Swimming with Turtles


…. . to be continued.
© 2004 Velvet Dress & Endorphin101 2 to be interwoven with Story 1, Swimming with Turtles]
Moving quietly he lets himself into her hotel room lest he alert her to his presence. laying so still, the cool air runs over her naked body sending shivers down her spine raising the hair on the back of her neck, a silk scarf tied loosely over her eyes, her hands by her side, but she wishes they were tied to the bed. Alert now to some movement near her she becomes breathless. .

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  . . . . she can feel him softly blowing warm air over her belly. . . . . how, when did he come in, she smiles inwardly, expectations overwhelm. . . . 'what am I doing here' she thinks and then for the first time groans deeply as his breath runs over nipples. .

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  . . His hot wet tongue circles round her right nipple briefly, he feels and hears her quick intake of breath, feels her legs straighten taught under his, feels her raise her hips to his, looking for his hard-on, he keeps it away from her, it takes some staunch self control - delicious this moment, even though he feels her hot cunt breathing fiercely over his tight balls, he will let her hang a bit he thinks. Stretch the anticipation out, drag the succulence of the moment out, licks her neck, makes her shudder, makes her breathe in sharply and beg for him. Her back is arching, her nipples hard against his skin. The night is hot, her skin is slippery with perspiration. Turns him on even more. “Please, please now, “ she whispers into his ear, her warm breath turns him on. She wants him but not enough just yet.
He slides his warm body over her breasts and he whispers in her ear, “Ever seen baby turtles hatch, make the journey to the sea, it’s certain death for the majority, but they are drawn to it…………………” runs his tongue over her lips. Her lips taste like strawberry sorbet, sweet, slides his tongue into her mouth, takes her tongue slowly, enticingly, feels her respond, thinks about her tongue moving to where he wants it most, “those little turtles need to feel their bodies suspended in the moment, all enveloping motion, thrusts them forward into life………………. . only a few survive. No concept of fear, they move forward into the Big Blue. It’s all random.

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   It’s a gamble. Only a few survive. Go with their instincts only. Amazing. ”
She turns her neck to his lips raises her hips to his, wants him to feel her hot slippery wet with his hard sex, he draws away from her. With some control. . . . . . . . . .

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  . . . . . . . . . . . . “Oooooh please, please,”she pants urgently, “tears my soul apart, need you in me. Please ……. now, please now.

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  ” He grips her left wrist possessively, bounds it with the soft rope, drags it to the bedpost, runs his mouth over her right breast, sucks softly, firmly, she runs her free right hand up his inner thigh, cups his soft pliant balls, lets go, circles her warm palm around his hard shaft, licourice sticks him, licks his neck , bites his nipple. The moment is quiet. Private. He whispers in her ear, “Soon,” he breathes his life onto her, wants her so badly. Takes her right hand with some forced control, ties the rope around it, drags it up to the bedhead. “Soon,” he whispers in her ear. ”Soon. ” She closes her eyes and feels herself being taken on the tide like a baby turtle.
…. to be continued.
© 2004, Velvet Dress & Endorphin101

God this is beautiful he thought, sliding into the water, the cool ocean enveloping him, his cock hardening ever so slightly at the sensual caress of the cool cool water. The moon, full and shining brightly causes the bubbles he creates with his hand to luminesce. Breathing deeply he slips beneath the water and kicks out into the darkness. He knows he is safe, the net assures him of that. But swimming beneath the waves without the aid and comfort of light causes his heart to race.

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   Swimming strongly now, he feels his lungs craving oxygen. He rises to the surface for a breath only to hear someone entering the water behind him. He turns and sees nothing but a faint glow in the water where they entered. Did they follow him, why? Slightly annoyed at his reverie being broken he turns and swims confidently across the ocean pool, all the while keeping an eye on the shore and an ear for his fellow swimmer. Within a moment he is lost in his exercise, reaching ahead of him in long graceful strokes he pulls himself through the water with ease, a glowing trail of luminescent wake behind him. He crosses the pool five or six times building speed and losing himself in the physical exertion. Tiring now, he angles toward the shore and it is then that he sees her. He stops and watches. A tall willowy brunette is standing at the beach at the precise point where he entered. Her head hangs forward so he cannot see her eyes. The subtle noise of the waves makes it impossible to hear. But the light makes it quite easy to see. Her right hand slides across her belly and up to her right breast, her left is between her thighs. She is naked and masturbating. .

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  . . . .
She had seen him entering the secluded cosmopolitan beachside cove soon after the sun had gone down. Such a tall, good looking Adonis with such a sad, determined look on his face. What was his problem?
It had been such a sweltering hot day, sweat dripping between her breasts, presenting the great Australian salute swatting away flies, child screaming maniacally, rather insanely for the father - well she had decided all little girls needed their father, so he could have her. She ditched the kid and decided to visit her old stomping ground, revisit her youth if you will. What had happened to her life for god sakes? Something had gotten into her of late, call it rampant pheromones or early mid life crisis. She was burning up. Hot, hot, hot all the time, burning up. A fever she felt deep in the general vacinity of her sex, commonly referred to as her cunt, worming its way up to her gut, until she just let it wave through her entire person. Walking zombie definitely, but she was still a person, right?
She woke up for god sakes, most mornings on her own with her fingers wet between her legs, her breasts hard, nipples erect, she made herself cum with the thought of someone blowing hot breath across her belly and slowly, deliciously commencing a slow, wet lick from the soft fleshy part of her inner knee area to THAT spot, you know the one. OOOh.

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   She just thought sex all the time. It was a hopeless place to be in. Damn it!! She was in Fucking Nowhere Land. Internet sites had lost their appeal with their saucy air of illicit communication. It was all Electric Mist in the Blue Nowhere. Anyone could be anyone they so desired. But where was the confrontation, the reality. Anonymous coffee partners with endless come fuck me lines and the inevitable, oh sod it, let‘s just shag, really left her feeling bored, undernourished sexually and just downright perplexed. No wonder more than half these geezers were on the internet, not one she had met possessed a great wealth of wit, intellect or could even minutely grasp the concept of foreplay or at least had the vaguest clue of what an erogenous zone was. Were there no great Seducers left to seduce her? She so wanted to be seduced.
She was a young chick at heart, still quite gorgeous, got whistles still on the street from those sweaty, tanned wolf lecherous, grimy workmen. Now there was a delicious dream to be had. All dreams.
Yeh, she was blessed with good looks and a bod’ to die for, the benefit of good genes and a catch me if you can attitude. Well fuck it, now she just wanted to be caught and by god, to say she had been going at it full throttle for the past four months was a sheer understatement.

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   Emphasis on sheer. Sure, she had taken some major risks. But she was finding her feet again, whetting her whistle so to speak. But no one had rung her bell to an escalating Brandenburg Concerto level. Where the fuck (emphasis on fuck) was He! Yes, she was looking for a god of sorts. Poor delusional babe. The others had all been so easy and so far off X marks the spot.
She had come to the conclusion that she was the only person who could take charge of the situation and move things along the path she wanted to head down (pardon the pun). So here she was at this juncture in her life, pursuing a STRANGER for god sakes down a wooded path to a secluded beach. Another risk. Her adrenalin pumped through her veins, made her feel alive. She pursued him like a bitch in heat. What the hell was wrong with her? She was like a woman possessed.
He was a very very tall man, athletic you could say and the thing that struck her most, that made her move faster towards him, was that intense pissed off look in his face - which seemed to suggest unattainability, loner, I’m better than you (possibly) and she liked a challenge. Nothing worse than a placid fuck.


   She hoped he had some intellect as well as X factor. What was there to lose. It was dark, no one else around, if all came to nought, who would know. She’d stand her distance for a while, watch him, determine how safe she was with him. She sat in the sand and watched. The night was so hot, made her want him more. She swatted away another blasted fly.
She liked his confidence, the way he just dived into the dark shimmering water like he belonged there. She knew there were nets, so bipeds were safe from Noahs, but still she admired the fact that he seemed to fear nothing. Courage is a sexy thing she thought. It’s more than confidence, it screamed, “Don’t fuck with me man, I know who I am and what I can do. ” Soooooooo sexy.
She just had to have him. She turned off her mobile, removed her faded denims and mid-drift top, let them slide gently onto the sand, removed her sheer pink g-string and matching lacy see-through bra. Kicked off her sandals.


   Good to feel naked in this heat, feel the warm air rush over her body, caress her nipples, lick her neck. She moved her long slender feet towards the cool cool water and while she watched his long hard muscled arms slice the water in front of him, all the time unaware of her, she dived into the dark water and thought about them wrapped around her waist.
She swam silently underwater for a while and eventually bobbed up sleek as a sea otter a few feet away from him, the moon had passed behind a cloud. He had stopped and was treading water, looking around him with those hawk like eyes. She sensed a certain apprehension in the twist of his head, perhaps she had unnerved him. Good, she thought. Arrogance is a bad thing. Take a bit of that confidence (just a bit) away.
He hadn’t seen her and continued on his mission.
She swam back to the shore, the water had cooled her slightly, but he had made her so so hot. She thought about his long hard legs, wondered how large his cock might be. She stood there for a while in the shallows, she wanted him to see her eventually. Her skin was luminescent. Pale like the moon, she stood out against the night, tall, slender, long legged. Her breasts rose and fell with each breath.

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   He continued to slice the water and as he moved, she moved her fingers between her legs. She moaned softly, thinking, perhaps he could be the one and as she traced her belly lightly with her right hand and brought it to her nipple, she sucked the ring finger of her left hand and slid it gently between her legs. She lay down on the sand in the shallow water, let the warm water lap over her thighs, she moved her left hand down to her clit and continued to masturbate. She wanted him so badly, right there, right now. Sliding her finger slowly, deeply inside her salty, warm, wet cunt she thought about his tongue penetrating her and she shuddered.
    She brought her left ring finger up to her mouth and slid it in tasting how salty she was. Ran her right hand over her breasts and squeezed her right nipple, she thought about his mouth sucking her slowly just there, moved her legs in the warm water, felt the tide bring the waves over her breasts, she was startled when she felt a wrist around her ankle and moved back with a start, sand up her arse.
    He dragged her forward with his hand firmly wrapped around her ankle, dropped down on his knees in the shallow water that kept lapping between her thighs. He grabbed both her ankles very firmly, bent over her with his face close to hers dripping brine onto her lips. He moved menacingly and with speed closer into her space. He sensed her brazeness disappearing rapidly and being replaced with something close to fear. Turned him on. Badly. He liked the startled expression in her eyes, she was so gorgeous just lying there so defenseless.

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       His cock jutted hard against the tip of her clit as he leaned into her. She shuddered with fear or delight, he knew not which, but it certainly made him harder, made his balls ache. Her skin was cool, but that clit was hot man, it breathed steam over his cock of that he was sure.
    He wanted to fuck her so badly. Sit her up, grab her legs, position her so that they were sitting facing each other. Confront. Oh yeah, make her see his eyes, feel what she was doing to him. In fact, he never wanted to fuck another woman as much as the one in front of him with her legs wide spread on that dark beach. He had definitely interrupted her rythym, she had nearly been there he was sure. Poor babe.
    His eyes connected with hers, “Can’t throw you back into the sea, you’re not a tiddler anymore are you? Way too good to let swim away, I think I might just have to eat you, you’d like that wouldn’t you?”.
    She moaned softly as his lips softly brush her neck, the tip of his tongue tasting the saltiness of her skin. Arched her back and pressed her gorgeous firm breasts hard into his chest, her cunt moved involuntarily in circular motions as she glided her slick wet and hard little clit over his throbbing hot sex. She was so into it, burning up down there, as the cool water licked around their legs.
    Suddenly she stopped him, bringing his mouth down onto hers.

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       Her tongue thrust deeply into his mouth and her hand reached for his cock which pressed hard against her. She slid her hand firmly up the length of his cock, flicking her thumb across the swollen head, feeling his pre-cum on her skin. Lifted her thumb to her mouth and licked it while he watched her intently. She pushed him away from her.
    Lying back on the sand propped on her elbows her knees apart and bent, she whispered in the dark to him, “make me cum with your mouth” . . . .
    He had never seen a woman who’s eyes looked more feral. It turned him on even more than her wanton posture.
    By VelvetDress & Endorphin101




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