. Kirsten leaned back slightly so that she could tweak Samantha’s nipples as she started to urinate on Samantha’s face. This sent Samantha wild- the humiliation, the excitement; the scent of pussy and piss in their air exploded inside her cunt and waves of pleasure threw her body into spasm. Her throaty expression of satisfaction seem to indicate hunger for more. She flipped Kirsten over so she now lay on her back and laying slightly over her she thrust her hand up Kirsten’s vagina and began to pumping her hard. She forced her flopping breasts into Kirsten face until Kirsten finally took one in her mouth and began to suck and chew excitedly. The fury of Samantha’s fingering quickly sent Kirsten into a raging orgasm.

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   While Kirsten moaned and gasped in pleasure Samantha covered her in kisses and licks- like two bitches on heat making up after a squabble. Now they collapsed into each other’s arms, their legs entangled like long time lovers, their gaze deeply held by each other’s eyes. They lovingly continued to stroke each other’s bodies, Kirsten circling Samantha’s nipple, Samantha running her fingers up and down Kirsten’s inner tight, sometimes lightly fanning her touch over Kirsten’s twat. I let them steal a few moments of silence before interrupting their make up session. “See- now that wasn’t too bad, was it?” I inquired. The girls had forgotten I was there- and for a moment they seemed embarrassed and lost – as though they had suddenly found themselves living out some deep dark secret- and had gotten so lost in their passion that they had forgotten that I, Ms Hazelworth, school psychologist for the past 50 years had been in the room all along. “Now both of you stand up and hug each other. ” They did as they were told- though this time it was gentle, loving- almost playful. “See- you are learning how to get along. How to take care of each other- how to work together instead of against each other. ”The girls looked shyly at me and nodded “Yes Ms Hazelworth. ”“Now, we have been over this several times in the past young ladies. ” I reminded the two girls. “And if you two do not stop fighting- do not stop at this cat fighting and bitchyness, you will find yourselves in my office once a week- just like you have been doing for the past two years- is this understood?” “We promise we will stop fighting. ” They answered in unison, sneaking flirty eyes at each other while they answered.

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   Sometimes I wondered if their bad behavior was merely an act- a strange game these girls had started playing in order to get into my office and act these roles out. Some of the other girls told me that Samantha and Kirsten only misbehaved when there was a teacher around- the rest of the time they got along fine. But I doubted these rumors could be true- for never before had I scene such friction between two fiery creatures such as these. I would assume it is merely their resistance to my method that keeps them coming back- rather than some perverse delinquent behavior. “Well I hope two girls do stop your squabbling,” I answered sternly. “Otherwise we will have to continue this method of therapy. ”“Samantha- wear Kirsten’s jumper to study hall. I will arrange for another shirt for you over the weekend. Both girls looked at me shyly then quickly kissed me on the cheek and said thank you before racing off to the dinner hall. I think there has been much progress- Samantha admitting her lust towards Kirsten was certainly a step forward in her treatment. And Kirsten expressing her frustration against Samantha by urinating in her face was a sure sign that the girls are getting closer. I am sure they will be the best of friends by the time the year is through. .



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