Soapy Seduction


‘Mmmmm – I enjoyed that’ said Steve as he polished off his last mouthful of succulent Salmon. ‘You feed me too well – but I’m not complaining!’He looked fondly across the table at his partner, Claire, as she delicately finished the last morsel of her own meal, watching thoughtfully how her delicate mouth and throat gently worked as she swallowed the last mouthful. He breathed a reluctant but satisfied sigh. How was it that he managed to get so steamed up over the slightest thing she did? He could already feel himself twitching under the table at the thought of that luscious mouth gently caressing his increasingly stiffening cock…. ‘Steady on lad’ he thought to himself – ‘let the poor lass at least finish her meal in peace!’He pushed himself up from the table;‘I’ll sort the dishes love. That was truly fantastic, again! You relax with your book or somethin’. Leave this lot to me. ’She looked up at him from under her eyelashes with a twinkle;‘How very gallant!' she said. You’re a proper star you are sweetheart. You sort the pots then and I’ll do us a brew when you’re done, how’s that?’‘Smashin' love’. Steve gave himself a quick mental cold shower; he’d seen that look before! ‘Maybe my luck is in tonight!’ He thought to himself, ‘Best get the chores done sharpish and see what occurs!’He trundled off happily into the kitchen while Claire reclined in her chair with a mischievous look on her face. ‘Who on earth does he think he’s fooling!?’ she thought, grinning widely. ‘I know exactly what he’s thinking, dirty little bugger! As it happens, I’m in the mood for a little fun tonight. Perhaps I should give the randy sod a little lesson in being careful what you wish for!’Composing her features into the best imitation of nonchalance she could manage, she sauntered into the kitchen in Steve’s wake. She began to collect up the odd sauce bottles and spices scattering the worktops and putting them away, all the while keeping an eye on Steve’s progress. She needed him to be up to his elbows in suds and completely at her mercy before she made her move!He could feel her gaze on him and gentle Goosebumps popped up along the length of his spine, tingling in anticipation.

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   He knew the mood well. ‘She’s feeling’ impish, fantastic!! Definitely gonna get my oats tonight! God she makes me so horny!!’ A girder got dropped in front of that train of thought and he sucked in a shuddering breath as Claire slid her hands gently under the front of his sweater, pressing her warm breasts into his shoulder blades. Slowly she trailed the tips of her fingers up his torso with that delightful feather touch that she knew he loved so much. All the way to up to his shoulders, bringing her arms under his from behind and hugging him gently to her, whilst continuing to trail soft fingertips maddeningly over his flesh. She lingered teasingly around his nipples, squeezing at them gently, flicking lightly with her nails and circling each one with a velvety touch before her wandering hands began to head back down his chest. ‘You’ve stopped’ she whispered gently in his ear as her hands came to rest delicately at his waist. ‘Stopped what?’ replied Steve, eyes drooping, head dropped back, lost in her touch. ‘The washing up, silly’‘Well, I can hardly concentrate with you driving me crazy like this, can I?’‘You don’t need to concentrate to do washing up! You wash up, I drive you crazy, that’s the deal. Take it or leave it. ’ He could practically see the enormous grin he knew she would be wearing. ‘I’ll take it! Here’s me, washing up, see? Now crack on with the crazy making babe, it feels fabulous!’Making a gallant attempt to focus, he returned his attention to the sink, and promptly dropped the first plate he picked up back in the sink with an enormous soapy splash, jerking wildly as Claire slipped her hands under the waistband of his jeans and grazed his super sensitised flesh gently with her nails. ‘Bloody Hell love! No, don’t stop! Just don’t blame me if anything gets broken, alright!’‘Alright’ she whispered softly into the nape of his neck. He shuddered and felt the heat building in him. Every nerve ending in his body was on fire, desperately wanting those soft fingertips to pay a visit. His groin was aching, his throbbing cock already rock hard in anticipation, yet she had been no where near that yet! It was beginning to feel a little restrictive down there.

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   Underpants, jeans and the edge of the sink all conspiring to restrict his bursting erection and he yearned to spin around and take over. Pinning her to the opposite counter and with no more ado, freeing his raging cock and burying it to the hilt in her silky tight pussy. . . . but he knew she enjoyed teasing him and it would get her all the more horny if he allowed her to continue. ‘Patience fella’ he said to himself ‘just relax and enjoy’ as she continued to stroke and tease his trembling flesh. As Steve proceeded to give a single plate the best wash in its life thus far, Claire continued her sensual exploration of his skin. She knew exactly what was going through his mind and delighted in it. She loved combining mischief with arousal and mentally doffed a cap to Steve’s restraint in allowing her to tease him. Knowing the effect her hands were having on him was in turn having a dramatic effect on her and she felt a familiar warm glow spreading in gentle waves from her stomach into her groin as her own arousal deepened and spread. She could feel she was getting good and wet as the engorged lips of her sex pressed against the silky fabric of her panties. She pressed her hips harder into Steve’s bottom, enjoying the sensation as her underwear pulled gently at her dampening pussy. ‘Mmmmm, time to take it up a level’ she thought lasciviously. Trailing her hands back down his torso, palms flat now but still feather light, she worked her way back down to the waistband of his jeans and gently ran her nails under and around, following the lines of his body until she reached the sensitive spot just over his hip bones.

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   He jerked again, moaning gently and she stretched her neck forward to place a lingering whisper of a kiss just under his earlobe. He moaned again as she brought her hands back around and gently began to unfasten his jeans. ‘Oh love’ he sighed ‘you make me tingle all over’‘That’s the plan sweetheart! You just keep washing up and leave the rest to me honey. ’‘Mmmm, k’ he murmured, as he gave the same plate yet another half hearted wipe. Jeans unfastened, she slid them deftly down his thighs, grazing the skin lightly as she moved back up to his groin. He jerked again. ‘Steady love’. She began to caress his throbbing shaft through the fabric of his boxers, ever so lightly with those clever fingers. Her other hand was stroking the underside of his buttocks from behind. Practically ready to pop, Steve groaned as she quickly freed his raging erection from the confines of his underpants and began to work in earnest on him. Gripping his cock firmly but gently she began to work her hand up and down the length of his shaft. The plate had had its last wipe and slid forgotten into the sink as Steve fastened his hands on the edge of the work top for support. ‘Christ but she’s good at this! He moaned further encouragement as he felt her drop to her knees behind him and flick her tongue under the cheek of his left buttock. She gave the right the same treatment before gently spinning him round to face her. ‘My, my! Look at you! Nearly had my eye out there sweetheart!’ she chuckled throatily at him as she continued to pump gently at the very core of him, or so it seemed!Steve’s head was thrown back in ecstasy as he revelled in her touch.

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   After a few moments he realised she seemed to be waiting for something. He looked down to see her poised with his tumescent shaft in hand, lips hovering near the tip and watching him closely. Holding his gaze with her own, she delicately flicked her tongue across the tip of his cock, ‘Oh God!’ Still fixing her eyes on his, she gently encompassed the purple tip of his shaft with her perfect lips, before sliding her moist, warm mouth all the way to the base, taking all of him into her until he could feel the back of her throat with his cock. He watched, fixated, as she worked her way back to the top and began to slowly bob her head, keeping her eyes on his face as she worked her perfect mouth on his heaving prick ‘Lordy! Oh yes baby!’ She winked slowly at him, her mouth full of his meat and he nearly came right there! The woman was incredible! He just had to have her, no more games tonight. He needed to bury himself to the hilt in her right now and no arguments!!He got none. Reaching down, he lifted Claire to her feet and kissed her deeply, running his hands through her hair to grip her gently at the base of her skull. She moaned into his open mouth as their tongues slickly entwined and he could feel her hands working frantically to remove her underwear from beneath her voluminous skirt. Bringing her panties up to his face she let him inhale the scent of her moist sex and he could wait no longer. He spun her to face the sink, lifting her skirt in the same motion as she braced herself against the worktop. Arching her back and spreading her smooth thighs in the same motion, she lowered her head to the sink to present him with the full glory of her dripping pussy. Sliding a finger gently inside her, he couldn’t believe how wet she was; ‘I haven’t even touched her yet! I’ll have to make sure I encourage this sort of thing in the future’ he thought with a grin, as she wantonly ground her hips at his touch. ‘My turn now baby, I hope you’re ready for this ‘cause you got me rock hard tonight!’She looked over her shoulder at him and winked again. . . ‘Bring it on baby, bring it on!’He placed a hand on each buttock and pulled gently, exposing the moist flesh at the centre of her and she moaned in anticipation.

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   Bringing himself up behind her and thrusting forward slowly, he watched the swollen head of his cock slide into her as the sucking lips of her sex drew him deeper, enveloping the hard flesh of his shaft. She thrust back in equal measure sinking onto him until their flesh met and he just knew he wouldn’t be able to last. He threw his head back, lips peeling back from his teeth in almost a grimace of pleasure as he thrust again harder and harder, feeling her perfect backside bounce delightfully in his grip. He felt his insides coil as his climax built and Claire felt him harden and jump inside her. She quickly dropped her right hand to her soaking pussy to find her throbbing clit nearly ready to explode with him. She rubbed gently at that delightful bundle of nerves as he pounded into her again, stretching her to the limit and filling her completely. He drew back once more and she could feel him gather and take a final breath as he drove himself back into her to the hilt. Jumping and spasming together, gasping for breath, hips jerking wildly she felt him climax as her own orgasm ripped through her, clamping down on his pulsing cock as he continued to pump his hips, thrusting wildly into her. Gradually the spasms slowed and Steve leaned in to wrap his arms around his beloved and kiss the back of her damp neck. She swayed back into his arms, enjoying the warmth of his body against her own. ‘You’ll be the death of me!’ he said, grinning into her earlobe. ‘I certainly hope not’ she replied. ‘Who will I get to do my dishes?! You ready for that brew then?’.



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