Sweet Judy Blue Eyes


“It wasn’t abnormal. It was fun. Sex is fun” he thought as his head rested on Judy’s shoulder, his mind raced. “God, I hope she can’t see my hard-on. ” He looked down over the contours of her body, her long blonde hair lying over her pert breasts, her flat stomach, her shapely thighs. Tracey too lay there, wishing Judy was naked.
The three friends lay speechless, slowly becoming closer together, Tracey placing a leg over Judy and her arm outstretched and resting over the flat stomach, gripping to Peter’s dark t-shirt. Tracey would loved to have ripped the fabric from his body, purely for the fact that it was some band t-shirt that Tracey herself despised!
Peter had picked up on Tracey’s attraction to Judy previously, and was, if honest, a little jealous. He imagined the way Tracey would get off on Judy changing for gym class, and the two girls often went shopping together, trying on skimpy outfits, but for Peter, he could only imagine. He could feel himself become harder, he couldn’t control himself, lying so close to the two girls he desired so badly, he was sure Judy could feel the heat against her right thigh.
Tracey gently rubbed her leg up and down, as the movie ended, Judy took a deep breath in, then slowly exhaled. She felt so relaxed in her present company.
As Tracey’s leg moved in its slow motion, Tracey felt herself slowly becoming wet, her nipples hardened. Tracey had more balls than Peter, she knew it’d be sooner, rather than later, that she’d pounce on Judy.
Judy looked down at Peter’s head, she liked his dark hair, he was growing it. She averted her blue eyes to Tracey.

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   She too had dark hair, there was lots of it. Tracey wasn’t as slender as Judy, but she made up for it with her huge bust. Judy could feel both her friends, they were so close, so warm.
A few minutes passed. Tracey could hold it in no longer. She straddled Judy’s slim figure, put Judy’s head in her hands, blonde locks everywhere, and kissed her velvety lips. So sweet. Judy, surprised at first, began to kiss Tracey back, slowly slipping her tongue into her mouth, feeling Tracey’s tongue piercing. Judy began to tingle, she was shocked, but becoming highly aroused too. Peter, ashamed that he hadn’t pulled off Tracey’s move, watched the two girls, his dick pressed so hard against his jeans. His hand slid down and undid the buttons. As the girls began to gyrate, Peter found himself, stroking Tracey’s backbone, under her tight t-shirt, he found her bra strap, and efficiently unclipped it. Judy removed her cute little red sweater, revealing a similar coloured bra. Tracey worked her way from Judy’s mouth, kissing her neck, shoulders, then stopping at her breasts, she licked around them, then pulled the lace of Judy’s bra down, revealing her nipples. She sucked slowly on Judy’s left nipple, occasionally flicking it with her tongue.

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   Peter now had one hand on each of the girls breasts, squeezing. He turned his attentions to Judy, licking her free nipple. He gazed up to those wonderful blue eyes, they gazed back at his beaming brown eyes for a second, before Judy closed them. She gave out a little moan. Tracey removed her top, and began to undo the zip of Judy’s tight jeans. As Tracey climbed to the bottom of the double bed, removing each leg slowly from the jeans, Peter took her place. Judy felt his erect penis against her abdomen. Tracey made one of her earlier wishes come true, she pulled at Peters t-shirt, pulling it over his head. She then rubbed her huge breasts against his back as he lay kissing Judy’s body.
Judy opened her mouth wide, her knowing eyes fluttering at Peter. He positioned himself against the wall, his dick in Judy’s mouth, he instantly shivered as she moved her tongue around his thick, hard dick, from base to tip, back and forth. Tracey fingered Judy’s panties, feeling her moist vaginal lips which only made herself feel more wet. She removed the panties, and began licking Judy’s clit, in circular motions, building up the pace as she went. She slid two fingers into Judy’s warm, wet vagina, working up the pace some more, faster, harder, faster.
Peter could feel it.

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   “I … I … uh” he inhaled. “I’m coming” he moaned, as he spurted his come into Judy’s mouth, she swallowed as he withdrew. She stroked his penis with her hand, smiling. She moaned as Tracey continued to finger and eat her. Peter sat in the corner, assured that Judy had enjoyed her mouthful as much as he enjoyed her pleasuring him, he watched the two girls. Judy squirmed around, the pressure on her clit ever increasing. She moaned, she groaned. She pressed on her best friends head, gripping Tracey’s hair, encouraging her to go faster. Tracey obliged, feeling the walls of Judy’s vagina clenching on her fingers, she continued to lick at her frequent pace, as the slender figure in front of her orgasmed, Judy’s breath was intense, she felt her body hit extremities. She gave one more loud, powerful groan, then she was flat out. She giggled, and Tracey came up to eye level, they gazed at each other smiling as Judy’s breathing began to return to normal. Tracey stroked Judy’s forehead, removing a few beads of sweat. “You taste so good, so sweet”.
“I bet you do too” Judy said in her soft, dulcet tone. Looking across at the naked Peter, Judy prepared to go down on Tracey.

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   She stood on the unsteady bed, dancing seductively down onto Tracey’s lap, undoing the buttons of Tracey’s jeans with her teeth, giggling as she went, Judy with her ass high in the air. Tracey’s jeans were now on the floor, amidst the other garments from the three teenagers. Judy squeezed at Tracey’s pubic region, it was so moist. “Mmm, I wonder how many inches I have under here” she joked while pulling at Tracey’s boxer briefs, “ooh, I’m impressed, almost as exciting as Peter” as the briefs fell to the floor. The two girls, now totally naked, made Peter’s dreams reality. He watched as the mouth his solid penis had been in only 18 minutes ago, submerged into the black mass of pubic hair of Tracey. He watched as Tracey’s back arched, and the two girls swayed as one. Tracey held tightly to her own nipples as Judy’s agile tongue worked its way around her slit. “I wanna come!” Tracey moaned, Judy teased by going slower. Peter walked over, finding himself becoming hard once more, he stroked Judy’s back, from neck to ass, which was still predominately in the air. He gripper her legs and Judy widened. He slid his penis inside her anus, slowly, slowly. He rocked her body back and forth, with a tight grip on her hips as she continued to eat Tracey. Peter became solid again, throbbing. “Harder” Judy begged of Peter, he picked up pace.

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   She teased Tracey more, Tracey used a hand to push her friends head further, further. Tracey tensed up, “Fuck me! Fuck … Uhh” She reached orgasm. She passed her hands through her own mass of black curls. Peter quickly came and eased himself out of her butt. The three friends collapsed in a heap on Judy’s bed. “We should do that again sometime!!” Judy said ecstatically.