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We worked on the schedule for about ten minute, brushing shoulders, hands and knees occasionally touching. Accidentally, of course! She did not seem to be bothered by it and probably did not even notice it, but I certainly enjoyed the cheap thrills!Then the phone rang and I got up to answer it, offering my chair to Carol to give her better access to the computer while I talked on the phone. When the conversation ended I stood behind her. She was about to get up to let me have my chair back, when I said that I'd rather stand and that she was welcome to it. So she was working on the computer while I stood behind her, giving ideas and advice. The top two buttons of her blouse were undone and from my vantage point behind her, I had a perfect view down her cleavage. She was wearing a pink under wire half cup bra which showed off those magnificent firm breasts to its full potential. I was certain that I could actually see the tops of her areolas peeping out of those half cups. This was enough to make my cock spring to full attention! The beauty of it all was that, from my standing position behind her, I could check out those boobs to my heart's content - and she could not possibly notice!"There! That should do it! What do you think?” she said, signalling the end of my cheap thrills. I quickly scanned through the schedule and in order to prolong the moment, I suggested a few changes to the schedule, pointing at the data at the computer screen. She leaned forward to study the amendments I was proposing and this caused her blouse to open up a bit more. Man, I thought those boobs were going to pop out of their half cup constraints at any minute! By now, merely sneaking peeks was no longer enough for me. My hard-on was taking over and was doing all the thinking for me! I leaned forward to propose some more amendments to the spreadsheet and in doing so, put my left hand on her shoulder 'in order to keep my balance, of course!' She did not seem to think much of it so I kept it there. I slightly adjusted my hand, which caused the blouse to open up even further and I could now clearly make out the light pink tops of her areolas peeping from the tops of her half cups. I adjusted my hand again, letting my forearm rest on her shoulder with my hand hanging dangerously close to her left breast. My face came within centimetres of her golden tresses and the nice, clean smell of her hair was intoxicating!We were not only colleagues, but good friends as well.

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   She was very comfortable with me and in our conversations no topic was taboo. Sharing dirty jokes was the order of the day. The problem was, how do you get from mere friends to something more?In my gesturing at the computer screen, my left hand 'accidentally' brushed her breast a few times. Again she did not seem to mind. Maybe she did not even notice. . . ? Then we were done. I playfully kissed her neck and gave her boob a light squeeze, while congratulating her on a job well done. "Watch it, buster!” she said, playfully. "Mmm, not wearing a bra today, huh?” I replied, knowing full well that she was wearing this incredible pink half cup. "Rubbish!” she said. "Of course I'm wearing one!""Certainly did not feel like it!” I lied. To this she pulled aside her blouse to expose her bra strap and said "There! Do you believe me now?""How could I have missed it?!" I exclaimed. "It looks like those military style ones that my grandmother used to wear!” I teased.

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  "That would be the day! My husband insists that I wear sexy lingerie and I love doing so for him. " she said. "Well, let's see just how sexy this bra is then", I boldly said. "Dream on, buster", she said while cupping her breasts with her hands over her blouse. "I'll never understand you women", I said. "On the beach you have no problem walking around in the skimpiest of swimsuits, but a bra, which normally covers more than a bikini top, is a big no-no!""Yeah, I suppose you're right. It probably is no big deal, but these are for hubby's eyes only!” she said. "Fair enough, but I did not ask to see your boobs. I merely wanted to see your sexy bra, which surely cannot be sexier than a bikini top. ” I countered. "Well, if you insist. I don't suppose it will do any harm. " And with that she leaned forward in my direction and pulled away her blouse to show me her overflowing bra. I could not believe my luck! I pulled her to her feet to get a better look and started to undo another button of her blouse. At this, she held my fumbling hands in hers, saying that she did not think that that was a good idea.

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   "What's the big deal?” I said. "I have now already seen it and would just like to see it from a better angle". I proceeded to undo the button. "OK then, but no touching, OK?" she said. "Of course not!” I lied and proceeded to undo the button as well as the next. Again she objected. "Relax!” I told her. "I just want to have a good look at your bra. Think of it as a bikini top. It's not about your boobs. "At that she remained silent, but allowed me to undo the next two buttons as well. "Remember, just a quick peek, OK? And no touching!” she said as I started to open her blouse. "Of course! Don't worry!" I said as I pulled her blouse out of her skirt and opened it up to expose that half cup bra that strained to keep its content inside. I took in the awesome site, and then cupped her breasts with my hands over her bra, pushing them together, marvelling at the perfect cleavage. She put her hands over mine and sternly said "I said no touching!", but she made no attempt to remove my hands from her breasts.

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   I took this as a signal to make the next move. I removed my hands from her breasts and put them around her under her blouse with my hands on the bare flesh of her back. "Since when have you become such a prude?” I teased, giving her a big bear hug. "I'm not a prude!” she said. I pushed her away slightly and took her head between my hands, pulled her closer and gave her a light peck on the lips. She did not respond. I kissed her again, longer this time, letting my lips linger on hers. She gently pushed me away. "Please don't . ” she said, making no attempt to cover up her wide open blouse. I pulled her close again and started kissing her neck. She did not push me away, but kept whispering "Please, don't. Don't do this to me. . .

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  " I started nibbling on her earlobe and could hear her breathing pick up. Other than that, she did not respond at all. Again I took her head between my hands and kissed her passionately on the lips. Still no response. I tried to slip my tongue between her lips, but she would not let me. She kept her lips together, but made no attempt to turn her head or move away from me. "Please do not kiss me like that" she whispered. I pulled her closer again and proceeded to kiss her neck and nibble on her earlobe. Her breathing was undoubtedly becoming heavier, though it was obvious that she was fighting her emotions, clenching her fists by her side. I moved her blouse away slightly and kissed her shoulder, moving from there back to her neck and throat. Then I moved my head down to between her breasts and planted a few kisses on the tops of her breasts that were exposed. Again she pleaded with me to stop, still not making any attempt to move away or cover up. I then moved my hand up to her left breast and, hooking my finger into the half cup of her bra. I pulled it down, causing her incredibly firm and succulent breast to escape from its confinement. Her nipple was hard and as light pink as only a true redhead's nipple can be.

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   I quickly took it into my mouth and started sucking on it. I heard her sharp intake of breath and then for the first time she responded. She took my head in her hands and pulled me into her breast, whispering "Oh my God, this is so wrong! This is not happening. . . "I let go of her breast, took her in my arms and kissed her passionately on the mouth, trying again to pry her lips open with my tongue. This, however, was not necessary, because, as my tongue touched her lips, she opened her mouth and darted her tongue into my mouth. I lifted her from the ground and made her sit on the desk, making sure that I got my knees between hers in the process. I slipped her blouse over her shoulders and let it fall to the desk. As we kissed, she put her arms around me and pulled me into her body. Again I took her still exposed nipple into my mouth and sucked on it. I moved my hand to the clasp of her bra between her breasts and opened it. Her breasts sprang free and I pushed the bra over her shoulders until it joined the blouse on the desk. Again she pulled me into her breasts and kissed me passionately. I put my hands on her thighs and moved them around under her skirt to her buttocks.

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   I was surprised to feel only naked skin under my hands. Could it be that Carol wasn't wearing any panties??? I moved my hand around to the crack of her butt and that was when I felt it. . . . She was wearing a thong! I still do not know whether I was relieved or disappointed. Then I felt her hands pull my shirt out of my trousers. She slid her hands under my shirt and stroked my back, while kissing my neck. I started sucking on her nipples again while caressing her naked butt. Then the straining of my hard cock against my trousers became unbearable. I don't know if she noticed when I lowered my one hand to undo my zipper and free my hard cock. If she did, she wasn't showing it. I parted her legs with my knees and knelt in front of her, moving her skirt up to her waist. There before my eyes, between her spread thighs, was her plump pussy covered only by the miniscule see-through triangle of her thong! I could clearly see her swollen pussy lips through it. It was sopping wet! I started eating her pussy through the fabric of the thong while she put her hands in my hair, pulling my head to her cunt.

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   Her musky scent was intoxicating beyond belief! Her hips started squirming against my face. I then pulled the thong aside, exposing her neatly trimmed red bush (I was right, she was indeed a true redhead!) and fat, glistening pussy lips. I started eating her pussy with vigor. Her juices tasted like nectar. When I felt her thighs trembling as the result of an approaching orgasm, I pulled away from her pussy. I got up, put my arms around her and kissed her deeply. I could tell that tasting her own juices on my mouth drove her wild! Again I moved her legs apart with my knees and let my protruding dick home in on her pussy. I humped her pussy with my hard dick and the head slid into her slick slit with ease, slightly entering her. At this she jumped and pushed me away. I could tell that she was caught by surprise. She thought that my dick was still safely zipped up in my pants! "Please! Please don't do that to me! I beg you! I could never do that to my husband. . . ” she said. "And just what do you suggest I do with this, then?" I asked her, pointing to my hard-on.

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  "There are other ways…” she said and took my hard dick in her hand and started milking it. I put my hand up her skirt and started fingering her sopping wet cunt. I then pulled her down along with myself onto the carpet, until we lay side by side, facing each other, but with my hard dick only inches from her face and her pussy covered by her skirt close to my face. She continued to wank me, while I kissed the inside of her thigh, working my way up to her pussy again. When I got the skirt out of the way, the thong was still pulled to the one side. I immediately started eating her exposed pussy again and at that felt a warm wetness engulf the head of my dick! Christ! She was blowing me out of her own free will! I moved my head away from her pussy and pulled down her thong. She assisted me by raising her hips. Then I removed her skirt and again she assisted me. Now I had her buck naked sucking my dick, while I ate her pussy! Heaven! This was too much! I knew I was going to come any minute, so I pulled my dick from her mouth. I turned around so that we lay face to face, and while kissing her passionately, I pushed down my trousers and boxers. She put her arms around me and I slid my thigh between hers, feeling her mashing her wet pussy against my thigh as we kissed. I slowly pushed her over onto her back and got on top of her between her thighs. I kissed her again and started humping her wet pussy with my hard cock, while holding her head between my hands. When the tip of my dick found her slick slit, she stiffened and said "Please don't, I'm not going to be able to stop you. .

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  . !" In reply, I pushed forward with my hips and felt the head of my dick slide along her slick slit until it found the entrance to her vagina. "Please. . . ” she said. ”Don't. . . I can't. . . We mustn’t…" But we both knew there was no turning back now! I pushed forward and felt my dick disappear into the warm, slick, velvety folds of her cunt. I pushed until I felt my balls press against her ass and then just lay there, holding her. I kissed her and started stroking slowly in and out of her cunt.


   She groaned and started meeting my thrusts while darting her tongue in and out of my mouth. I could feel her hands on my butt, pulling me deeper and deeper into her. I rode her until I felt her hips quivering. Then she let out a scream as she started shuddering in the throes of a mighty orgasm. I held her, leaving my dick inside of her until she subsided. "God, what have I done?” she said. "This should never have happened. . . " But I was far from finished. I started pushing in and out of her cunt again and when she started co-operating, I pulled out of her, turned her on her hands and knees and entered her from behind. I leaned forward and holding her firm tits in my hands, fucked her hard from behind. She obviously decided that it was no use crying over spilt milk, because she vigorously met my every thrust! I fucked her till I could feel by balls just about exploding and then withdrew from her sopping pussy. I pulled her up and made her lean forward over the desk. I slipped my dick all the way into her pussy from behind and started fucking her furiously, while tugging on her nipples.

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   When I felt my orgasm approaching again, I pulled my dick out of her pussy again. I turned her around and made her sit on the desk with her legs wide open. I bent down and started eating her pussy again. This gave me time to recover and got her nearer to her second orgasm. I got up, moved in between her thighs while she sat on the desk and pushed forward without even touching my dick. Her pussy was so slick that my dick effortlessly found its way into her cunt again. I buried it to the hilt into her cunt and started fucking her in earnest. I rode her until I could feel the familiar quivering of her thighs as her second orgasm approached. By now I could no longer stand it and knew that I was beyond the point of no return. I grabbed her ass and pistoned in and out of her pussy until finally we both exploded into a mutual orgasm. I shot stream after stream of hot cum up her pussy and kept fucking while the cum dripped out of her pussy. Then I collapsed on top of her, totally exhausted. I held her until we both caught our breaths. "Amazing. .

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  . ” she said. ”I have just cheated on my husband for the first time in my life, yet I do not feel guilty. It does not feel dirty and I certainly do not feel like a slut. I suppose the only unanswered question is where do we go from here. . . . ?"That, my girl, remains to be seen. . . .



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