Sisterly Affection


    It's not that I set out with any nefarious plans. Far from it, I commit to these, in hindsight risky scenarios, simply because I like to establish a certain rapport with my correspondents - not because I want to get them pregnant.

    Why the hell do teenage girls of all consumer-demographics, have to outstrip every other age-group in terms of Peter_Pan's readership? Maybe you perceive me to be living in denial of the real problem? Total lack of self-control and a pathological need to 'possess' young girls to compensate for my fading sexuality? Understandable hypothesis, but factually shy of the mark I'm afraid.
    Let us however defer this fascinating debate and move on.
    Many of you will recall "Harper Valley Distant Princess," and Sally's later Aussie-exploits in such as "Harper Valley: Return of the Prodigal. " Those with an interest in such things may even have located pictures of this beautiful English rose, within the pages of the Peter_Pan website itself?
    I have of course kept in close touch with her and in recent times, at the behest of Sal herself, opened up introductory dialogue with her 'elder' sister.
    To judge by her photograph, Jacqui - just ten months up front of Sal's arrival - had been blessed with similar DNA. A girl however, you would certainly opt to kiss first and worry about the consequences later. Shyer and less "out there" than her sister, she nevertheless admitted to multiple hot flushes both hearing and reading of Sally's on-going exploits - with my own daughter as well as her experiences Down Under with Jer and his coterie of middle-aged delinquents.
    Reading between the lines I must confess to having had suspicions as to their own evolving sibling relationship, in times of whispered secrets and shared reading options.
    It came to pass then that in the first week of January, I had by necessity to return to the UK for an urgent business meeting in London. Having disclosed my imminent itinerary, one can hardly be surprised that ensuing emails contained phrases ranging from "Wish we could have met up," to "Really? you can make it to Salisbury?"
    As I swung into the driveway of the Milford Hall Hotel, almost two years had elapsed I realised, since Jenna and I visited Salisbury that day, as recounted in "Distant Princess. "
    Having raised Sal on her cell, the message was brief. "Give us forty minutes. " I used the time unpacking and to take a quick shower.
    They must have synchronised their watches.

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   Forty-five minutes to the millisecond, came a knock at my door. Never having experienced a heart murmur before, the cause at least, was never in doubt.
    That Jacqui was Sally's sister was indisputably obvious. If anything slightly younger looking, she was a doll. Though tastefully dressed, as was her sister, beneath her outer coat (it was barely one degree Celsius) was an outfit designed, if not to kill, then certainly to emotionally cripple.
    Most nineteen-year olds look good in a skirt. Jacqui's was of the spray-on variety and teamed with that tight little cashmir top (kashmir. depending on your spelling preference). . . . was visually arresting let's say.
   "Wonderful to meet you at last sweetheart," I smiled, hugging her to me. Instant contact like that dissipates the ice I find. She smelled so good I was fully reluctant to unhand her.

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    Momentarily taken aback and delightfully shy, she blushed perceptibly but definitely held her own with a confident. "Great to see you too!"
    I then gave Sally a hug and kiss on the forehead. Best I figured, not to overdo things early in the piece.
    Having promised to take them both to dinner, we made our way to the "206" Restaurant, which is just outside the main block of the Milford Hall itself.
    Nothing is more conducive to freeing up the conversation than good food and fine wine. "206" delivered on both counts. By the time we had seen off the girls' chicken parmigiana and my scotch fillet, not to mention the decease of that second Bollinger 86, the smiles were unforced and the body language at the 'interesting' stage.
   "What was it like, you know. . . with your daughters and stuff?" Jacks giggled, somewhat bravely I thought.
    I tried to explain as best I couldn't, that nothing was ever planned from the outset. It was just that meeting Jer and becoming involved with the whole party scene caused one thing to lead to another.
   "Its way easier," I told her, "to slip into bad habits - especially sexy ones - in the company of thirty or so other people, all of whom are indulging their wildest fantasies right in front of you. Sounds absurd I realise, but no-one.

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  . . my daughters included, were the slightest bit shy after a while (I paused for a moment, re-visiting mentally a few of those awesome moments) Maybe its because seeing your peers doing all that stuff lowers your own inhibitions. Don't forget also Jacqui, most everyone there knew everyone else, if not at school, then by sight at least. "
    Having a young lady on either side of me as we made our way back to my suite was no hardship to be endured. I'm not sure now though, who was supporting who exactly!
   "I've so missed you," Sally muttered, seating herself on the edge of the bed and gently pulling me towards her.
    I might have echoed her sentiments but for the fact I found her lips locked on to my own suddenly. I think I heard some little gasp escape Jacqui's lips - can't be sure now. I do recall taking in the visuals however, noticing especially how considerate that had been of her to choose that light blue satiny dress that evidently was one size too small. Highlighting her cleavage of course - especially prominent given my elevated status, I'll swear she smiled provocatively as my gaze momentarily lowered.
    Impossible to kiss a girl with any finesse at that angle, a situation she quickly corrected by kicking off her shoes and shifting to the center of the bed whilst tugging me down beside her.
    Breaking off from her kiss, she patted the bed covers beside her. "C'mon Jacks," she giggled, looking up at her sister, "plenty of room here. "
    We had plenty of time too so I discovered, having told their parents they were staying-over with school-friends.
    It's just not polite to kiss one sister and ignore the other.


    Jacqui tasted as delicious as she looked. Hot as those teenage lips were, I was curiously hesitant to take things further for the moment and it was Sally whose hot little breasts first fell victim to my wayward gropings.
   "Mmmmm," was all she said, even as I heard a distinct gasp escape her sister's lips. I certainly had her attention! Manouevering the girls so that one lay either side of me. I was able to alternate kisses and caresses at will. Jacqui had the softest shoulder-length hair and was more than happy to let me run my fingers through it as I kissed her gently. Doesn't take long before the wriggles start!
   "Touch her," I heard Sal whisper. Looking across, she was indicating by surreptitious glances at her own breasts, what exactly it might be I should be touching.
    Supine as Jacks was, not only had that tight little skirt of hers ridden noticeably thigh-high, those nineteen-year old breasts were now patently outlined beneath her knitted jumper. I lay my hand gently atop her right breast and continuing to kiss her, squeezed the softness beneath. I think the young girl murmured in response, putting up nothing in the way of resistance however. Gently fondling her other breast now, I was reminded of just how arousing it is, to be in a position to sexually molest willing young sisters.
    With growing confidence and daring I began squeezing those dynamically hot little orbs as Jacqui looked up at me with that time-honored girlish expression - part pleading, part expectation.
   "God, that is so hot," Sally muttered, one hand I noticed instinctively heading for the badlands. Still couldn't see her panties, but another few degrees of unforced spread would address that one nicely.

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   I returned my attentions temporarily to her elder sister.
    Wriggling at the behest of my dexterous ministrations, Jacqui was definitely in no condition to deflect further attention to her hot little body.
   "Do we really need this on sweetie?" I asked, indicating the cashmir over-ride. Availing herself of the best little-girl expression she could muster, she shook her head perceptibly.
    Now that was more like it. Frilly little push-ups are sexy in anyone's language. Jacqui's it just so happened, was a silky and ultra-feminine light-green affair - it was all I could do not to tug her skirt up then and there, to check if the panties matched.
    With a healthy proportion of either breast showing, not to mention the most precipitous of cleavages on offer, there was no way I could ever have behaved myself - even without the Bollinger factor. Slipping my hand inside her right cup I discovered a world of warmth and softness that had Jacqui closing her eyes in pleasured arousal, especially as I allowed my fingers the luxury of gently manipulating those hardening teen nipples.
    Inclining my head, I then kissed her softly on the right cup. Jacqui gave a little cry of wide-eyed shock but made no attempt to prevent me repeating the performance for the benefit of her left breast. Nor could I fail to notice those cheeky neurones sending frantic messages to their southern compatriots between her legs, resulting in the young girl's hips wriggling in somewhat enticing fashion.
   I had successfully maouevered both bra straps almost to her elbow, when an unheralded cry of "Sally!!" caused me to glance back in her sister's direction.
    Jacqui's shocked utterance was understandable. Her dress tugged up now to a fully disrespectful level, Sal was sitting there, her legs parted sufficiently for us both to see which pair of knickers had grabbed her fancy that morning.

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   Not only displaying them rather plainly, she had a hand way down inside them, applying some therapeutic needs to areas of her anatomy which might not be considered "appropriate" in polite company.
    Personally I found it fascinating!
    Availing myself of the shared heat-levels I figured I might up the ante a little by taking Jacqui's bra out of the equation, a task simply effected in her current quite delicate condition. The most exquisite young breasts she has too - not unlike her sister's, in sculptured appeal. Giving a sharp girlish shriek as both nipples were exposed, together with their back-up storage units, she immediately folded her arms across her chest.
    Girls always do this, partly because they like the tease and partly to offer some token defiance. Instead of attempting to restore her topless aspect however, I simply placed my hand inside her thigh and slowly made my way north. After all I was still needing to confirm her preference for matching underclothing.
    This of course brought forth further squeaks of indignation.
   "Noooo, not up there," she cried out in semi-embarrassment, lightly tugging at my arm, yet making not the slightest effort to close up her legs.
    In all honesty, once you have your hand up a girl's skirt and discover your fingers in the proximity of her tight little panties, there is way too much pleasure at stake for either party to pull out. . . . as it were. I didn't even give Jacqui the option of re-thinking the situation - preferring instead to probe my way to glory at strategic points along the forbidden zone.

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    The cries turned to soft gasps and as moisture began to seep through the flimsy material, those slim legs parted of their own volition. This of course caused her hemline to inch north, exposing a ribbon of light green temptation. She was a girl of tasteful inclination after all.
    The flow-on effect of having her pussy rubbed silly, was a relaxing of the self-imposed strictures above the waist. Stretching her arms above her head, her pert breasts were once again exposed for all to see and judging by the pleasured sighs behind me, high on her sister's preferred viewing options.
    Glancing across at Sal I could see she was definitely at the business end of her self-help program, needing that one last jolt-to-the-senses to get her over the line.
    Locating Jacqui's clitoral nub therefore (quite easy to do through wet panties) I began teasing her vaginally, whilst lowering my lips to her right breast and suckling her gently. As young girls do in such circumstances, she closed her eyes and just gave herself over to the pleasure, gently thrusting upwards with her hips quite instinctively. Aware of in-house needs but caring only about Jacqui's finality right at that moment, I drew down harder on that sweet-smelling teat as my fingers quickened the pace.
    Sally's cry of release preceded Jacqui's by seconds only. Clutching the apex of her legs, the nineteen-year old allowed herself to be carried out to sea by the tide. As always, I felt a compunction to kiss her and hold her to me while she allowed the magic to run its far-reaching course.
   "Oh, you really know what you're doing," Jacqui murmured, opening her eyes finally. It was nice to have her back. Having no ready counter for that statement however, I thought I might just kiss her once more.

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   I then felt a pair of soft arms slip encircle my waist.
    Now whilst being sandwiched between two teenage girls in varying stages of undress, both of whom have just been pleasured to the edge of sanity, is no great chore, it does lead though to certain obligations I find.
   "Lets go to bed," Sally giggled, unzipping her dress as she spoke. Flipping Jacks on to her tummy I located her zipper also and within seconds was privileged to see one vitally sexy little bottom wriggling there for effect on the coverlet. Giving it a gentle pat was simply mandatory. Both girls in fact kept their panties on as they crawled beneath the covers. I think I shucked off my trousers and shirt in record time. Flicking off the light switch, I took up my appointed position - center bed.
    It might have been nudging zero outside but what we had going in my King-size that night was equatorial Africa my friends, nothing less! A sister either side of me meant that kissing was a full-time requirement with breast-fondling a major part of the syllabus.

    Taking turns and having the girls lie on their sides facing me, I was able to suckle them in turn. This was working well until Sally decided the world is not enough and relocated herself in one swift movement astride me, much to the chagrin of her sister who tried vainly to shove her off.
   "Hold on Jacks," Sal bleated, "You can have a turn after me. " (I liked her game-plan)
    So saying, the little minx eased her body up slightly so that both breasts were in what you might call "critically tempting air-space. " Latching on to her right nipple I fed hungrily. Sal moaned in pleasure.

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   No idea what Jacqui was doing but I guarantee it was purposeful.
    No points for guessing the next story-twist!
    With my hands firmly cupping Sally's rear cheeks I began inching those skimpy undies downwards. This achieved two things. Firstly, to free up her baby-soft bottom in its entirety and secondly to render her panties so patently useless that she was able to wriggle out of them.
    Little wonder that Jacqui then gasped out in probable real-time shock . having discovered her sister's newly come-by vulnerability,
   "God Sally - that's so digusting!"
    I intended adding to the disgust factor.
    Needing only to raise her hips whilst still kissing her, it was a matter of some geometric simplicity slipping my erection-on-standby up into Sally's deliciously warm vaginal homestead. 'Docking' was never more easily achieved. Matters were made that much simpler by the fact Sal thrust down with her hips at the critical moment, ensuring maximum penetration for minimum alignment time.
   "I've thought about this all through my last year of school," she whispered, doing things with her hips that well behaved teenage girls shouldn't.
   "Oh, you are such a little slut," Jacks giggled. "You're fucking him aren't you?"
    With my right hand I located one of Jacqui's breasts and fondled it for several seconds. "I'll get round to you too missy, have no fear. "
   "Yeah, you better had," Sally interjected almost cryptically, as she substantially cut down my oxygen supply by lowering her other breast across my mouth and airways. It left me with the choice of sucking her or finding an emergency air-pocket.

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   "Mmmmmm" Sal murmured for the second time that evening, as I upped the tempo rhythmically. Besides, I couldn't have put it better myself. I would imagine confrontingly 'in the zone' so far as Jacqui was concerned, I had the vague impression she was fingering herself to nirvana whilst I took her sister where it was she quite obviously wanted to go.
    Our systems were now jointly locked in to "go" and as images of Sally being taken down this path by successive wannabe-rapists at Jerry's place, responded to my instant-replay command, the safety catch slipped off. Ensuring that nothing vaguely procreative was wasted, Sal's vaginal muscles milked the herd dry. Splayed across me, a spent force, it would have been line-ball at that juncture, who was the hotter.
    Its all very well to make promises, but at my age, servicing two healthy young ladies at the very peak of their sexual constitution is a decent challenge. Well, I suppose some might call that a fully indecent challenge!
    Whatever, shifting Sally's center of gravity from my solar-plexus to the left hand side of the bed I turned to Jacqui who quickly snuggled up against me. I do have to say that having a pretty girl's nipples pressing up against one's chest and knowing she has but her panties on beneath those covers, is a major reboot so far as flaccid penis' are concerned.
    Slipping a hand down between her legs, Jacks gave out a little gasp as I cupped her genitalia. "Are you going to fuck me now?" she giggled, draping a leg across my calf, thereby permitting me greater access to her naughty bits.
   "Put her between us," Sally whispered. "I want to feel you fucking her. "
   "You're so gross Sal," Jacqui gasped. "As if I'm gonna do that.


    Ultimately depraved as I am, the idea actually had considerable appeal, so before she could argue, I tugged her across and dumped her between us, facing her sister.
   "Nooo," she cried, trying to extricate herself from this new found locale. I had however not only my hands around both sexy little rear cheeks by then, but given additionally the proximity of her wriggling back, I kissed her softly right between the shoulder blades. Making with a series of "Ohh's" she arched her back further. This was followed in the short term by a shocked "Sally, don't!!" I knew at once what was happening, recalling how in 2005 Sal had found Jenna's small breasts so much to her liking. The feeling had been mutual of course.
    You must remember also that in the darkness, deprived of the visual, one's sense of smell is magnified and a young girl's perfume such as both were wearing, greatly adds to the mystique and the desire. Doubtless this had something to do with the fact that Jacqui's struggles had suddenly subsided and the only sound to be heard was the gentlest of passionate exchanges. Being in close proximity to two sisters kissing softly is a privilege life tosses few people. I must have done something right in a former life!
    Cranked-up as it were, I began pulling Jacqui's panties down past her hips. Meeting with no resistance I was hardly surprised when Sally took a hold of the waistband and pulled them off the rest of the way.
    For a few minutes we both contended ourselves just 'playing' with her, taking turns fondling her breasts, pulling her nipples gently and rubbing her pussy together, her soft moans the ultimate aphrodisiac.
    Inevitably though I needed to consummate this wonderful evening with her. Taking the liberty of manoeuvering Jacqui's right leg across to Sal's hips almost, I aligned my erection, such that it was now availed of a considerable 'window of opportunity' from the rear access. What I had not been anticipating was Sal herself gently grasping my tool of trade and guiding the head right to her sister's fully lubricated ingress.

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   "Love my sister," she all but whispered. I all but passed out!
    In hindsight, I can only say to you that what followed will forever be remembered by the three of us as a beautiful tryst rather than a one dimensional fuck-fest. There was no lust - only shared fulfilment. I didn't even penetrate her with any force or distasteful intent. Indefinably arousing, they were still kissing passionately even as I spurted deep within Jacqui's procreative ante-room. Sally certainly had her wish fulfilled also.
    Later, I made love to her and Sally. It really didn't matter whose vagina was playing temporary host to proceedings. The girls offered equal love to one other sharing additionally the sensation of the other being penetrated at any one time. Way beyond having anything to pass-on in the way of tangible semen, I was a spent force by 2. a. m.
   The girls were in no better shape.
   (c) Peter_Pan 2007
   "Distant Princess" is contained in "The Complete Harper Valley"
    http://www. lulu.

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   "HV Return of the Prodigal" is courtesy of "Harper Valley: A Visit also "The World of Peter_Pan" website;
    http://www. geocities. com/worldofpeter_pan/intro. html