“Forget about it,” he growls as he reaches over and turns off the stove. His hands rake through my hair, holding my face close to his. I wrap my arms around his neck and gently tickle the back of his neck. I hear a low groan in his throat as he leads my tongue into his mouth to suck on it. His hands travel down my back and to my ass. He grabs it and lifts me off the counter. I wrap my legs tightly around his waist and he walks us towards the bedroom as he continues to suck my tongue. He slowly lowers me to the ground, causing our bodies to rub against each other. I take off both our shirts and he takes off our pants. My hands rub his back and ass as he begins to bite my breast through my bra. “Oh baby,” I moan while my hands slide his boxers off. He continues to torture my breast with his lips and teeth through my bra as he slides my panties off. I grab his cock with one hand and slowly begin to stroke him as my other hand plays with his hair. “Oh Tara,” he whispers. I feel his hands stumble to take off my bra and release my 32 C breasts. His lips engulf one of my nipples, sucking into his mouth.

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   His tongue flickers over my nipple as it gets harder. I continue to stroke his cock while one of his hands rubs over my ass and down to my wet pussy. He teases me by rubbing his fingers just over my pussy lips. I softly moan his name begging him to touch me. Finally, I feel his finger rub my clit and moan louder. “You like that baby,” he asks as he slides up to look into my eyes. I silently nod and he touches my clit again. I bite my lower lip as he wraps both of my arms around his neck. His fingers slide into me and I arch my back from the pleasure. My nipples reach his lips as my back bends and he sucks one of them into his mouth again his fingers fuck me. “Mmm baby,” I moan. He lifts my back up so our lips meet as he sucks my lower lip into his mouth. His fingers continue to pound into me. “Wrap your legs around me,” he says as he grabs my ass and lifts me up. I wrap my legs around his waist and he turns and leans me against the wall.

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   His lips kiss down to my neck to lick and suck all over it. I scratch his back and rub his neck when I feel his 9 inch cock slide into me. I moan and wrap my legs tighter around him as his hands grab my ass and move me up and down. He moves my slowly at first then begins to move quicker. His cock is slamming into me and it begins to hit my clit. My moans become louder as he brings me closer to an orgasm. He realizes what is happening and slides one of his hands into my pussy to rub my clit. I scream out and dig my nails into his shoulder as my juices explode all over his cock. He passionately kisses me as he walks us towards my bedroom. He throws me down onto the bed and climbs in between my legs. “I’ll just clean you up a bit,” he says as his lips move towards my pussy. He licks my inner thighs and gently bites a few spot. I squirm as I wait for his lips to reach me. He sucks my pussy lips into his mouth then flickers his tongue over my clit. I begin to softly moan as I play with my breasts.

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   His tongue begins to slide into my pussy as he tongue fucks me. My back arches and I moan louder as he sucks my clit into his mouth. I beg for him to stop but he sucks my clit even harder. His fingers slide into me. He pushes them in as far as they can go then curls his fingers up so he pushes on my G-spot. I scream out and try to move away but he grabs my ass with his other hand and holds me there. My eyes roll back and my back arches once more as he brings me to another orgasm.
    “Mmm, tastes good,” he growls as he slides up my body and tries to slide his cock into me once more. “Oh no,” I say. “It’s my turn. ”He looks at me a little puzzled as I push him off of me. I kiss down his body before wrapping my lips around his cock. I slowly lower my lips so that his whole cock is in my mouth. He moans as I grab his balls and rub them with one hand while the other follows my lips up and down his cock. I begin to suck just the head while my hand strokes him as fast as I can.

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      “Not so fast baby,” he says as he pulls my back up his body and invades my mouth with his tongue. His hand slides down my body and rubs my clit while our tongues play in my mouth. I let him rub my clit for a while before sitting up and straddling his waist. He smiles up at me and begins to caress my breasts as I lower myself onto his cock. I begin to rock back forth on his cock so it hits my clit. He licks his lips and grabs my waist to lift me up and down. “Faster baby,” he moans. I move faster on his cock as I reach back to rub his balls. He moans then sits up so our lips are an inch apart as he continues to move my hips up and down. “Do it the way I like it Love,” I whisper into his ear after sucking his ear lobe. He lies me on my side on the bed then lies behind me. Jeff slides one hand up my calf and onto my thigh to lift it up. He moves closer and slides his cock into my pussy. His lips begin to suck my neck as his arm holding my leg up reaches around and rubs my clit. His cock pounds into me as I orgasm once more.

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       “That does it,” he says before moaning loudly. I feel his cum pour into my pussy. He continues sliding in and out of me until all his cum is out. He slides out of me and kisses down my spine then back up before wrapping his arms around me. “Good night sweetie,” he says. Tara sighs as she gets out of bed and walks to her answering machine to listen to the message from Jeff. “See you tonight baby,” the message says. .