Sweet Summer Memories


“I just thought I’d say hi, it’s—it’s been a while Rayn,” he replied as he took a seat by the pools edge. I shifted nervously again, gazing at him steadily. “Yeah, it has been. So how’s ‘Raya and your family?” I asked, referring to his long-term girlfriend. “Oh, her,” he closed his eyes in obvious agitation, “I guess she’s doing fine, I left her a year ago when you were away at college. ” I only nodded my head in response, unable to speak. I mean, who would give this to-die-for man up for anything or anyone else? I smiled gently and got up, carefully wrapping the black wrap around me. “I’ve got to go in, I’m sorry Omar. ’ I took up the towel, walking slowly to the sliding glass doors. He was walking after me, and took my arm gently. “Rayn, I’ve—do you want me?” he asked suddenly. I turned, my eyes wide in shock. “Do I… what?” “Want me?” his reply was quick, as was his mouth. Warm and moist, just like I dreamed of when I saw him two days ago. His kiss was tender, loving and… passionate. I only returned it with fervor as my tongue slid across his velvet one.

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   Caressing and lapping each other’s taste. I pulled apart, motioning for him to join me in my bedroom. We walked quietly upstairs, holding each other’s hands as we entered it. He gently pushed me on my bed, removing the straps of my bathing suit, and kissing each shoulder. I smiled, resting my head on a pillow as I felt his hands exploring my curves, and slowly removing my bathing suit from my body. It left me naked, and unusually, more comfortable than I was inside the clothing. He kissed each of my erect nipples slowly, lapping around each areola, and bringing them in, sucking hungrily as a chubby baby would to its mother. I could only moan in delight and run my fingers through his soft hair as he molded each one together, kissing, lapping, tonguing, biting, and tugging on each pebbled nipple. I raised up slightly lifting his face up to mine as we kissed once again, I stood up, pulling his shorts down to his feet, along with his boxers. He was magnificent, his manhood standing an erect 7 ½ inches long and nearly 2 inches around. Thick, and creamy, like a Tootsie Pop. I smiled invitingly to him as I pushed him onto the bed, my hands wrapping around his thick shaft. I could feel the blood pumping through his veins as I stroked him softly. My hands gliding up and down as I watched his face intently. “God yes, Rayn” he groaned as he dropped his head onto the pillow mine was previously on.

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   “What do you want me to do?” I asked, my voice husky. “Do anything, make me cum, Rayn, make me cum!” he pleaded. I loved being in control, hearing his groans as I ministered these wonderful feelings upon him. I only could do what any red blooded female would do. I kissed his head, licking around the top, dipping my tongue into the crevice, licking delightedly at the pre-cum oozing forth. I dipped my head low, my mouth engulfing his head as my hands worked slowly up his long shaft. “Oh, yes…” he whispered, his moan urging me on as I dipped my head lower, loving the salty and tangy flavor of his cock. He kept moaning as I drove my head up and down, slower, faster, slower and faster, a continuous cycle. One he loved, obviously. I could feel the pulse rapidly growing, I dipped my head lower, gagging happily on the thick shaft as I brought my mouth to the base of it, and as he erupted, a flowing eruption of sweet seed. I licked it up, off my lips, chin, and his dick. He smiled in the aftermath, pulling me up and placing me on the bed. I spread my legs willingly, and watched in glee as his head lowered to my waiting pussy. His lick was long and slow, tickling my clit as I screamed out his name, dropping my head and back onto the bed. He spread me wider, opening me more for his inspection as he licked my lips, dipping his tongue in and getting my scent on his face and drinking in my juices.

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   “Oh, God yes—right there! Oh yes-s!” Was repeated from my lips, parting as he started tongue-fucking me… a wondrous feeling as his thick, tongue pounded me hard. The sensation rippled through my body as I climaxed hard, squirting from time to time as he lapped me as a cat from a dish bowl. “Rayn, baby, are you ready?” he asked me, I could only touch his cheek as he lifted his body and positioned himself over me. His cock pushed into me of its own violation, slipping in my wet tunnel as I squeezed him. He groaned, dropping his head as he started pounding my viciously, my pussy aching from the beating I was getting. But it wasn’t at all horrible, it was hot, wild, and sexy. He kept hitting my clit, a shiver always passing through me as he filled me to the brim. “Fuck me! Oh yes fuck me!! Oh, oh, harder, God Omar, ha-arder!!” I screamed as I met his last thrust and he came inside me as I did on him. He filled me, his seed seeping into my literally dripping pussy. He laid his head on my chest, and turned over, pulling himself close to me. I held him as he did me. “I love you Rayn,” he sighed in my ear. “I love you, too” I grinned as I closed my eyes and fell asleep on his chest. I guess you could’ve said that maybe it was a cliché, but really, it wasn’t. It was something magical and more erotic than one could say.

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   I’m only glad that I married this man. SIDE NOTE FROM AUTHOR: Hey! I’m Jessica and I just recently signed up to the Sex Stories Post site, I was always logged in as a guest and I saved stories for “special purposes” ;) I love writing, and I know this isn’t at all really good, but I hope you guys like it. And it’s always good to hear what you guys have to say… thanks! – Jessie a. k. a Mythical.