She Called My Name...


Me on the other hand, well I’m 42 and almost twice Angies’s age, I often describe myself as a short dark little fat man, who is lucky enough to have such a good looking girl as a friend. After dinner, I am in the lounge when I hear you call out, "John can you come here please". As I walk into your bedroom I notice that you seem a little on edge and I don't know why. I look at you and ask “what’s wrong”She says “please sit down and just talk to me, I need a friend right about now to let me know they care, I smile, “of course I am here for you babe, you don't need to worry at all”. You lay your head on your silk pillow case and look at me with your beautiful liquid blue eyes and say " Can you stroke me please? " As I lean over to you I see a wicked little gleam run through your eyes and I wonder what that is all about. I gently start stroking your hair, lightly brushing it away from your angelic face when I hear you very quietly moan. . . . "mmmmm that feels nice". I move from your head to stroking down your back, starting firstly from your shoulders and gently trailing my fingers down your back to the top of your pyjama bottoms. Lightly I move my fingers back and forth over your hot little body, enjoying the fact that I am turning you on with just a touch. I look down and see that you are covered from head to toe in goosebumps, "Are you cold" I ask, and you smile at me and in a husky voice say "No". Now is the time to take this a step further so I grab some massage oil from the bedside drawers and start massaging your body, caressing your back and breasts like a long lost lover, watching you squirm under the ministrations my hands are giving you. "Hold on" you say as you hook your fingers under your pyjama bottoms and slide them off. In front of me is the most perfect woman, as naked as the day she was born.

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   I catch my breath and start to massage you again, this time however I start massaging into your bottom and the backs of your thighs. Whilst I am doing this I notice that I am getting a raging hardon, and really don't know how long I will last before my seed explodes from my cock. As I keep kneading your ass, I see you slip a hand underneath your body and notice that you are playing with your pussy. It is getting harder and harder to keep massaging you as I notice when I look down that you are occasionally slipping a finger in and around your pussy. I look down innocently and see that your pussy is dripping with desire, and with each movement of your hand you seem to be building to a great release. You look up at me and with a wicked smile you say "Eat me". I can't get down between your legs fast enough as if there is one thing in the world I love, it is to feel your honey explode in my mouth. I slide between your legs and carefully open your pussy so that I may devour your pussy and watch you lose control. Gently at first I flick my tongue out around your clit and every time my tongue comes in contact with your hood I dig my tongue in to give you the most incredible feeling and the beginnings of an imminent orgasm like you haven't felt in a long, long time. "Oh my god, Oh my god" You start moaning after a few minutes as the build up between your legs is getting hotter and hotter. Suddenly you arch your back and in an ear piercing gutteral scream, let loose with such a strong release that your whole body is shaking uncontrolably. I look up at your face and it is bathed in a light sheen of sweat, as well as looking like your face and chest have been out in the sun all afternoon. You flop back onto your back and try to catch your breathe. You look over at me and can't believe your eyes, pushing out from my track pants is my cock, although.

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      . not as you had remembered, it looks longer and thicker and you ask me to take down my pants and show you. I look at you and say "Are you sure" You just give me an evil grin and say "Yes. . . Now. . . I want to see you stroke your cock for me". I of course drop my pants and take hold of my cock gently building up a slow rhythm and hoping that I don't cum too quickly. "Mmmm" you say as you slide your hand down towards your own sensitive pussy and start playing with your clit. I keep up a slow steady rhythm and see that you are starting to reach another orgasm as your eyes start rolling into the back of your head and you suddenly clamp your legs together really tightly. You start shaking and then fall back exhausted. "Come here" you say, and as I move closer you take my cock into your hand. I look at you as you guide my cock towards your hot little pussy.

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       As you place the head of my cock onto your pussy I can feel the heat from your body calling out to me. My god you are so wet as you guide my cock between the lips of your pussy. It has been such a long time for me and to suddenly feel that incredible feeling wash over me is fantastic. I push a little more and you move your hand away, I am now half way into your pussy gently stretching and pushing my way into the depths of your body. I can't believe how tight you are as it feels as though your pussy has grafted itself onto my throbbing cock. "Nnng" I hear you moan "Fuck me, fuck me now" as you start pushing your hips towards my hips. For what seemed like 18 minutes we slammed our bodies together with you pushing back begging me to fuck you harder and harder, I was trying to keep control knowing all too soon that I was about to lose myself. I moved position slightly and it felt like I was even deeper within in you as you start screaming "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god" I too was beginning to lose it and in one all mighty push, just as you start having your third and strongest orgasm, I explode my seed within you, stream after stream of hot cum starts pumping deep within you mixing with your own hot juices to make a sexual cocktail. You start shaking as do I and as you fall back, my cock is slowly shrinking back to normal. "Oh my God" you say. . . "That was the most intense feeling ever" I had to agree as I felt that for that one split second when we came together that our souls were joined, never to be seperated. "Mmmm" you whisper as I lay back and gently stroke your tummy. .

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      . . "Ready for round Two".