Sara's Massage


I had met Sara and Bill when I moved into my new house. They were my next door neighbors and very active as an older couple. Bill had retired from his job with the county and Sara was a stay at home housewife. Bill also had retired from the military, so they were financially set. Then it happened, Bill died leaving Sara all alone. At first, Sara stayed inside her house and hardly came outside. One of Sara's daughters finally talked Sara into joining a gym for women which finally brought Sara back into the living world. One day I heard a knock on the door and when I answered it, there was Sara with a glass of wine in her hand asking if she could come in and visit. I was glad to see Sara out and about and immediately invited her in to visit. While talking to Sara,I noticIed that she kept rubbing her shoulder with some pain showing up on her face. I ask her what happened to her shoulder and she said she hurt it at the gym. I told Sara that I could rub it for her to ease some of the discomfort she was feeling and she agreed. I rubbed her shoulder through her blouse for a bit and when I was finished, she smiled and said that her shoulder felt alot better. I told her that I was happy to help her.
I had never paid much attention to Sara's body until one day I received a call from Sara, asking me if I could come next door and massage her shoulder again as it was really bothering her. I told her that I would come right over.

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   I knocked on her door and Sara answered wearing just a robe. She excuse herself for being dressed in a robe but said she had just finished her shower. I told Sara that it was ok, as a matter of fact it would be much better with a massage if she didn't have alot of clothes on to hinder the deep muscle rub.   She ask me if I would like a cup of coffee first and I said yes. As Sara moved around the kitchen, her robe kept opening to where I could she most if not all of one of her tits. Now Sara is 68 but from what I could see, her tits were still pretty firm and not sagging. I kept staring until I noticed that I was getting a hard on. I was thinking to myself, what is happening, this is an older woman and I am getting turned on. After we finished coffee, Sara suggested that we do the massage on her bed. The mattress was firm and would work like a massage table. I agreed and we went to her bedroom. Sara had laid a sheet across the bed telling me she didn't want and oil to get on her bedding. Sara laid down on her stomach and lowered her robe to expose her back to me. I began to rub the oil into her skin which was tight and little sagging in any place. As I moved my hands up and down her back and sides, I brushed the sides of her breast several times.

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   Sara would let out these low moans and tell me that it really felt good and my hands were like magic. Soon Sara suggest that she roll over onto her back and I could get the front of her shoulder. I expected Sara to cover up, but she left her robe off and all of a sudden I was staring at two beautiful matching tits with the most inviting nipples sticking up. I could hardly control my hands as I massaged her shoulder. Sara complained that the pain had worked its way down to her chest muscles and could I massage that area also. I smiled and said if it doesn't make you unconfortable no problem. I began massaging Sara's breast, finally reaching her nipples and gently giving them small pinches. Sara immediately responded by arching her back and making her tits stick up higher. I bent down and ever so slowly began using my tongue circling each nipple one at a time until I had individually sucked both nipples in my mouth. When I was done working on her tits, Sara ask me if she could suck my cock. Sara said that her and Bill would do this alot and since Bill died, she missed it alot. I pulled out my cock and placed it near her mouth. Sara slowly ran her tongue up and down the shaft and onto my balls. This went on for several minutes and then Sara put my entire cock down her throat and milked my cock with her throat muscles until I started cumming. I just had the best orgasm of my life.

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   I was totally exhausted. I told Sara that I had to go and she said that she understood however she would probably need a massage at least once a week. I smiled and told Sara it would be my pleasure to help her. The massages went on for two years until Sara sold her house and moved away. My girlfriend always would ask about Sara and say " I bet Sara misses having you around to help her with everything," I just smiled at her and said " Yes, Sara was one special lady in need of constant help. "