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Topic: sensuous love Title:  This is a true story that developed a few days ago, I met my wife's cousin shruti after six years. We were in different cities all this while and never got a chance to interact. My memory of her was of a naughty school kid who loves to play prank, this time when i met her she was wearing a sleeveless top and skin tight jeans, she is very thin and has features similar to my wife, she was still looking small but has grown to an adult in these years, her 21st birthday has just gone past. as i was meeting her after a long time i casually hugged her and we chit chatted for a while, she was full of complaint regarding how many birthdays of her i missed and how many parties are due etc. Anyway she mentioned that her college farewell is next day and she wants a drop to the venue from beauty parlor, i agreed and next day went to pick her up. after few minutes of wait she came out as a completely transformed person, she was looking gorgeous in a green sari with matching bangles earrings and necklace, her blouse was low cut and was exposing her back, it was revealing a beautiful rocky shore on which her fledgeling saree was moving like a wave, wind was blowing and it moved her saari further low to give me a wonderful view of her beautiful shape that was completely hidden so far. In this beautiful dress she was looking so pretty i almost felt like holding her tight and kiss. but this was a public place and her friend was standing next to us, i sighed and we all got seated in the car, she was apologetic that this is the first time she has wore any makeup and she is not looking any good, i told her, that is not true and she is looking very beautiful. Anyway it was a ten minute ride to her college, i dropped her and in a few minutes moved back to my office and got busy with the work. After about an hour i received a call from shruti that she wants to go home and can i come and pick her up, though i was very busy i decided to pick her up. I went to college and shruti told me that party was boring so they decided to quit early, her friend ayesha who stays nearby requires a drop to her room so we will first drop her and then i will drop shruti at her home.

I agreed and we went to ayesha's house, it was a reasonable single bedroom apartment which is ideal for students, ayesha mentioned that she stays with one of her friend who is out of town. she insisted that we have the dinner together as the food in the party was not good and they are starving so ayesha went to a nearby restaurant to pack some food for three of us. Shruti and i set down on a mattress which had some comfy pillows spread for a cozy sitting, we started chatting about usual stuff like movies and boy friend etc, she was sitting very casually so that her semi transparent saree was sliding down her shoulders barely covering her nicely shaped curves. her saree has moved a few inches up showing clean shaven lags with very smooth skin. i offered her a palmistry session, she was immediately excited at the prospect of knowing her future and moved closer to me spreading her both hands allowing me to see the lines clearly.

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   we both were sitting with a pillow supporting our backs and her left side of body touching my right side, our faces were inches away and i can smell her mild perfume that is pulling me further towards her, I supported her hands in my palm and rested my hands on her thigh feeling the silky skin below the thin shield of Saree, While talking we moved closer and i inched my face even closer to feel her breathing which was getting heavier by the minute, to make ourselves more comfortable i shifted my right hand encircling her and started rubbing her leg with mine, after a few seconds i moved my right hand on her stomach touching her bare skin, i started rotating my hand in circles and then moved it under armpit. I then touched her breasts from sides and then moved my hand further up below her saree and on her blouse to firmly rest on her breast, her breast felt hardened and were moving up and down due to heavy breathing. I gently turned my face towards her and kissed her gently on the neck and then below her ears, at this point both of us were feeling the pleasure building up and then suddenly the phone rang bringing us to conciousness. shruti picked up the phone and spoke to ayesha, who mentioned that it is taking her longer to collect the parcel and she will be late, shruti told her not to worry and also asked her to bring icecream as well. Knowing we have more time for fun made both of us smiling, i turned completely towards shruti shifting weight of my left leg on her stretched legs and resting my left palm on her right breast and then gently kissed her on lips, after a second we kissed again, this time it was longer and i moved my tongue deep inside her mouth, i could tell shruti was not a expert kisser and probably has never done a deep kissing, but it took only one lesson for her to learn and in third kiss she was exploring me within, she rested her hand on me and pulled me closer towards her. At this point i moved up and lifted her in my arms and took her to ayesha's bedroom, i slowly lowered her on the bed and quickly moved out of my jeans and T shirt. I took a hard look at shruti's figure which was waiting for me to make a move, her eyes were inviting with sensuousness her blouse was visible completely as the saree has moved sideways exposing her navel, I decided to start from there, i kissed her navel and also put my right hand on her feet just below her saree. my mouth inched upwards so did my hand as i slowly kissed her on the stomach, below the arm neck and the rested my mouth on her breast, simultaneouly my hand moved from her feet upwrds to expose smooth flesh of her legs and thighs lifting her saree upwards, my hands were roaming on her smooth leg with a mind of their own, and my fingers were enjoying the smooth bare skin. My hand moved to her thigh and then roamed around inner thigh encircling her pleasure hole. I parted her legs slightly giving me a view of her panty which was moist with desire, rested my right hand near the cavity which was covering her pleasure point, i moved my finger inside her silky undergarment it without removing, and as soon as it hit the spot there was a moan from shruti and her body arched upward a bit. I lifted her legs easily and in a swift action removed the thin silky garment completely. The view was like a him clad vally with a river stream flowing in it, her smooth silky legs were culminating on her hips and her beautifull lips were pink and moist with a thin line flowing out. She has obviously shaved as the skin was so smooth and pink that it moved my mouth imediately to kiss her pink vertical lips, i was holding her hips with both the hands and kissing her slowly in and around her vagi. This was the time to get rid of the remaining clothes on our body, i threw my undergarments out of the way bringing out the snake that is waiting to slither through the valley. I undid her saari and touched my tool on her cavity, this lasted for a minute where i moved my dick over her ass and her mound without thrusting my self in.

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   shruti was already mad with desire and wanted to take me in fast but i decided to enhance her pleasure before letting her climax. I then lowered myself on top of her, my dick settled in touching her pussy gently and also making inroads very slowly, All this while she still had her blouse on which had buttons in the front, i started kissing her in the mouth while simultaneously undoing her blouse hooks one by one. blouse gave way to a black bra which was hugging her so tightly that her breast were looking big. It was a strapless bra that was jutting the breasts upwards, i kissed her again on the neck and then twisted the bra without unhooking it and her beautiful pink breasts with dark nipples breathed. They were moist with sweat and welcomed the cool wind touching them, i took a mouthful of the right one and pinched the left with my left hand, i sucked it full and then slowly moved it out, giving a small bite at the tit, this created a loud moan and shruti thrusted her body upwards, in one smooth action my tool was completely inside her and she was gasping for breath. Her expressions changed from shock to desire in a few second and i slowly started rocking over her, to make myself comfortable i moved to a standing position on the ground and she turned with my piece still inside her to accomodate my standing position. her leg was circling my hips and I started rocking up and down slowly. After a few strokes i increased my speed, Shruti was now so occupied with the combination of pleasure with a little bit pain that her eyes were shut tight and her hands were holding the fabric of bed as she is falling from a cliff. She moved with me in my rhythm and i started increasing my thrust, i was moving faster and i was doing it consciously to enhance and prolong her fun. I was moving it completely out and then inside again to give her the maximum pleasure. tight walls of her tube giving a nice squeeze to me and her juicy liquid giving me enough lubricant to move forward without an iota of pain, it took another few steps in and out and then the lava came out, i could tell from the expressions on her face that it has moved in her vagi and travelling upwards, a tear rolled out her eye and she pulled me closer to her, we were now lying on top of each other, i was still thrusting inside her but very slowly and she had both of her hands on my hips, afraid of me moving out before she can take everything in. it took another kiss and a minute where our body relaxed and we lay sideways, she started kissing my chest affectionately. Phone rang again and ayesha said she will be back in 5 mins and asked why we did not pick the phone few minutes back, shruti was surprised that both of us did not hear the phone. We were completely lost in the passion that melted us together. We immediately covered up and sat just like Ayesha left us, the bell rung and shruti opened the door sounding absolutely normel, Ayesha handed over the food to her and shruti went to kitchen to organize it, Ayesha then moved to bedroom, my gaze followed her and as soon as she went in i saw Shruti's panty lying on the floor.

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   Ayesha saw it at once and her gaze shifted towards me, i was embarassed to have caught unawares, i was about to look other side when ayesha smiled, and with a completely poker face sat opposite to me. her expression told me that this is probably a new beginning some other day. . . . amit_akella@yahoo. co. in.



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