Sweet Angel


Chapter 1-------------------
The club was thick and heavy with cigar and cigarette smoke. Corporate executives sat at tables and alcoves drinking and laughing as they watched girls dance around in next to nothing at all. Most of them were asian, most of them were rich. Most of the dancers were western women, red heads and blonds were the favorites for the asian executives so for a young asian woman getting a chance to dance here was hard as can be.
One of the few who had gotten a chance to dance here leaned against the bar, taking a break for a moment as she drank from a bottle of water. The girl looked exotic, and young. She was over the age of concent, but she had the looks of a young teenage girl, which most men loved. Her little body helped a lot, as her years of gymnatics, starvation diets and work out rituals would make most men beg for mercy made her figure look more pre-adolecent. Tonight she wore one of those cute little pleated skirts, pink and blue plad that only stopped at her mid thighs. This girl knew how to get to the customers, through the idea of forbidden sex. She had on a cropped little teeshirt, with a cartoon cat on the front, and her hair was pulled in pigtails with cute little pink bows. The girl looked tired, as she drank the water, tips weren't so good tonight as it seemed tonights flavor was blond.
Her eyes glanced at the bartender, a woman wearing a skin tight tanktop and leather pants and let out a long sigh. "I'm going to call it a night. . " The girl said as she tossed a dollar on the counter.

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   The tender nodded her head as she motioned for the girl to get going. "I won't tell the owner. " The girl turned from the bar and started walking out, holding the half drank bottle of water in her hands. She stopped at the door long enough to get her purse, yes this place had a coat check, as it was one of those spendy strip joints. She then spilled out onto the night street with a sigh. It was close to one  in the morning. . . and she had a long walk to the bus station to get home.
The girl walked down the block slowly as she reached into her purse to pull out a cigarette. There was hardly anyone out on the streets tonight, it was the middle of the work week, and most sane people were home a sleep. The few people out were either homeless or dealing drugs. . and most of them didn't bother with her one bit. They knew she worked for one of the local business men, and they knew not to bite the hand that feeds them.

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She turned the corner as she light her cigarette walking slowly as looked up at the sky. She wasn't afraid of the people on the streets, she knew she would be alright.
As she came into site of the small bus station, someone grabbed her from behind. Someone was lurking in the shadows of the building. His hand wrapped around her lips, as his other hand pulled her tightly against his waist, his fingers sliding under her skirt to cup around her pussy. His words came to her ears like a rush. "Well, look what we have here. . . " he murmered his lips tickling her lobe. "I've wanted you for so long. "
The girl stiffened slightly as she lets out a breath from her nose. The man continued to murmer against her ear, as his fingers slide over her cloth covered sex. "I am going to have so much fun with you tonight. .


  . . And if your a good girl, I'll leave behind more money then you could ever make at that strip club. "
The girl glanced around, the street folk conviently vanishing, so as not to admit they saw what was going on. She squirmed a bit, trying to push away from him, but all it did was push his fingers into her sex, driving it against that special spot. His grasp on her was tight, and with her struggling now, it was rubbing her the right way unfortunately.
"Oh you dirty little girl, your getting all wet down there. " He murmered into her ear, as pulled her so tightly against him, she could feel his hard cock against her backside. Finally she stopped fighting against him, as it was only causing his arrousal to harden more, and she just went limp in his arms. "Good little girl. . . goood little girl. " She could see the lights of a car pull up next to them, and the sounds of a door being opened. His hand on her hip loosened as he lifted it and placed a cover over her eyes, blocking out the world, and shrowding her in darkness.

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The next thing the girl knew she was behind shoved into the car, face down on the seat as her arms were pulled roughly behind her back and taped in place, her shoes were pulled off and dumped on the floorboard, before her ankles were taped as well leaving her helpless and screaming inside. A hard plastic ball forced itself into her mouth, as straps wrapped around her head, securing it in place forcing her to be silent as she could feel the man slide into the car, lifting her hips to place them on his lap.
The man's hands begain to roam over her ass, pulling her skirt up to expose her white thong and bare cheeks. His hand then smoothed over her skin slowly as he squeezed her with his finger tips tightly. "Oh god look at this ass, so tight. . . so tight. " he moaned slightly panting from the thrill.
She took a moment to breath, smelling in the smell of expensive car leather, this was a spendy car to have this smell she thought as she shuddered slightly. His hands were now sliding between her legs, toying with her sex again. "Oh god, such a little cunt. . . a tight cunt I bet.

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  " He murmered in his fantasy.
She tried to hold still, very still any movement only caused more confusing waves of pleasure to corse through her body. The man slid her thong panties to the side as he then started to flutter his fingers through her sensitive folds, teasing her more as he played just outside her little slit. She couldn't help but jerk around as his fingers pushed slightly into her slit and then fluttered away. The man only seemed to like it more as he continued to play with her body. "Oh this is going to be so fun, I am going to love tonight so much. " He moaned from his lips as he slightly pushed her hips aside so his other hand could undo his pants and pull his cock out.
She could feel him starting to strock his cock, she could feel it slightly on her hip as he continued to slide his finger through her wet lips, swirling it around her slit a moment before he finally pushed the finger into her body. She jerked slightly as she trembled, sqirming more, though not to get away. His hand felt to good, she was getting so aroused that she wanted him to continue.
"Oh you like that don't you baby girl. . . " he murmered softly. "You are so wet.

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  . . " he said as he pulled his finger free from her body and stuck it into his mouth. "Oh god, it tastes so good. . . I can't wait to get you home. " The girl could feel the car turn a corner, as her head bumped into the other door, and her hips rubbed against his cock.
The car soon slowed, and turned again. She could hear echo's so she knew they were inside some place. The car stopped and turned off, then the door opened as hands pulled her out and off the man's lap. They were firm hard hands lifting her up and out of the car, scraping her back against the hood as she soon found herself over someone's shoulders.
She could hear the man's voice again. "Becareful with her, I don't want her hurt at all. .

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  . " He says as he pants heavy, coming up behind where she layed helpless and touched the side of her face. "She's so beautiful, so very beautiful. "
She could hear a door open, and the sounds of their footsteps now echoing on a hard wood floor. Another door opened and soon she found herself being tossed upon a bed, a rather soft big bed with fluffy blankets and satin pillows. Her face was resting against it, her chest smashed against the covers as she held her self still unsure of what was going to happen. Soon she felt the man's body over hers, pushing her more firm against the covers as he whispered in her ears. "Now, I am going to undo your legs, and place them more open to me. . . your not going to try to kick me are you?" he murmered, licking her lobe. She shook her head no, holding completely still as he then pushed away from her to undo the tape around her ankles.
She felt his hands on her ankles a moment, spreading her legs wide for him, as he lifted her skirt to take a peek. "Oh you have such a perfict little ass. " he commented with utterly delight.

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   His hands slowly moved up the back of her thighs, sliding against her skin. "It's so beautiful. . I can't wait to sink my cock into your tight little pussy. " He murmered again as his fingers curled around the waist band of her panties. He pulled them doing, turning her over a moment to untangle them from her body before sliding them off her legs.
She layed still for him, not fighting anymore  as he then started to slide his finger through her folds a moment. "Not yet, my lover, not yet. " he murmered softly as he pulled away. Soon she felt him lift her foot, rolling her over carefully as he clapped a leather strap around her ankle, and pulled it tight so she couldn't slip it off. He then pulled away from her, and she could hear his footsteps circle around the bed slowly, before his hand grasped her other ankle and pulled her leg to the side. Her legs were spread wide open now, and chained to she couldn't close them.
She felt him crawl between her legs, and push his hips against her own as he smashed her back into the bed, pinning her arms down unconfertably. His lips returned to her ear, whispering softly. "Now, my little angel, my little doll I am going to remove the tape on your arms, and your going to be a good girl and not try to slap me aren't you?" He said with a soft moan.

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   "Oh I can feel the heat of your sex, it wants me. " All she could do was wimper, not for fear but this time desire as he toyed with her body.
He pulled away from her slowly, then wrapped his hands around her shoulders, forcing her to sit up. He pulled her against his chest as his arms slide around her back, cutting off the tape, and letting her arms free. Out of instinct her hands pulled forward wrapping around his waist pulling him closer to her as her hands slid against the silk of his shirt, and her face burried in his shoulder taking in a deep smell of his aftershave. His body tensed up at first, then relaxed as he realized she wasn't going to try and fight him anymore. "Oh. . . my angel. " He murmered into her ear, as his arms wrapped around her waist and held her close for a moment. "Now be a good girl and let me lay you back. " He murmered softly as he started to pull her back down on the bed.
His hands pulled her shirt off her head, leaving her upper body exposed to him, her breast slightly jiggling. He then reached down and slowly cupped her breasts in his hands, giving them such a tender squeeze as his lips planted soft kisses.

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   "Oh your breasts are so perfict my angel. " His fingers toyed with her skin, rolling her nipples around as he planted another soft kiss upon her neck.
She couldn't help but move now as her hands curled around his, pushing his touch into her breasts more as she gave a muffled moan into the air. His grip firmed on her as he leaned down to tickle her ear again with is wispers. "Angel, patients. . . I am not going to hurt you, I would never hurt you, but you need to be patient my lover. . . I will take care of your ever need, you don't need to work for that club anymore lover, you don't need to work there anymore. I will give you everything you could ever want. " His promises tickled her sences as he pulled away again. He took one of her wrists and pulled it over her head, clapping a velvet cuff over her skin. He did the same with her other hand, and then he leaned so close to her ear again.


   "My little angel, you wear such trashy clothes. . . you are so beautiful, you should be wrapped in silk. " 
His hands then reached for her skirt, undoing the button and zipper as she then felt cold metal on her skin as he cut away her skirt. "Your skin is so beautiful, so soft. " He murmered and pulled her skirt from her hips. "Now your perfict, almost. I am going to take out the ball gag, and your not going to scream. " She shook her head slowly, as his hands moved to unhook the leather strap. He pulled the ball from her mouth, letting her close and lax her jaw. "There angel. " He murmered, setting the thing aside. She let out a slow breath, whispering so softly, afraid he was going to get mad. "I am thirsty.

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  . . " She felt her head lift up, and pillows placed under it as he then slid off the bed. "Of course my angel, of course. Let me get you some water, or would you like some wine?" The girl shivered slightly. "Just water. . . just water. I don't want to be drunk, I want to remember. " She murmered at him as she turned her head to follow his sounds. She could hear the door open again and then close, leaving her alone tied to the bed.
She shivered and felt exposed, vunerable now, alone. She could feel her tears weld up from her eye lids and spill down her cheeks soaking into the cloth cover on her eyes. She didn't want to make any noise incase there was someone else there, someone else watching, she was afraid the second man was.

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Time inched by and what seemed like forever until the door opened again. She should hear footsteps over the floor again, coming to her. "Angel I have your water. " he said softly, as he lifted her head up, and pressed her lips to the glass. She took a sip and then started to drink quickly.   After a moment she let go of the glass with her lips, leaning her head back into his hand a moment.
The man layed her head back and moves away from her a second. "Angel you look so beautiful, so sentually beautiful. " He murmered into the air then leaned close to plant a hungry kiss upon her lips. His tongue licked out, slowly sliding over her skin before it dove into her mouth. Her lips returned his kisses, sliding her own tongue back against his, as she let out a soft breath into the air. After a moment, the man pulled away. "Oh Angel. . .


  " he murmered softly, as he climbed onto the bed beside her, sliding his fingers over her skin. "Oh Angel, my sweet Angel. " His fingers curled around her breasts again, massaging them so softly in his hand, he seemed almost timid at the concept she was so willing.
She felt him slide himself until he was between her legs, his hands never leaving her breasts as he leaned down and took a deep breath of her sweet musky smell. "Oh. . . . " was all he could manage to murmer from his lips as he hovered over her sweet little body content just to smell her for the moment as his hands continued to squeeze her breasts. She let out a soft moan from her lips, as she squeezed her eyes shut under the blind fold, enjoying the feeling he was giving her.
His lips finally locked upon her, sucking her skin into his mouth as his tongue slips through her wet drenched pussy. His tongue moved slowly, lingering over her clit a moment before he starts to flick it softly. All she could do was gasp, and pull against the bonds as he teased her sences again. His licks became more feverish, more hungery as he continued to taste her upon his lips. It wasn't long before her sences were so overfilled that her body shuddered and released more of her juices into his mouth, which he sucked and licked up hungerly.

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   Finally he pulled from her, sitting up as he started to crawl over her trembling body.
"Angel. . . my sweet Angel. " He murmered into her ear, as his body draped over hers, his hard cock pressing against her folds. "Lover, my sweet lover. " he shuddered as he started to tease her with his member, sliding it through her wet skin. Her chest heaved and panted as she lifted her head slightly off the pillows. "Let me see you please. " she begged softly into the air. The man stopped moving, hands on her hips as he let out a breath. "No. . no Angel no.

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  . " He murmered softly as he pulled away. All she could do was wimper as he left her body. "No please. . no. " she begged as her head started to swim. Her eye lids felt heavy, as she started feeling so tired now, her arms and legs going limp as she started drifting into a black haze.



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