Sweet Angel 3


Chapter 3-------
The girl rolled over in the bed, her hands searching out for a body, hoping he'd still be there, hoping she was still with him as she found nothing but empty space. Her eyes fluttered open, as she found herself in the apartment rented for her. She then pulled her knees to her chest again, as she curled up under the covers and sighed so softly. For the last week, she would leave at midnight, and come into his company. It wasn't always about sex at all, infact last night he just held her so close, and ran his fingers through her hair. He asked her what she wanted to do, if she needed anymore money. She told him she didn't need any, she told him all she wanted to do was spend the night with him. To wake up in his arms, but he wouldn't let her.
She didn't know his name, so she called him lover. She had no idea what he looked like, but she knew what he felt like to her. His skin was smooth, and felt so strong. He felt in shape, his chest firm and hard under her finger tips. She felt his smooth face, so he must shave regularly, she never felt wiskers at all. His hair was shorter, soft, and well kept. . it smelled nice every time.

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   His aftershave, smelled so good to her.
She didn't know what to do anymore. She just wanted to be with him, to stay and wake up in his arms. She didn't care if she never took the blind fold off again, if it ment she could stay with him forever.
During the day, the driver was at her disposal, taking her where ever she wished to go. She'd gone to the zoo, she went to the aquariam. She tried new resteraunts, and went shopping. Most times she just walked with the driver talked with him. He was an older gent who worked for her lover for many years. He wouldn't tell her what he looked like, or anything about him, but he did talk alot about his family. He was a single man, never married. He had no children, but his father had worked for her lovers family. They took in movies together, old classic black and white mysteries, or had lunch in wonderful resteruants. The driver told her, he was at her disposal from eight int the morning until he dropped her off with her lover at night.
This morning was no different.

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   She was planning to check out the local art exhibit, they were displaying several old classic pieces, she'd never done anything like this before. She slid herself out of bed, as the phone started to ring. She picked it up and murmered a soft hello. Her lover always called her just when she woke up, it was as if he knew she was awake.
"My Angel. . " He murmered into the phone. "How are you this morning?" She let out a soft sigh, trying not to sound disappointed. "Angel what's wrong?" he asked her concerned. "I was hoping to wake up in your arms this morning, lover. . " He sighed softly as he went silent. "My Angel, it's not possible. Not just yet. " he said to her softly as she layed back down on the bed, and held the phone to her ear.

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   "Lover, I swear I won't take off the blind fold, I swear. . . Lover please. . " she murmered into the phone, pleading with him to let her stay. "I swear. . I wouldn't do anything to make you mad at me and go away. " He was silent for a long time, and then he sighed so softly. "Tonight, my Angel, tonight I will let you wake up beside me. . . tonight, but you swear you must never remove the blind fold, if you do I will go away and never come back to you. " She let out a soft hopeful breath.

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   "I swear, I swear I will not remove it. "
"Alright my Angel, you may sleep beside me tonight. " he said softly into the phone. She felt a surge of energy run through her body. Her fingers clutched the phone as she closed her eyes and curled up into a ball. "Thank you, thank you Lover. " she murmered to him softly. As soon as she was finished talking the phone clicked and he was gone. She hung up the phone, and slid to her feet, moving to shower in the bathroom. She dressed in a pair of slacks, and a nice shirt, and moved into the living room as she heard her buzzer. She moved to the door and opened it up smiling at the driver. "Clark. . " she said softly. "Miss Angel.

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  " He smiled at her, as he made his way in the door. "Clark I need your help. " He gave her a nod as he folded his arms infront of her. "Of course Miss Angel. " She smiled at him softly as she moved to sit on the couch, motioning for him to sit with her. "Clark, what can I get him. . . a gift. . . a token of love. . " The man let out a breath as he thought a moment. "Get him something from your heart.

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  . . " The man said simply. She frowned slightly. "I don't know what he likes, I don't know anything about him, what books he reads. " The driver shook his head. "Miss Angel, those aren't important. If you select something from your heart, he will treasure it forever. " She sighed so softly as she gave him a nod. "Alright, lets go shopping. " she said softly and stould up.
The day was spend going through one store after another, as she mindlessly looked at things she could buy him and she was about to give up after a whole day. She finally found it, it was so simple it seemed almost silly. She found an advertiesment for an artist, who did commissioned work. She called his number and set up an appointement to have her portrate painted, she told him she wanted to be painted as if she were an angel with wings.

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   They set up an appointment the next day.
She had a pleasent supper with Clark and then went to get dressed for the evening. She wore a pretty red dress for her lover, made of silky soft satin. She slid into the car, and placed the blind fold over her eyes again, and let the driver take her away as he did every night.
As normal the door was opened by her lover, as he pulled her out into him, placing a kiss upon her lips before picking her up and taking her where ever he always took her. He stould her infront of the bed, and slowly kissed her neck, his hands wandering over her body. Tonight he didn't speak at all, instead he firmly placed a hand on her shoulder and made her bend over the bed. His other hand pulled her skirt up, and bunched it around her hips as he then stepped back to admire her body. His hand then slid her red lace panties from her hips and let them bunch around her ankles as he lets out a soft breath from his lips.
His hand them moved to her hips as his foot nudged hers apart, spreding her wide for him as she stould there braced against the bed with her hands. His hands slid over her ass slowly then dipped between her sex and started to slide through the sensitive skin as he came up behind her. She felt his cock push against her slit for a second, before he just thrusted into her hard and fast.
Both of his hands held her hips tightly as he pulled her body into his, shoving himself so deep and hard that she could only gasp and hold onto the bedcovers. Her breasts bounced back and forth under the satin red, with each hard thrust into her pussy lips, pounding her body with out mercy.
His grunts filled the air as he continued to thrust and push against her body, a hand sliding up her back until it was just under her shoulder blades.

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   He pushed her down hard, shoving her face into the bed. She could feel his cock pound against her muscles, stretching her walls completely, driving her crazy as she started to moan into the bedcovers.
His pounding came faster and faster as her whole body seemed to ignite on fire, and shudder under him. Her juices flowed from her pussy, dripping down her legs, slicking his cock even more as he started to grunt and pull on her tightly. He shoved himself in deep, holding his body there deep inside her as his cock spasimed and unloaded into her pussy.
He then fell against her back, panting in her ear as they both ended upon their knees. He held her tightly to him, his cock still burred deep into her body as his lips nuzzled her ear. "My Angel. . " he murmered so softly.
He finally pulled back, and lifted her up, sliding her dress off her as she just felt limp like a noodle. Once she was undressed he lifted her up and layed her under the sweet soft covers, wrapping his arms around her body, nuzzling her close.
She stared to drift, her eyes feeling heavy again as she started drifting off to sleep, curled up in his arms under his blankets. Her head resting against his chest as he slowly ran his fingers over her stomach.
The morning rays hit her face, as she let out a soft moan from her lips.


   She reached up to rub her eyes and realized the blind fold wasn't there and she paniced. Her hands felt around the bed, trying to find it as she squirmed against his body. She knew he was still there, she could feel his face burried in the back of her neck. She kept her eyes closed, panicing as she couldn't find the blind fold.
Tears spilled over her cheeks as she started to cry, she was going to loose him forever, she knew it. She kept running her hands over the silk sheets paniced as she couldn't find the stupid blind fold. She promised not to take it off, she had to find it. She felt his lips press into her neck as his hand curled around her fingers. "My Angel what's wrong. . . " He said softly. She sobbed, covering her eyes with her other hand. "I can't find it, I didn't take it off. .

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   I swear. . I haven't opened my eyes. . . " She choked her words out. His fingers slowly pulled her hand back, as he kissed her finger tips. "I know, My Angel I took it off. . . " He then slowly rolled her over, and kissed her lips. "Look at me My Sweet Angel. "
She slowly opened her eyes, for the first time gazing at the face of her lover. His hair was dark brown, a touch messy from sleep, and his face was so handsom. He was tanned, but caucasian, and youthful.


   His arms slowly wrapped around her as he pulled her close to him. "My Angel, I wanted to you fall inlove with me, for who I am. . " he said softly as he kissed her neck. "Not for my money, or my looks. But at the same time I wanted to you leave behind your old life, and learn what it was like to have something better. " She looked him over, and softly kissed him. "Lover, you had me when you took me. . the first night. " she murmed so softly as he slid himself between her legs.
"My Angel, we have a lifetime together now. . . I knew from the first moment I saw you, you were my soul mate.

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   I just needed to show you what I knew. " he murmered as he started to slide his cock between her legs, pushing it to her slit. All she could do was moan into his lips as he started to take her sences away again, as he did every night before bed, and now first thing in the morning.