Summer With The Rebeccas


I was living in Toronto, Canada.   At the time, I was 30 years old, six feet tall and 240 pounds.   I had accrued eight extra weeks of vacation days at work and was told to use it all by the end of the 2008.   I decided to take the summer off from my job and visit the Rebeccas in Dallas, Texas.
I met both Rebeccas online.   As it turns out, they were best friends since kindergarten.   They were both 24 years old.   Over the last two years, the three of us had become close friends.   We spoke on the phone often, about everything from our lives, triumphs, problems and frustrations – including sex.   They had been bugging me to visit for some time now.
I got off the plane, got my baggage and headed to the exit gate.   While I had sent them pictures of me, they never sent pictures, so I was looking around almost blindly.   All of a sudden, I heard two very excited voices calling my name!  I walked over and said “You must be the my Rebeccas”.
The one on the left said “Of course we are, silly!”
The Rebecca on the right said “Let’s get outta here and start the best summer of your life!”
The whole limo ride to the hotel, I was thinking “Thank you God!”  They were stunning!  Rebecca C was about 5’6”, maybe 120 pounds, large B cup breasts, beautiful long blond hair and blue eyes.   Rebecca P was about the same height, about 140 pounds, C or D cup breasts, shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes.
Rebecca C was telling me that they got a suite in the hotel, so they didn’t have to travel back to Richardson (northeast of Dallas) every night.

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    We headed up to the suite.   It was huge!  It was more like a 3 bedroom condo, than a hotel suite!  Once again I was thanking God!  This time because I wasn’t paying for the suite.   Rebecca C was a successful local clothing designer and Rebecca P was a teacher at a prestigious private school.   I was told that I’m not paying for anything this summer.
“Ok, Dan.   Now that you’re finally here, what would you like to do first?” asked Rebecca P.
“It’s dinner time in Toronto.   Perhaps, we could go to dinner. ”
“Sounds like a plan.   Did you bring a suit?” replied Rebecca P.
“I did.   Why?”
“Because we’re taking you to a nice restaurant, silly!  Go get dressed!” said Rebecca C.
With that, the Rebeccas headed to their respective rooms to get changed.   About 20 minutes later, I thought I died and gone to heaven.   Rebecca C was wearing a tight and very short blue dress with spaghetti straps.

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    Rebecca P was wearing a slightly longer and looser black dress with a V-shaped neckline.  It really showed off her amazing cleavage!
“I’m going to be the envy of every man there!” I said.
“Why is that?” asked Rebecca C.   As if she didn’t know.
“I’m going to walk in with a drop dead gorgeous lady on each arm!”
“Oh you charmer!” said Rebecca P.
“You clean up pretty well yourself, Dan!” said Rebecca C.
We headed downstairs.   The limo was waiting for us.   The restaurant seated us in a secluded booth.   It was a Dan sandwich!  A beautiful woman on either side of me!  Dinner was out of this world!  Wine, food, dessert and 2 hands rubbing my thighs!  We paid the bill and headed back to the hotel.
In the limo, the Rebeccas took it to the next level.   They started making out with each other!  It was a sight to see!  I came back to earth and realized that our driver was watching everything. I closed the divider, apologizing to him.   Rebecca C broke her kiss to say thank you.   She then got on her knees and stuck her head under the other’s dress.

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    I wasn’t able to see what was happening down there, but Rebecca P was moaning louder and louder towards an orgasm.
“Keep going Bec!  I’m soooooo. . . AHHHHH!!!”
Becca (P) was laying there smiling.   Bec (C) pulled her head out.   Her face was covered in cum.   She got back on the seat, grabbed a handful of my cock and kissed me.   Becca sure tasted sweet!  We got back to the hotel and quickly headed up to the suite.
“Wow!  That was. . . ”  I tried to say.
“That was nothing compared to what we’ve wanted to do to you!”  Interrupted Bec.
“Go to your room.

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    We’ll be there shortly. ”  Added Becca.
I headed to my room and quickly undressed down to my boxer-briefs.   About ten minutes later, the Rebeccas entered my room.   My mouth fell open!  The two of them struck a pose before passionately kissing each other.
Becca looked at me and said “I take it you like what you see?”
She was standing there see-through red teddy and stockings.   I could only nod my head up and down.
“Becca, I think that means yes!”
Bec was wearing the skimpiest black lace bra and thong.   At this point, I’m pretty sure I was drooling.   They both climbed on the bed, Becca on my left and Bec on my right.   They leaned over me and made out again.   Bec broke the kiss, looked at me and then my cock.
“Judging by the tent in his draws, I think Dan is feeling left out”
“Sorry Dan.   We’re all yours.   What would you like us to do first?”  asked Becca.

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“Um. . . How about the two of you undress each other?”

With that said, they began to seductively undress each other.   They then turned to me and began yanking at my underwear.   My cock is only about six inches long, but it’s pretty thick.
“Ok Dan.   We’re all naked.   Now what?”  Asked Bec.
Looking at Bec, I replied “You did an awesome job of making Becca cum in the limo, but you and I haven’t cum yet. ”
Bec got on top of me in a 69 and started sucking my cock.   Becca and I took her queue.   I began to eat Bec out, while Becca joined Bec in sucking my cock and playing with my balls.   What a feeling it was to have two mouths and four hands touch me down there all at the same time.   I was getting close and apparently so was Bec, as she was focusing on her own pleasure.

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    It wasn’t long before Bec came hard and squirted all over my face.   As unexpected as that was, it set off my orgasm into Becca’s mouth.   The two of them shared a passionate kiss above my cock.
“Bec, you never told me you were a squirter!” said Becca.
“That was the first time in a long time that I have squirted.   Sorry Dan. ”
“Sorry for what?!  That was awesome!  It’s always been a fantasy of mine!”  I said.
“Well then. . . Your welcome!”
“Ladies, if you’ll excuse me, I think I’m going to rinse off my face.   Don’t do anything without me!”
A couple minutes later, I returned to find them in a 69.   Becca was on top.   I had a perfect view of Becca’s fine ass and pussy!  I walked over to them and made eye contact with Bec.   She grabbed my cock and lined it up with Becca pussy.

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    I grabbed her hips and slowly pushed in.
“Oh!  Mmmmm!”  Moaned Becca.
I started fucking Becca faster.   Bec started fingering Becca’s ass.   We were going at for about ten minutes.   Becca’s pussy was almost form-fitting around my cock.
“Becca keep working my clit!  I’m so close to cumming!”
I chimed in “Me too Becca!  Your pussy is amazing!”
“Dan, cum in my ass!”
Bec pulled her fingers out of Becca’s ass and I pulled out of her pussy.   I pushed in until my cock head was almost in and pulled out.   I repeated the process again and was pushing in again when Becca said “Stop teasing me and fuck my ass!” as she slammed back against my cock.   I was now all the way in her ass.
“How badly do you want me to cum in your ass?  Maybe I’ll keep my cum for Bec!”  I said.
I got my answer my answer when she started working her ass muscles and tightened her grip on my cock.
“Ok, Ok!”  I said.
Just as I started fucking Becca’s ass, Bec came hard.
“Thanks Becca!  That was amazing!”  With that said, Bec went back to eating Becca’s pussy.

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“Keep going you two!  I’m close!” Becca said, just moments before she came.
She stiffened up, which set me off.   Spurt and spurt of my cum went deep into Becca’s ass.
“So Dan, don’t ya wish you had visited long ago?”  Asked Bec.
“Hell yeah! But we ain’t done yet!  I haven’t fucked you yet!”  I replied.
“We have lots of time this summer for that!  I’ll be right back. ”  Becca said.
I got under the covers with Bec.   A few minutes later, Becca joined us under the covers.   We all fell asleep together.
I awoke the next morning alone in bed.   I walked into the bathroom to pee and heard some noises coming from my shower.   I looked over and saw the two of them making out in the shower.
“You couldn’t wait for me?!”
“No, we figured you were tired. ”  Becca replied.

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“Any room in there for me?”
“Plenty, but we’re just about done in here. ”  Bec answered.
“Are you ready for round two?”  Becca asked.
“Hell Yeah!”
I watched the two of them dry each other off.   Bec and I started making out on the bed, while Becca disappeared.   Bec was on top of me.   She lined up my cock with her pussy and sank down.
“Mmmmmmm!  Becca was right your cock feels amazing!”
We started fucking.   Hard to imagine a better feeling than Becca’s pussy or ass, but I had found it!  We had a good rhythm going when Becca finally returned.   She was wearing a strap-on dildo.
“Hey Bec!  How about Dan and I fulfill a fantasy of yours?”  She asked while walking up to the bed.
“Which one?”
“The one where Dan and I fuck your pussy and ass at the same time. ”  Becca replied.
“You had to ask?”
Bec and I stopped fucking for a moment.   Becca grabbed the rubber cock and guided it into Bec’s ass.

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“Oh my God!  This feels awesome!  Both of you start fucking me NOW!”
We did as we were told.   We quickly developed a steady rhythm.   Bec was in ecstasy.   I found it hard to believe, but this was the first time Bec had tried double penetration.   I was kind of honored to be part of her first time.
“I’m cumming!”  Bec tried to say.   It sounded more like “I’m cu. . . . ”
“I’m close!  Where do you want my cum?”  I asked.
“She’s on the pill.   You can cum in her pussy!”  Becca responded.
She managed to shake her head yes.   I let my cum squirt all over the inside of her pussy.


    Becca pulled out of her ass and Bec rolled off my cock.   Becca took off the dildo and went to work on Bec’s cum filled pussy.
“My cock could use a cleaning too Becca!”
“Don’t worry Dan. ”  Becca replied.
Bec came again.   She was exhausted.   Becca turned to me and began cleaning my cock.
“Sorry Becca, I don’t think I’ll be able to cum again. ”
“That’s ok.   You and Bec rest up.   I have some school work that needs to get done.   I’m going to go get dressed and head into the school.   I’ll meet you later for dinner. ”
Bec and I fell asleep spooning.   My cock nestled between her ass cheeks.

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It was an awesome summer!  The Rebeccas took me to see all the sights of the city and of course, I got to see more of their kinky side!  As Bec had her work and Becca had summer classes to teach, I got to spend some time with them individually.
By the end of the summer, Bec and I had fallen in love.   I requested a transfer to Texas so we could continue our relationship.   It’s been eight months and Bec and I are still dating.   Becca has since met a guy of her own.   We make quite the foursome!  ;)



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