Scene Of Lust


his pre-cum making his erection slick, glistening in the moonlight that floods the room. He tells her to turn over on her tummy, and with her fingers still dancing inside her quim, she does so. He crawls on the bed and leans down, his face inches away from her back, and starts kissing and licking her back, her neck, as his hands squeeze her butt cheeks. Then he trails down, licking the small of her back, she arches her body up, thrilling at the sensuous touch of his tongue. Lower still, until he is licking and kissing her ass cheeks, he can see and feel her move as she fingers herself faster, her soft moans coming quicker now. Moving further, he licks and kisses her legs, paying particular attention to the back of her knees, a sure erogenous zone for her. As he is doing this, his hand wanders up and slides under the back of her panties, touching his ladies' hand, finding it wet with her sweet juices, now adding one of his fingers to her pussy, they move together, fingering the moist flesh, as she moves to rub her clit, he adds fingers until he has three inside her. She begins bucking her hips as she approaches orgasm, he pulls his fingers from her pussy, moving them to her mouth, he whispers "Suck your cream off, baby, make yourself cum like the slut you know you are. I bet you'd like to have another girl with us, her cunt spread and open in front of your face. . . I'd love to see that. I'd slide my cock inside you as you ate her, watching her face as you bring her to ecstasy with your mouth. "She cums, and cums hard, from the dirty talk, and her shameless masturbation in front of you. Pulling her hips up so her ass is high, while her head rests on the pillow, he runs his hard, dripping cock along her puffy lips. She scoots back and impales herself on his tool.

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   "Yeah, baby! Fuck me like you want, just like you need. . . fill your cunt with my meat!" he can feel her pussy grabbing at him, pulsing around his cock, like a mouth trying to suck him off. He lets her cum as he holds his cock motionless inside her, letting her control all the thrusting. She corkscrews her cunt on his rigid dick, shaking as tears come, the pleasure overwhelming her. She collapses, moaning and saying his name over and over. A sharp crack to her ass with the palm of his hand brings her back to reality, as he pulls out of her warm snatch. Ordering her to get on her hands and knees, he moves before her face, his still hard cock right about face level. She can smell her own cum coating his member, and the musk fills her with desire again. Opening her mouth, she slides the tip inside, no hands, just her lips capturing his dick. He can see perfectly in the moonlight, as his lady swallows his cock, pulling back until just the tip is in her mouth, then she plunges forward, taking most of his length deep into her mouth. The taste of pussy juice drives her crazy, and she imagines the cock she is sucking just came from another girl’s cunt. She imagines she is a fuck slave, cleaning her masters cock of the other girls cream. He re-enforces this, by spanking her as she sucks him with one hand, while the other has a fistful of her hair, directing her movements as he now starts bucking his hips, fucking her face.

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      One of her hands moves between her legs and she furiously rubs her cunt, mumbling "Umm n ma mouff. ” He smiles, she knows how much it turns him on to have her ask him to cum in her mouth, she loves his sperm, the taste, feel, and smell of his manly juice. He pulls out of her mouth and takes over with his hand, fisting his cock but keeping it touching her lips. Her pretty tongue darts out to lick the tip, tasting some pre-flow of cum, growling animal like, and knowing she will soon have her liquid treat. "Open your mouth, slut!" he bellows, and she closes her eyes, opens her mouth wide with her tongue sticking out, hoping to catch his sperm as he unloads. He begins cumming, the first shot a direct hit to her tongue, and she pulls it back into her mouth, savoring and swallowing the hot juice. His next few shots land on her face, a thick trace of cum shooting over her nose to land on her forehead, some on her cheeks until she opens her mouth again, sucking the spurting cock into her mouth. His dick jumps and fires more sweet/salty jizz in her mouth, she sucks like a baby, making little slurping sounds as he is finally empty. He moves back a bit, and looking down at her he sees the thick, white jiz clinging to her face, shining in the moonlight, some dribbles out at a corner of her lips as he kneels down to the floor, and taking her head in his hands, he gently kisses her cum-stained lips, their tongues battle inside her mouth, he tasting himself, and her sharing her sweet load with him. .