Tears, (An Apology): Chapter One


"Sarah. . Um. . . hi. Where's Nathan?"I glared at him with contempt. "He's coming later, when he's finished at work. ""Well. . . . we have a lot to talk about. ""Yeah, we do. . .

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  . . So?"I sobbed out loud as my memory took me back to the room Adam and I had talked in, for at least an hour, drinking as we chatted. I had gazed at him, his ebony hair, his grey-blue eyes, and been transported to a year beforehand, both 17, when we had given ourselves to each other. All at once our eyes met and our old passions flared up, despite our harsh separation. We kissed, a kiss that burned like fire, his tongue gently caressing mine and his soft hands entangling themselves into my silky copper hair. My hands ran over his muscular body, remembering every curve and dent of his back. I ran the tips of my fingers through his sweet-smelling hair and sighed into his mouth as i recalled the ways he used to pleasure my body. . . He would lie me down so tenderly and run his hands softly along my slender frame, avoiding in between my legs, making me want him even more. I could still feel his hardness against my stomach as he kissed down my jawline to my neck, still feel him painfully, slowly inch his way inside me and rhythmically push into me as his tongue enchanted my delicate pink nipples. I felt him kiss me more urgently and his hand slide down the curve of my body and grab my firm behind. This wasnt the Adam I had known- but his forcefulness excited me. I allowed him to pull me astride him and manouvere his hand to feel the wetness forming in my pants.

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   I opened my eyes to see those gorgeous grey-blue wells staring back at me. . . simultaneously, our brows fell into frowns and we tore ourselves apart, realising for the first time what we had done. And as we parted, still aching for each other, my eyes shifted to that familiar silhouette stood in the doorway. The tall shadow I knew so well. Nathan. *****I was shocked out of my imagination by the harsh beeping of a horn, only to find myself caught in the headlights of a car. "Watch where you're goin' misuss!!!"I lifted my hand in acknowledgement to the irate driver and hurried to the pavement. I looked around, blinking back the raindrops. Where was I? Then I began to recognise my surroundings, the street sign, the houses, that driveway, that huge front door.
    Nathan's front door. Hey everyone,This is my first story so please be gentle :)I can accept critisism so dont be shy just as long as it's helpful stuff!!!!Thanks guys!!!FragileHeart x.