Sarah's Early Training


I am going to post the first part of this story and if enough people like it the rest will come. There are all going to be completely true until further notice and are about my old girlfriend and I and how I trained her to be a good girl for me.   I am going to do brief summaries of events at the start of this one to catch everyone up to how things evolved and then we will start at some of the more interesting experiences.
This was about 7 years ago and we were both getting near our senior year of high school. Sarah had red, shoulder length hair, was medium height, white, and very well proportioned. Her breasts were by no means huge, but the perky B-C cup tits fit perfectly on her frame. The best part about her was her tight, almost perfect ass though.   I was 5’7 skinny, but with muscle, short, dark brown hair and eyes, and about a 7 inch dick for her.
We got together having already been best friends for quite some times so the relationship evolved fast, though both of us were virgins. A lot of these things were new to us and it was about a week in before she was jerking me off and I was fingering her in our rooms secretly. I was always pushing things to go to the next level and she would somewhat resist, but her need to do what I wanted was already showing through at the early stages.
 I think it was about three weeks in we were driving around town as she rubbed her hands up and down my leg and over my dick. I was struggling to focus on the road, but it is kind of hard with that going on.

I finally turned down a side road and pushed down the break so we could both focus on the task at hand. She unzipped my pants and pulled my dick out of the waist band of my boxers and began to stroke it up and down. It was well wet with precum and she was leaning over and kissing my neck hard and fast.

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This would be the first time I truly took control of her. I could not wait any longer and I took my hand and gripped her hair, lightly at first mildly pushing down. She just kissed my neck harder and jerked me harder. Sucking, nibbling, sending sensations through me. This was not what she needed to do though so I began to push a little more. Her head moved down just a bit before she started to use more force and hold herself up, not a word was said this whole time, but I could sense she was getting wetter. As I increased my force her head lowered to my collar bone, doing all she could to resist me, out of fear of something she’d never done, she started to kiss my collar bone, hoping that would make me happy.
I had about all I could handle and I gripped her hair as tightly as I could and pushed down as hard as I could. She could only resists for about one second before her head went down, with the pain of my grip she opened her mouth like a good girl, realizing what she was supposed to do for me and put the head of my cock between her soft, wet lips.   She circled her tongue around the head for a second, not quite sure what to do then back away. I had gotten a taste of what I wanted now and was not about to back down though.
I used my other hand to grip my shaft at the base and without ever loosening on her hair shoved her back down on it. I used my grip on her hair to move her mouth up and down on it slightly till she got the picture. Now she was letting herself go, ready and willing to please her soon to be master’s dick.
    I released the grip on her hair and watched as the back of her head bobbed up and down, feeling the warmth of her lips and tongue slide down my dick.

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       I stretched my legs out in amazement as I realized that my Sarah had no gag reflex.   She was able to bury the full 7 inches into her throat and was quickly improving at what she was doing.
    My hand that once held her hair slid around the front of her body, wrapping underneath her. I reach into her shirt, slid under her bra and pinched a nipple relatively hard as I was getting in the moment of taking control of her. I then slid my hand down her ass and squeezed it as hard as I could. I never wanted this feeling to end and it, but it was drawing near. I could not contain myself any longer. I let her know I was cumming and put my hand back on her red hair. I stiffened my legs up and she speedened her bobbing  up and down on my dick. “mmmmm” I moaned as I shot my load into her mouth. Pump after pump wildly into the back of her mouth and across her tongue. As soon as I was done she quickly got up and said that, “it tasted horrible and she would never take my cum again but would suck it. ” I did not protest her on that spot, just kissed her and thanked her and let her know how good she was, but little did she know she would be taking my cum at every chance in due time.
    If people like this story  I will write out how things unfolded next and fast forward to when things started to get really hot and I really control her. If you have any questions or comments e-mail me at mclovin.

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