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“I’m not going to share you with anyone else. I don’t want any other man seeing me. I don’t want to share my bed with anyone. I want you all for my own. What’s the matter, don’t I please you or turn you on enough anymore?” “You know better than that. I am crazy about you. I love you, and only you. I’m always horny for you – anytime, all the time. I don’t want any other woman for my wife. You are the only woman I will ever love for the rest of my life. I would just like to be able to watch us fucking. I want to watch my cock filling you pussy, sliding in and out close-up. Besides, it wouldn’t have to be a man, it could be a woman taking the videos. ”“I couldn’t do that. Just whom did you think you would get to do this videotaping, anyway?” she asked. “It would have to be strangers.

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   We couldn’t possible do something like this with someone we know, love, or work with. Certainly not a family member. ”“Just how in the world do you propose to meet someone like that?” she asked. “Actually, I already put an add online in Adult-Friend Finder for a woman to videotape us and maybe join in – only if agreed to by all. I already got a reply from a woman in a town nearby that is interested. She said she would like to meet and have some fun, but that she won’t go anywhere without her husband. She said he would just watch, unless invited to join in. I saved the responses. Read for yourself. ” I then brought up the messages on the computer for her to read. The first message said, “Hi. We are a couple that live 45 min away, i do not go alone but my husban would be with me to watch or join in if agree'd apond, let us no. ”My reply said, “ Sorry I have not gotten back to you sooner. I am a professional, and as a consequence - travel frequently both in and out of state. My wife and I also will not participate without the other being present.

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   We are sincerely interested in meeting you. Have you been doing this long, and have you actually made a connection previously with others? As mentioned in our profile, we are both straight, but are looking for some excitement beyond what one couple can accomplish. We would love to have movies and photos, but it is hard to do while having sex. Would also be interested in taking photos and movies of you as well. We should make some arrangement to meet cordially at some neutral place where we can have discussions and get a feel for one another, perhaps at the Casino sometime. I have quite an extensive collection of porn movies, perhaps we might share a Jacuzzi room there and watch together and begin getting familiar. What are your thoughts about this??? Please reply if you are seriously interested. As we mentioned before, we would like to act out scenes for movies. Waiting to hear from you regarding the next step. Her lasy reply was, “Hi. Are you talking about next weekend?. If so how will we no you's? If its this weekend let me no,my husban drives truck, an he would have to take a weekend off. bye byeMy wife remained quiet, expressionless. It was hard to read anything she might be thinking at the moment. Finally, the silence was broken when she asked, “Just what kind of ad did you put on the Internet?”I brought up the ad.

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   It said, “We are a professional straight couple that likes having another female to join in. Sometimes just to watch and take pictures or video. Other times to join in and role-play in a fantasy. The ideal woman we seek should be very fun loving and adventurous. Willing to try new things. Must have a vivid imagination and enjoy playing games, creating fantasy scripts to act out, and very discreet. We are a very happily married couple, and secure in our relationship. We just like having a third to liven the fun occasionally. It is real hard to take pictures and video while having sex. Also, creating scenarios to act out requires a third person to be realistic and fun. You do not have to be bi-sexual. My wife is not bi, but will use dildos, strap-ons, and play with your tits to enhance your excitement and give the sensation of double penetration. ”“You actually said I would use a dildo or strap-on to another woman? THAT’S SICK!!! What makes you think I would do that?” she replied. “I did take some liberties stating that. But I have seen you reading erotic stories on the Internet about two women experimenting and finding that it wasn’t so bad after all.

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   And I know you read the stories about some woman making love to another man while her husband watched; or getting fucked by two men at the same time. In fact, you seemed really aroused by those E-mails I sent when I was away from you working – where I fantasized about you and another woman making me your love slave and torturing me with sex. ”“Yeah, but reading and thinking about it, and actually doing that are different things entirely. ” She exclaimed. “You have the same fantasies as I do, and you are probably every bit as embarrassed as I am to bring the subject up for fear of being thought a pervert. Hell, sometimes when I think about it I wonder if I am a pervert for thinking those things. I catch myself wondering, ‘if I love you so much I shouldn’t be thinking about such things,’ but this is exactly when it makes the most sense. When two people are so madly in love with each other like we are, there will never be any threat to our relationship. ”“I don’t think I could ever do anything like that, And another man besides – what do you think that will be like for you to watch?” she finally said. “To tell you the truth, I’m not sure if I ever could either. I’m just as afraid as you are. But I still would like to get some videos of us fucking. It can’t hurt to meet them. If we don’t like what we see, or feel comfortable with them, we don’t ever have to meet again. Nothing needs to happen if either one of us don’t want it to.

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   If we feel comfortable enough, maybe we could get a room at the casino and watch some of our porn movies to break the ice more. I can send them an E-mail to meet anytime you want. Give it some thought. I wont mention it anymore unless you do. ”With that said, I gave her a deep passionate kiss, and then we snuggled together and went to sleep. Two days later my wife was really horny. Our son was staying at a friend’s house, and our daughter was working. My wife asked me, “Do you want to keep playing card games on the computer, our do you want to play games with me in the bedroom?”“I vote to play games with you anytime,” I said, and immediately went to the bedroom. As she was taking off her clothes I grabbed the video camera, set it up on the tripod, and positioned it to show a close-up on her pussy. I moved over her and began eating her pussy. Slow, ever so slow I circled her clit with my tongue, darting over it occasionally, causing her to tremble with shivers of pleasure. My forefinger toyed with her rosebud, dipping into her pussy every now and again to get it wet with juice. As I licked her clit I worked my finger into her ass. She began to gyrate on my finger, forcing it deeper into her ass and driving her clit full into my mouth. “No, don’t make me cum yet!” she said.

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   I got off the bed, adjusted the camera, and then lay down on my back with my but on the edge of the bed. My 7-inch cock hard lying hard on my stomach with my balls hanging in front of the camera. “Face the camera and put my cock in your pussy, baby. ” I commanded. She spread my legs apart, straddled my dick, and began to work my shaft into her wet slit. Slowly at first, then gradually she picked up the tempo. “Ride that fuckin’ cock, baby. Ride it hard. Make those tits bounce. That’s it baby, harder – faster. Bury it to the hilt. ” Her pussy started to surround my cock with wet lubricant from her pussy, and she was saying, “Fuck me you bastard. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck that pussy!”I could tell she was near the edge of cumming.

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   “Take your fingers and play with that clit. I want you to make yourself cum all over my cock” Obediently, she placed her fingers on her clit and began to work them fast as commanded. Faster and faster the fingers circled until they blurred in front of the camera lens. “Oh my gawd, I’m going to cum. I’m cumming. Arghh, yes I’m CUMMING – CUMMING. Cumming all over your fat cock, you fucker!” she said. I felt the wetness come squirting out of her pussy and drip all over my balls. It was more than I could stand. I felt my balls draw tight to my ass, and the tensing of my stomach muscles told me that my ejaculation was imminent. I could feel the hot liquid from my sac begin to build pressure for the journey outward. “I’m gonna cum,” I proclaimed. “Faster, faster. Uh-oh, uh-oh, oooooh, ohhh, uuuuugh. Here it comes, I said.

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   “Stay right where you are, bitch. I want to spray it all over your pussy. ” I could hold the pressure no longer. The white liquid began its surge up the tube of my shaft as I reached for my pecker. I could feel it approaching the head of my cock as my hand grabbed my shaft and pinched it tight to keep the cream from being ejected before I could remove the hot tube from her vagina. The head of my dick cleared her pussy just in time. The pressure from pinching it off had built up so much that the first shot of white stuff flew 2 feet over her pussy, landing all over her tits, followed by a second and third shot that drenched her tummy and pooled in her belly button. “Oh, god, that feel great,” I said. My pulsating cock spit the fourth, fifth, and sixth spurts – now they were showering all over her pussy and thighs. I grabbed my cock from over her leg and began to jerk the remaining milk from my balls all over the head of my cock and rolling all over my fingers. I rubbed my cock over the juice I had deposited on her pussy, mingling it with that running down my cock, and spreading across her clit. Once the orgasm subsided, I took my hands and rubbed my love juice all over her tits, stomach and pussy like it was skin lotion. I rolled her over onto her back on the bed and began to lick my orgasm from her tits, slowly working across the flat of her tummy, and finally ending at her thighs, where I used the cream to lubricate her pussy to bring her to yet another orgasm. Following that we both collapsed exhausted on the bed. .

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