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One typical Satyrday evening while the guys were on a beer run, she and I happened upon some porn on tv. Two gorgeous chicks were hot and heavy in a 69. Without realizing it, my hand found it's way to my crotch and started rubbing. I guess I was breathing sort of heavy, and she cleared her throat. I looked up, blushing terribly. She asked if watching chicks get it on really turned me on that much. "Hell yes," I said. "After that 3some with Jess a couple yrs back, bi is something I think about constantly. " I could tell she was shocked at first. She then admitted to me that she had started to become curious about women and said she would only do it with someone she both loved and trusted. She then looked me in the eye and told me how much she loved and trusted me. I got up and sat next to her on the couch. I told her that I loved her too and would love to give her what she could only get from another woman. As I leaned in to kiss her, we heard a car door and didn't get to finish. About a month went by and we hadn't spoken of the incident. I figured it must have been the alcohol she had consumed and didn't bring it up.

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   The four of us made plans to go out and had my mother-in-law lined up to watch our kids over night. Finally, the night out arrived and the guys wanted to go bowling. We arrive at the lanes, and since we were friends with the bartender, we went in to have a few first. Well as expected, we spent more time in the bar than we did bowling. After a while, I excused myself to go to the ladies room. As females often do, Shelby announced that she had to go too. As soon as we get in the bathroom, she pulls me into a stall, shuts the door, and presses me against the wall. She told me that she had thought about me non stop over the last month and masturbated several times with the image of my face between her legs. She told me that she had never had orgasms as intense in her life. She then leaned closer and I could feel her nipples hard against my own. Our lips met, soft at first. She sighed and I slipped my tongue between her parted lips. That was the encouragement she needed. Her tongue plunged back and entwined with mine. We kissed for a couple minutes, and when we finished we were both panting like a couple of animals.

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  She said, "I never had a kiss that felt so good, so soft and warm. " I told her how much I loved the taste and feel of her lips and how I couldn't wait to taste her other ones. Not wanting to raise any suspicion, we went back out to the guys and announced that we were ready to go. We got to the van, she and I giddy as a couple of school girls and climbed all the way in the back, telling the guys we wanted to be chauffered home. As we drove along, I glanced up front to make sure we weren't being watched. The guys were engrossed in conersation so I knew the coast was clear. I leaned over and kissed her neck, sliding my tongue up to ear, licking her up and down. I could feel her breathing change to a little pant. I slid a hand up her shirt and started rubbing her left nipple through her silky bra. It hardened instantly and she sighed. I slipped my hand under the bra and pinched her nipple lightly. I felt her shudder. I moved to her right breast and gave it the same treatment. I could feel her squirm. She whispered in my ear that she loved how I was making her feel and wanted more.

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   By this time, we were pulling in our driveway. We got out of the van and walked in the house. The guys announced that they had recorded that evenings basketball game and wanted to watch it. Seeing this as a blessing, I told them that they could just go to Shelby and Mikes place then, cause us girls didn't want to watch sports. Their place was right up the street so away they went tape in hand. I locked the door. Before I could turn around, I felt a pair of arms slide around me. Shelbys hands went up my shirt and started caressing my breasts. I grabbed her arms and told her to take of my shirt. I lifted my arms up and off the shirt came. I turned and kissed her softly. We both shivered with excitement and anticipation. I removed my bra. She took one nipple between her fingers and started to knead it. I moaned softly as she increased the pressure.

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   With one hand on her neck, I guided her mouth to my breast. She took one hard nipple in her mouth and suckled, as her other hand continued to massage my other erect nipple. I had never experienced sensations like the ones she was giving me. Maybe it was the fact the she was going at it like a pro, maybe it was the fact that she was so beautiful and I wanted her so much. I think it was a little of both. She stopped sucking my nipples and we dove in for another mind blowing kiss. Tongues darting in and out, my pussy was throbbing and getting wetter by the second. I broke off the kiss and led her to the couch. I lifted up her skirt and rubbed a hand over the wet mound under her panties. I had her lift her ass so I could slide her panties down. To my delight, her pussy was freshly shaved and her juice was already starting to drip out of her hole.
    I asked her if she was ready for me to lick her pussy. She nodded and said, "Yes, please eat me before I burst. " I gently licked her inner thighs, working my way up to sample the sweet juice dripping from her. I almost came just from the taste.

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       She was so sweet. I parted her lips, and there was her pretty clit, already erect, begging to be sucked. I took it between my teeth and drew it into my mouth. Her whole body shuddered as I sucked and nibbled on her sweet clit. I then inserted one, two fingers into her hole and started fucking her like crazy. Before long she was bucking and grinding her pussy into my face. She was moaning and panting. "Oh yes, suck it baby. Make my pussy cum Pam. Fuck yes, I love it. " She then exploded in the most powerful orgasm I ever witnessed. I dipped my tongue in her to taste her cum. After she calmed down, I moved up and kissed with some of her cum still on my tongue. She told me that she had never experienced anything close to what she just did. She said no man had ever made her cum with such force.

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       I told her how only a woman truly knows what makes another woman feel the best. She agreed and said she was ready for her first taste of pussy. She undid my pants and slid them, along with my panties to the floor. I stepped out of them and kicked them to the side. She then got off the couch and layed down on the floor. She said how much her hubby loved for her to sit on his face and wanted me to sit on hers. I lowered my dripping cunt to her mouth placed my knees on either side of her head. The moment her tongue made contact with my clit, I felt ready to burst. She was moaning into my cunt and started eating like someone who hadn't eaten in a week and suddenly had a steak dinner in front of them. Her tongue moved from my clit and went into my sopping wet hole. She was fucking me with her hard tongue, in and out, in and out. I moved my hand down and started rubbing my swollen clit. With my other hand I was pinching my nipples, alternating between the two. I was riding her face faster, and then felt one of her fingers in my pussy beside her tongue. This drove me to hump even faster and harder.

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       I was starting to moan and scream. "Yes baby, fuck my pussy, fuck it with that tongue. Make me cum in your pretty mouth. " As if reading my mind, she removed the finger from my pussy and slipped in my ass. As her tongue fucked my pussy hole, her finger matched it pump for pump, in and out of my tight ass hole. That put me over the edge instantly. "I'm cumming Shelby baby, harder, don't stop. Yes, yesssss, here it comes lover. " I flooded her with my cum and she lapped it up without missing a drop. Just then, the door opened and there were our husbands, grinning from ear to ear. They told us that they had heard a little of the moaning in the van and her hubby had peaked back to see my hand up her shirt. Being the great guys they are, they decided to give us some privacy to have our fun. Since then, she and I have enjoyed each other constantly, with our hubbys babysitting for us whenever we want. :).